Getting Ready for the New Term!

Image L. Janacova June 2022

Dear Parents/Carers and Pupils,

I hope that you have all enjoyed a restful summer break, whether you stayed at home or ventured further afield. I am looking forward to welcoming everyone back next week and wanted to let you know about a few things before we return.

Staff have begun to get ready for the new term, painting walls, rearranging classrooms and planning an exciting first few weeks back. They will return to work officially on Monday and Tuesday with pupils returning on Wednesday 17th August at 8.50am.

I am enormously delighted to welcome our new Leithers to the LPS family, including our P1 pupils who will start in two smaller groups before joining together on the 22nd. Letters were sent to all P1 parents at the end of last term with details of both groups. Please get in touch with our office next week if you did not receive this.

I am very happy that we will be able to offer a warm Leith welcome to a group of Ukrainian children who are currently living on the MS Victoria, currently docked at Leith. I know that the school community will extend their friendship and kindness to our new Ukrainian friends during this challenging time in their lives, as we do to all our families seeking refuge in sunny Leith. It’s just what Leithers do!

The first edition of the new school handbook is now available with updates that you may find useful for the new school year, including how to purchase school sweatshirts. The schools handbook is now produced centrally with additions relevant for Leith Primary to ensure consistency across all schools within the authority. It is therefore much more comprehensive than previous editions.

Unfortunately, our new breakfast club provider, ELOSCN, has been unable to recruit sufficient staff in time for the start of term. If you or someone you know would be interested in working approximately eight hours a week for the school breakfast club, please get in touch with us or with ELOSCN directly as we would love to have you on board. Without committed staff, the breakfast club cannot run and it is such a vital service for many of our families so please do consider applying.

Once again, I am really looking forward to welcoming you all back next Wednesday at 8.50am. I hope that you get the chance to enjoy the remainder of this lovely warm summer weather.

Kindest regards

Fiona Craig


Head Teacher Post

A massive well done to our fantastic P6 class for their wonderful performance about Leith’s maritime history. The class have spent the last few months working with Historic Environment Scotland in partnership with Leith’s Trinity House Maritime Museum and Illuminate an arts and heritage education organisation with whom the school have worked for almost ten years. Pupils learned about what it would be like to be a whaler away from home working on a whaling ship at sea for up to nine months at a time. They also learned about Leith’s links to the African slave trade in the West Indies with Scottish companies often profiteering from the proceeds of slavery on sugar plantations. Pupils also learned about how important the Newhaven fishwives were in maintaining a steady family income when their husbands were gone for most of the year. Importantly, the class learned shared with their audience how Leith has always had diverse multicultural links with the rest of the world through its vibrant port. The pupils did a magnificent job of portraying sailors, fishwives, pirates and archivists. They delivered their confident performance through drama, object handling and song on the school’s outdoor stage on two consecutive afternoons to their family members. They also gave a great final performance at Friday’s assembly to a captive P3-P5 audience.

Next Session Class List

Please find the list of classes and their teachers for the next academic year.

P1aMrs Young
P1bMs Wilson
P2Mrs Kinnell/Mrs Cook
P2/3Mrs Harris
P3Mrs Slattery/Mrs Scott
P4aMrs Fraser/Mrs Moloney
P4bMs Kirkwood
P5Ms Christensen
P5/6Mr Mackenzie
P6Ms McDonald
P7Mrs Scott Dickins
SFLMrs Watson/Mrs Clarkson

Pupils will have the opportunity to meet their new class teachers on the afternoon of Monday 27th June. We are delighted to welcome back Mrs Kinnell and Mrs Scott from their extended maternity leave in August. We are also very happy to retain Ms Kirkwood for a second year. Mrs Fraser and Mrs Moloney will share P4a as they both reduce their working week to three days. We are already looking forward to getting started again in August.

Breakfast Club Survey

We are very pleased to announce that a new provider has been identified for our school breakfast club to start up again from August 2022. Edinburgh & Lothian’s Out of School Care Network (ELOSCN) is keen to find out how many of our families would be interested in using the breakfast club after the summer holidays. ELOSCN currently run a large number of after school and breakfast clubs in East Lothian, Midlothian and Edinburgh, including nearby Wardie Primary School. If you would be interested in registering your child/ren or would like to put in a note of interest please complete this online survey here.

