HGIOS 4 Pupil Group

How Good Is Our School (HGIOS) 4 is the 4th edition of a document produced by Education Scotland that enables schools to look inwards and to promote effective self-evaluation as the first important stage in a process of achieving self-improvement.

The quality indicators are designed to reflect the rapidly developing context within which schools now operate and HGIOS 4 focuses on improving attainment for all whilst closing the gap in attainment and achievement between the most disadvantaged children and their peers in Scotland.

At Leith Primary School, we decided to ask the children, “How good is our school?” and have formed a pupil voice group made up of children from Primary 3 to 7, with tasks and activities for ALL classes in the school to contribute towards, including our nursery.

Using the Pupil-friendly HGIOS framework, our first theme is Our Relationships.

To find out more about this group, please contact Miss McConnell via the school office.