School Logo Competition!

To link in with our new school vision, Believe. Persevere. Achieve. as voted for by the wider school community, we would like to invite the school community to design a new logo to accompany this vision. Pupils in school have been tasked with coming up with a design that sums up our vision in one simple logo or in three separate designs to represent each word. We would like to open up this task to all members of our school community including parents, ex-pupils and friends of the school. If you would like to submit a design for a school logo that links with our school vision, please do so by noon on Friday 1st July to the school office or admin email account, ensuring that your name and contact details are attached to you design. The design can be in any medium eg; hand drawn, painted, electronic, photograph, collage, etc but must embody the words Believe, Persevere, Achieve as a whole or in three connected parts. We are really looking forward to seeing the finished results on our school banners, posters and paperwork. Good luck!

Internet Safety Session

Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the Internet Safety Session with Leeanne Turner on Wednesday evening. Leeanne, who is the council’s expert on child protection and a CEOP trained internet safety expert, shared some of current concerns around children’s access to the internet, apps and messaging services. If you were unable to attend her session, you can watch it here.

Here are video clips Leeanne showed or referred to during the session and below are the PowerPoint slides and parent factsheets on popular platforms:

Clip 1 – CEOP Rome and Juliet

Clip 2 CEOP Sam – NCA CEOP Offender Animation #WhoIsSam – YouTube

Clip 3 Kim and Lee – Lee and Kim KS1 Curriculum eSafety material – YouTube

Clip 4 Blackmail – Sextortion reaction film – Have you met Jess? – YouTube

Head Teacher Post

Sports Day – All Together Again!

An enormous thank you to everyone who was able to attend one of last week’s fantastic sports day sessions. It felt like a proper reunion of our school community after these difficult last years. The sun was out and our part of Leith Links was full of families who had come to cheer on their sports stars during their potted sports circuit. A big thank you again to LPPC who were selling amazing-looking baked goods to help raise profits for the school such as our recent whole-school subscription to Linguascope which supports pupils’ French, Spanish and English language skills. Again, a big thank you to Duke Street Tesco who supplied the cold pops as a welcome treat for pupils. It was also lovely to welcome helpers from Leith Academy pupils, some of who were ex-Leith Primary pupils. We hope that this will be the first of many more opportunities for parents, carers and families and share some time with their young people at school.

Welcome to P1 Sessions (Take 1, 2 & 3!)

On Thursday 9th June at 9.30am, we will welcome parents/carers and their children who will be starting at Leith Primary in August to meet their new teachers.

We would like to extend the invite to our current P1 and P2 parents who were unable to attend a session like this in person due to the lockdown restrictions. A second session will run from 11am in the gym hall for any interested parents. Afterwards they will have the opportunity to have a tour around the school and ask any questions about anything they are still unsure about.

Class Photos

A reminder to order your class photos on Parent Pay for your child or children by FRIDAY 10TH JUNE. Please make sure you order against each child if you have more than one at the school / nursery.

There is a Standard and a Funny photo for each class (except Nursery) and they are £3 each.

You can view the photos before ordering here:

Password – LP2022classphotos

A big thank you to LPPC for organising the photo shoot to help raise funds to support the school.

100% Attainment Success for P7b

A huge congratulations to all the pupils in Primary 7b who have attained Second Level in all the main assessed aspects of the curriculum, Listening & Talking, Reading, Writing and Numeracy. This is the first time an entire class have achieved 100% attainment in all areas since the Curriculum for Excellence was full adopted by Leith Primary in 2010. We are enormously proud of their achievements, particularly in the light of the challenges of the last two years. Key indicators of their success in learning is a love of reading for pleasure and ongoing support and interest in pupil learning progress from parents. P7a also had strong attainment across the board in all areas. A collective well done to all the teachers and support staff over the years for their continued nurturing and encouragement of this year group. For the next few weeks, we look forward to enjoying their talents in acting, singing and dancing in their production of Bugsy Malone.

Supporting Children’s Mental Health

We understand that many young people are experiencing increased levels of anxiety and low mood which can be expressed in fears and phobias, issues with sleep, poor behaviour and tantrums and other concerning behaviours. The NHS have produced a number of resources to support parents who often feel helpless in knowing the right thing to do. Please get in touch with school staff if you are concerned about your child’s mental wellbeing so we can support.

Head Teacher Post

Sports Day June 1st 2022


Sports Day will take place on Wednesday 1st June, next week. The P1, P2 and P3 classes will take place from 10.45am. The P4-P7 classes will take place at 1.45pm. Parents and carers are very welcome to come along and watch. LPPC will have a bake sale outside the school. Donations of baked goods can be handed in to the office on the day. The bake sale will be cash only. We hope it will be nice weather!

Leith Celebrates Diversity Week 2022

A big thank you to Mrs Moloney and the Equalities group for planning and organising this year’s Diversity Week. Pupils had a great time learning about the cultures of their classmates and walking through Leith Links with flags and drums.

P5 ‘Snappy Opera’ at The Queen’s Hall

Very well done to the all the pupils who took part in their Snappy Opera performance this week at The Queen’s Hall. Both classes performed their short ‘snappy’ opera to a packed venue as part of a festival of school performances in association with the Edinburgh International Festival. Primary 5a gave a world premier of Smiles Better co-written by Scottish folk music star Karine Polwart and Pippa Murphy whilst P5b performed a beat-boxing Fox Pop by Kerry Andrew. Both classes were outstanding and received rapturous applause from the audience.

P7 Have Fun at Benmore

After a two-year hiatus, Leith Primary returned to the wonderful outdoor residential centre at Benmore Botanical Gardens in Argyll. The Primary 7 group had a tremendous time gorge walking, caving, high rope climbing, mountain biking, night walking and lots more. Thank you to Mr Stuart, Ms Kirkwood, Mrs Hamilton, Ms Scott Dickins, Mrs Young and Mrs Clarkson. We wish them all a good rest and recuperation over the weekend!

Online Safety Session

School staff are becoming increasingly concerned by the risks our pupils are being exposed to online. Parents and carers also tell us that they feel at a loss as to how best to protect their children from a variety of dangers on the internet. Whether you are worried about bullying on WhatsApp and SnapChat, excessive use of YouTube, gaming online, sending photos by text or making new friends on Discord, Roblox, Facebook and more, children are at greater risk on the internet that they ever have been out in the community.

Leeanne Turner, an experienced social worker and professional learning trainer will be hosting an online information session on internet safety for Leith Primary School parents and carers on Wednesday 15th June at 7pm on Microsoft Teams. Parents with children of any age are welcomed to join the session from their phone, computer or tablet via this link.

We hope that as many parents as possible will be able to join us for the session.

Anxiety Supports for Parents and Carers

The Early Intervention team at CAMHS have added two new Anxiety Resources to help parents support their child or teenager, the new leaflet is attached. You can also find all the resources on the CAMHS NHS Lothian website – Online Resources ( Please share this information widely with parents and carers. 

New Resources include:

A relaxation booklet for children

And a Self Help Guide for parents on supporting their child with anxiety 

Part 1 : Understanding and Talking about worries

Part 2 : Anxiety Traps 

Part 3 : Overcoming Anxiety 

Part 4 : Looking After Yourself and Further information  

These are added to the previously available resources which were developed by CAMHS and Psychological Services:  

Parent’s Anxiety Workshops Recorded information sessions. These are also available in BSL.  

Part 1: Understanding Anxiety   

Part 2: Supporting your child with anxiety

Computerised CBT for parents on Supporting their Child/Teen with Anxiety a module course you can work through at your own pace via the platform Silvercloud at  this is free to sign up using the Access code: Lothian

The flyer also highlights some useful websites and resources and links to the adult mental health website Home – Wellbeing Lothian

Well Done to These Hard Working Leithers!

AlexPrimary 1/2Alex is a super mathematician and is working confidently with numbers up to 100. Alex talks about the strategies he uses to solve problems and loves learning new number facts. Well done, Alex!   
LibbyPrimary 1aLibby has made thoughtful contributions this week about children’s rights and always makes sure to take part in class discussions. Libby has also been an extremely kind friend who always makes sure to include everyone when engaging in play in the classroom.
EvaPrimary 1bEva was really kind to a friend this week and let them take home some work they did together. She always respects those around her and is caring towards about her classmates. Keep it up, Eva!
Archie Primary 2Archie has been working really hard to make sure he is ready to learn. He has been coming in on time and joining in with his classmates with his learning.  He has been really keen to share his learning and offer his ideas in class discussions and he has been a great learning partner. Archie was also doing fantastic work in his athletics this week, being really focused and doing his best in the high jump and long jump. Well done Archie ! Keep up the good work.
EhimarePrimary 3aEhimare has worked really hard to improve his listening skills since joining our class. He has been super at helping to keep our classroom clean and tidy this week and even helped to clean up water that was split by someone else in the corridor. Well done, Ehimare!
PollyPrimary 3bPolly has been working so hard on fractions this week and has made lots of progress. Well done!
Daniel Primary 4aDaniel has been working hard in class. He eagerly shares his answers and ideas with the class and likes to challenge himself. Well done, keep it up 🙂 
OshPrimary 4bOsh has been doing a great job in reading and reads with more confidence with his group.  He is also doing really well with his Maths group and is much more confident when adding and subtracting.  Well done Osh, I can tell that you’ve been working really hard!
EwanPrimary 5aEwan made a valuable contribution to our successful Snappy Opera in his role as Stage Crew. He operated our major prop in the performance and provided “first aid” for damaged props. Thank you Ewan!
YanisPrimary 5bYanis used his initiative to silently solve a microphone issue during our performance.
Al Primary 6Al has learned all of his lines for the Trinity House show and can perform them with confidence. Well done, Al, for persevering with this!

A Reminder…

A reminder that next week is a short week. All pupils and staff will be off on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Everyone will return as normal on Monday 6th June.

Head Teacher Post

P7 enjoy their creative writing class with the Super Power Agency

Summer Term is definitely the time of the school year for Leith Primary. We have so many exciting learning opportunities happening just now and so many events to look forward to over the coming weeks.

This week, P6 were working with a local artist, Hannah Ayre, as part of their Junior Tour Guide Project focus on Trinity House. P3 have been enjoying singing lessons with the National Youth Choir of Scotland. P5 continue to rehearse for their grand performance in the Queen’s Hall with Snappy Operas. A very busy P7 begin to polish their lines and dance routines for their end of term show, Bugsy Malone, along with editing their short stories for their short story book in collaboration with the Super Power Agency, which will be published for the last week of term. P4 and P7 have also been sitting end of year national assessments in numeracy and literacy, demonstrating the they are successful learners as well as creative, resilient and confident individuals.

Next week is the Leith Primary Diversity Week, our biennial opportunity to celebrate and value all that makes us unique as Leithers. Stand by for a celebration of food, dress, music, art, history and more from a variety of cultures represented within the community of Leith. In addition, each class will have the opportunity to work with Show Racism the Red Card, the UK’s largest anti-racism education charity. On Thursday from 2pm, you are invited to join us on Leith Links for our famous celebration parade. Come and see a riot of colour, flags, music, self-designed t-shirts and drumming to let the local community know that we are proud of our diversity and proud to be Leithers.

Well Done to These Hard Working Pupils!

SahibPrimary 1/2Sahib goes out of her way to help others in the class and is an incredibly kind friend to her classmates. She is also very responsible and loves to keep our classroom tidy so that we have a nice place to play and learn. Thank you , Sahib!  
MacyPrimary 1aMacy has been working really hard in phonics this week and has also been a helpful and responsible member of the class. Well done Macy!
SamiraPrimary 1bSamira was ready to learn this week as we headed outdoors to create our Bug Hotel. She followed our school rules and was respectful by behaving sensibly and listening well. Great job, Samira!
BlakePrimary 2Blake is a fantastic role model for her classmates, she is always ready to learn and help around the class,
She has been showing excellent focus in her maths and literacy and is always supportive to her classmates. Blake also shows respect to the adults in the school and to her peers and is thoughtful and kind too. Keep up the good work Blake!
GloriaPrimary 3aGloria worked hard to challenge herself in her spelling this week and created some super spelling sentences to be proud of! She also continues to be a caring, kind and helpful member of the class who is always willing to support others when they are stuck with their learning. Well done, Gloria!
AlfiePrimary 3bAlfie has been working very well with fractions this week and has made great progress. Well done!
Gary Primary 4aGary has been kind to his friends and classmates. He has completed some tricky tasks and challenged himself. Great work Gary keep it up!
MarioPrimary 4bMario has worked really hard to improve the quality of his sentences!  He’s using more descriptive language and punctuation and also checking they make sense.  Well done Mario!
JosephPrimary 5aJoseph shows he is ready to learn, has worked well in a group and has  demonstrated accurate recall of times tables facts.  Keep up the good work Joseph!
LucyPrimary 5bFor her beautifully presented Fox Pop invite 
Kayla Primary 6Kayla persevered when tackling a challenging art task during our set design work shop on Monday. She kept trying and experimenting, to produce an excellent image for the backdrop. Well done!
DavidPrimary 7aDavid wrote a scene for a playscript and used all the key features without support.  Well done David!

Head Teacher’s Post

It has been a funny week this week. Having just been off for a fortnight, pupils were absent on Monday and Tuesday meaning Friday has come around very quickly!

Staff spent Tuesday reviewing the highlights of the year and areas for further development next session. One thing is for sure, we love how quickly things appear to be getting back to normal.

Families still should be vigilant for possible COVID symptoms and should continue to support children with good hand hygiene. Pupils should now only stay at home if very unwell as usual, or if there is a positive COVID test result.

Rights Respecting School

Our pupils are well on their way to achieving a Rights Respecting School Silver Award. Today at assembly, our Rights Champions shared what they have been up to this year and what the plans are for next session. Watch their presentation here:

Diversity Week Is Coming!

From Monday 16th May, Leith Primary School will celebrate the wonderful diversity we love in our school and community.

All classes will have a session with Show Racism the Red Card, there will be drumming lessons, cooking groups, P7 Enterprise activities with a diversity theme, special assemblies and the famous Diversity Day Parade across Leith Links where we wave our flags, wear our self-designed t-shirts, make a noise and let the local community see and hear how we proud we are to be Leithers united.

On Tuesday 17th, we are hosting a Cultural Dress Day. All pupils are encouraged to dress in a way that represents their cultural identity. This can be interpreted as broadly as pupils would like so tartan, sari, shalwar kameez, toub, stroje ludowe will be as welcome as Brownie, Scout or Tae Kwon Do uniforms or even favourite colours or outfits (but no football colours please). We cannot wait to celebrate!

A reminder that class and nursery group photos will be happening on Monday 23rd May. All school pupils should wear school sweatshirt/ school colours that day please.

Thank you!

Holiday Club Support for Children with a Disability

Well Done Hard Working Leithers!

It was a very welcome return to our hard copy Recognition Book today in assembly. Pupils burst into spontaneous applause when it was produced! It was such a joy to share hot chocolate together in the lunch hall afterwards to celebrate.

Sarvesh Primary 1/2Sarvesh has been working so hard in literacy and has been challenging himself to add more detail to his sentences. You should be very proud of the progress you are making Sarvesh, well done! 
BhodiPrimary 1aBhodi has been trying his very hardest this week in all areas. He has also been thinking of ways to be helpful to his friends. 
CormacPrimary 1bCormac has been trying really hard during our carpet sessions, showing super listening and making fantastic contributions when learning about living things and pictograms. Well done, Cormac!
Keira Primary 2Keira has been a great Primary 2 team-mate this week.  She supported her group for their Space presentation and was able to share her facts really well. Keira has also been a fantastic tidy-upper this week making sure the P2 classroom is a pleasant place to learn in and everything is in the right place.  Keira also created an excellent moon buggy this week, clearly thinking out and planning her model .  Well done Keira and keep up the good work.
HenryPrimary 3aHenry has been a very resilient learner this week by not giving up on his learning tasks even when they were challenging. He has also been a very helpful member of our class, making sure that all of our pens and glues have their lids on once we are finished with them. Well done, Henry! 
TempyPrimary 3bTempy has been working hard on reading aloud and is so confident now! Well done! 
AlfiePrimary 4aAlfie always shares his answers confidently and enthusiastically. This week he was very kind, understanding and supportive to a classmate. Well done Alfie 🙂 
VarshithPrimary 4bVarshith has settled really well into the class this week!  Well done Varshith, it’s a pleasure having you in the class!  We’re looking forward to working with you!  Ms Harris
ZaraPrimary 5aWell done Zara for writing a super character description of the demon bear using a variety of interesting adjectives and demonstrating an understanding of the character.
VivianPrimary 5bWell done to Vivian who wrote a fantastic story about the demon bear, using outstandingly descriptive language.
NikoPrimary 6Well done to Niko for a great performance during his Trinity House rehearsal this week
MelodyPrimary 7aMelody made a detailed and eye-catching leaflet all about the roaring 20s!  Well done Melody.
SarahPrimary 7bWell done to Sarah for doing brilliantly on her SNSA reading test this week – excellent work!!

Welcome Back to Summer Term!

We are delighted to welcome back Team Leith after the Spring holiday and ready to get going with lots of exciting projects and events this term.

Health Week

The last week of our Spring term was jammed packed with taster activities for all classes and focussed sessions around the theme of health and wellbeing. Thank you to Ms McDonald for organising a great Health Week 2022!

Family Event

Many families and children enjoyed a wonderful Easter Fun Event organised by our parent council, LPPC, which was held on the Links outside school on the last day of term. It was the first, we hope, of many more events where we can get together again as a school community. We still await further guidance on when indoor gathering will be allowed in school buildings but will keep you posted.


Congratulations to Ms Scott Dickins (P7a) and to Ms Hamilton (Nursery) who got married during the Easter break. Both will continue to use the same surnames.

Time Keeping and Uniform

Our pupils looked wonderful in their school uniform and school colours today. Thank you to all parents and carers for your support with this effort.

School uniform gives pupils a sense of belonging, of pride in their school and community and a sense of being equal amongst their peers. A reminder that school uniform/colours are expected to be worn by all pupils everyday unless there is a specific reason to dress down eg; a fancy dress day or outdoor education trip. We are very happy to support families with obtaining school uniform grants or access to school clothing. Please get in touch with our family support workers Danni or Liz to discuss this further.

NB: Pupils who routinely refuse to wear school uniform/colours may be asked to wear a pre-loved school sweatshirt during the school day.

Thank you also for helping today’s switch to our original start and finish times. All classes now start at 8.50am with P1 and P2 finishing at 3pm Monday to Thursday and 12 noon on Fridays and P3-P7 finishing at 3.15pm Monday to Thursday and 12.25pm on Fridays.

Prompt school attendance is vital for pupils to start the day feeling positive, settled and aware of important learning and instructions. We know that pupils who regularly attend school late or have multiple days absence tend to show more signs of stress and anxiety, have more problems with sustaining positive friendships, have lower levels of confidence in their learning. Importantly, they miss out on vital learning opportunities which can impact on their progress and attainment. We are highly committed to ensuring all our pupils attend school each and every day to maximise their chance of doing and feeling well. If you feel attendance is an issue for your child we would like to help and may be in touch soon if your child’s attendance is significantly low (<90%).

Dates for Your Diary

Please be aware of the following dates this term:

Monday 2nd May – Bank Holiday

Tuesday 3rd May – Staff In Service Day

Week beginning 16th May – Diversity Week (more details to come)

24th – 27th May – P7 at Benmore Outdoor Residential Trip

Tuesday 24th May – P5 Snappy Opera at The Queen’s Hall (evening, details to come)

Wednesday 25th May – LPPC AGM

Wednesday 1st June – Sports Day (more details to come)

Thursday 2nd June – Victoria Day

Friday 3rd June – Exceptional Closure for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

[Wednesday 8th June – alternative Sports Day if raining on 1st]

Thursday 9th June – New P1 Induction Day

Monday 13th June – P6 Trinity House Performance

Tuesday 14th June – P6 Trinity House Performance

14th -16th June – P7 High School Transition Days

Week Beginning 20th June – Meet the Teacher Week

Thursday 23rd June – P7 Show – Bugsy Malone (afternoon)

Thursday 30th June – P7 Leavers’ Assembly (afternoon)

Friday 1st July – TERM ENDS

Wednesday 17th August – New School Session Starts for Pupils

Our Voice

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OUR VOICE – Spring 2022
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Head Teacher Post

Farewell Mrs Leslie

After twenty-seven years of committed service to Leith Primary School, our wonderful Pupil Support Assistant, Mrs Isabel Leslie will retire this week on Wednesday lunchtime. As one of our longest serving members of staff, Mrs Leslie has supported hundreds of pupils over the years, including some of our pupils’ mums and dads! She started her role supporting a younger pupil with additional support needs in the school nursery before joining the staff team in the main school building two years later. Mrs Leslie has undertaken a huge amount of additional training through out her carer enabling her to support pupils with early numeracy and literacy skills, social and emotional skills, fine and gross motor skills, speech and language development and supporting pupils with bereavement and loss. One of her innate talents has been her ability to quickly form a positive relationship with almost every pupil and parent she has worked with, providing humour, care and a listening ear in equal measure. Mrs Leslie has supported a large number of new Pupil Support Assistants during the years when the nature of the work has radically changed from photocopying and hearing reading groups to the skilled support of pupils with a range of complex additional needs. She has modelled positivity, resilience and commitment to the needs of the child and has gone over and above on numerous occasions. We will miss her infectious laugher and caring attitude towards others. Thank you Mrs Leslie for everything you have done for Leith Primary School over nearly three decades! We wish you a long, happy and healthy retirement.

Health Week 2022

This week is Leith Primary School’s annual Health Week – a week where we celebrate and explore different ways to keep ourselves healthy both physically and mentally. Children will be given the opportunity to try out activities such as dance, parkour, rugby and Tae Kwon Do. Pupils will also look at healthy eating, mindfulness and the importance of a good night’s sleep. Keep an eye on Twitter for all the action.


Ramadan Mubarak to all our Muslim families who are fasting during this holy month. Some of our older pupils will also be fasting, some for the first time. Pupils who wish to will have the opportunity to observe prayer time in school with a member of staff.

Easter Holidays – Return to Usual Start & Finish Times

A reminder that school breaks for Easter on Friday for two weeks. Everyone returns on Monday 25th April at the pre-COVID time of 8.50am for all year groups. Class lines will remain in the same place as they are now until further notice. Finish times will revert back to 3.15pm Monday to Thursday and 12.25pm for P3-P7 classes and 3.00pm Monday to Thursday and 12 Noon on Friday for P1 and P2. Parents and carers should continue to wait for pupils outside the main door and gates. We kindly request that nursery parents use only the black side gate to avoid further congestion in the playground.

Family Support and Learning

The new Support for Families information pages on the council website has been updated at

These pages contain valuable up to date information on the free or low cost programmes, activities and groups available for families.

If you need help finding support for you or your child, email


Well Done to These Hard Working Leithers

It’s a bumper three-week roll-over list recognising the wonderful hard work and positive attitudes of our fantastic learners.

MatthewPrimary 1aMatthew has been trying very hard in phonics this week and has been showing kindness and responsibility by helping others during phonics time.
VivaanPrimary 5bFor his incredible black and white ‘Dig for Victory’ poster
JaydenPrimary 1bJayden has been working really hard this week and has shared lots of fantastic ideas during our carpet sessions. Great job, Jayden!
Louis SPrimary 7bLouis is in the Recognition book for his supportive and encouraging attitude towards others. He always helps anyone having difficulties and is able to encourage others, making him an excellent classmate and supportive friend. Well done Louis!
KieranPrimary 3bKieran has been working so hard recently in class and made so much progress with his writing and spelling. We are all very proud of him! Keep it up Kieran!
NadiaPrimary 7aNadia has been working well supporting the P7 production of Bugsy Malone.  She has taken her role seriously.  Well done Nadia! 🙂
AngusPrimary 4bAngus regularly shows his athletic talents during our P.E lessons!  He is speedy and stealthy during our balls games, showing great reflexes when catching and throwing.  Well done Angus, you’re a real sportsman in the making!  Ms Harris
TamerPrimary 2This week Tamer has been showing excellent listening skills and getting himself ready to learn when he is asked. He has been taking part and sharing his learning in class discussions and supporting his classmates as well. He has been an excellent team mate this week, helping others tidy up and reminding others to be ready too.  Keep up the good work Tamer!
RahimPrimary 1/2Rahim has really enjoyed learning about the sun and moon during science this week. Thank you for always being so enthusiastic about your learning, Rahim!
CaydenPrimary 6Cayden puts a great deal of thought into creating poetic and descriptive stories in spelling tasks. Well done Cayden!
AlmaPrimary 1aAlma has been sharing some brilliant ideas during group time and has been working particularly hard to write her name this week. Well done Alma!
KieranPrimary 3bKieran worked really well in PE this week, helping and supporting others.  Well done!
OmerPrimary 1/2Omer has shone this week! He has been making impressive progress in reading and is confident spotting lots of tricky words as well as using the sounding out strategy to read unfamiliar words. We are so proud of you Omer!
JohnathanPrimary 5bHis progress this week when using brackets to solve multi step multiplications
CordyPrimary 4bCordy has a very mature attitude in school and puts a full effort into all she does.  Well done Cordy, you’re a wonderful example to your peers!  Ms Harris
KeiraPrimary 7aKeira has been working hard on her enterprise topic-creating a stop motion video and planning a gymnastics class.  She is working well in a team!  Well done Keira 🙂
NapiuPrimary 1aNapiu has been working hard this week to share his knowledge about dinosaurs with the group. Well done Napiu!
JamesPrimary 5bJames should be recognised for his quick and accurate recall of number facts during numeracy lessons – well done James!
PoppyPrimary 2Poppy has been focused in her literacy tasks this week, sharing her understanding of ‘magic e’ and being ready and challenging herself in her reading.  Poppy has also been challenging herself in numeracy, trying out different ways to use her counting skills to solve addition problems.  In our science learning Poppy also came up with a good hypothesis after looking at our model of the sun and earth that it looked small as it was far away and helped to prove this with our model we created outside. Great thinking Poppy!
AhmedPrimary 7aAhmed has been doing some fantastic marketing for his enterprise group: the footie hub.  Well done Ahmed-fantastic entrepreneurial spirit being demonstrated.
JulietPrimary 3bJuliet has been working really hard on presentation, well done!
DorcasPrimary 1bDorcas was practising one of our school rules as she behaved safely during our Spring Walk round the park. She showed good listening and walked sensibly with her partner. Well done, Dorcas!
AmeenahPrimary 5aAmeenah has demonstrated the school rules by being responsible and ready to learn. She has done particularly well with developing her skills in the swimming pool. Well done Ameenah!
Rubi-AnnePrimary 4aRubi-Anne always works hard in all subjects, she sets a good example to all following the school rules and treats everyone with respect.
AyoPrimary 3aAyo has been a very helpful member of our class this week! He did a fantastic job of helping to clean up after our Spring painting activity and has been a respectful role model to the rest of the class when walking around the school. Well done, Ayo!
SnithikPrimary 3aSnithik has worked incredibly hard on becoming more independent in his learning, He has shown a positive attitude to his tasks this week and is making super progress. Well done, Snithik!
JaivikPrimary 1/2Jaivik is a very kind and respectful member of our class who goes out of his way to help others and to look after our classroom. We feel very lucky to have you in our class!
RubyPrimary 7bRuby is in the Recognition Book for her excellent 50-word fiction about a blackbird. She really created a powerful plot in few words.  Well done Ruby!
LewisPrimary 6Lewis listened well and joined in with drama confidently during our class trip. Well done , Lewis!

Red Nose Day at Leith Primary

On Friday, pupils are welcome to wear their Red Noses, dress down or wear a Superhero costume (if they have one!) We will be selling official Red Noses at school for anyone who would like one. They can be bought from school for £1.50 on ParentPay only using this link: General donations for Comic Relief can also be given via this link.

Some of the money raised this year will be going towards supporting displaced families from Ukraine and other war-torn countries. Money from Comic Relief also supports many great causes for children and adults living in difficult circumstances all over the UK. You can find out where the money goes here:

Thank you for any support you can give or for just joining in with the fun!