Friday’s Virtual Recognition Book Assembly Winners!

Petra MacLaughlandPrimary 1aThis week Petra proved herself to be a kind and selfless friend, sacrificing her own play time and fun to help a friend who had hurt themselves. Petra always thinks about her friends before herself and should be very proud of her act of kindness this week.
Scarlett Anderson Primary 1bScarlett is an incredibly kind and considerate classmate who has enjoyed making new friends in the class. Scarlett always tries to include everyone in her games and sets an excellent example to her peers. Well done! 
Sunny Primary 2aSunny has been a excellent role model and responsible Primary 2 this week. He has supported others and taken on different classroom jobs enthusiastically. He also always follows the school rules. Well done 🙂 
Juliet SweeneyPrimary 2bJuliet always offers to help others when they are stuck, whether that is offering to tie a shoe lace or show someone how to spell a word! Well done for your wonderful kindness! 
Andrew ThomsonPrimary 3afor acting as a role model to the rest of the class. He shows enthusiasm and excellent listening in every activity and is quick to help others during groups tasks. 
DinoPrimary 3bDino has shown extra special kindness towards another pupil this week. He has been a supportive and understanding friend by trying to include others in his outside play. Keep being kind Dino!
MariannaPrimary 4aMarianna always tries her best. She is an excellent example to everyone as she is kind, respectful and responsible at all times. 
Vivienne TrawinskaPrimary 4bNot only does Vivienne always try her best at her independent tasks, this week she has demonstrated her ability to understand and follow more complex instructions. She is a responsible and valued member of P4b. Thank you Vivienne!
AhmedPrimary 6aAhmed has a positive, hard working attitude towards his learning and is always one of the first to volunteer to take on class jobs. He takes our heavy playground box up and down the stairs every day without complaint! A great role model. 
Daisy Hacking Primary 6bDaisy H is a pleasure to have in class.  She is a fantastic listener and is always ready to learn.  She helps other pupils when they need support and always has a smile on her face.
Calan LauderPrimary 7aCalan has a great style of writing and he has a flair for producing some great pieces which reflect his unique style.  He always works hard to produce work independently and is improving his editing. Well done Calan!
AmyPrimary 7bAmy has worked really well as part of our class team this week! She has supported her peers and shown initiative within group tasks.
Katy MorganPrimary 7bDuring our work on bullying, Katy showed a creative flair for drama, contributing important ideas. She praised others in their work and listened to their ideas too.

Change to UK Government Advice on COVID-19 Testing Results and Schools

Parents should be aware that it is no longer necessary to present a negative COVID-19 test to the school before a pupil returns without symptoms. Updated UK Government advice states that sharing this information with schools is not necessary.

NHS Lothian revised guidance states that minor non-COVID-19-related symptoms such as a blocked or runny nose and sore throat are no longer reasons to keep a child off from school. If a pupil is feeling genuinely unwell then they should stay off until they feel better. If symptoms include sickness or diarrhoea then they should return 48 hours after the last event of these symptoms. If a pupil displays any COVID-19 classic symptoms NEW/PERSISTENT COUGH, HIGH TEMPERATURE/FEVER, LOSS/CHANGE OF TASTE OR SMELL, then they should immediately self-isolate, along with all members of their household and arrange a test. If someone in a pupil’s family household has to self-isolate because they are exhibiting classic symptoms, then the whole family must also self-isolate.

If in the event a pupil at Leith Primary tests positive for COVID-19, there are robust measures in place to identify anyone else in school who may be at risk. The school would work in partnership with the NHS Health Protection Team to enact the track and trace procedure and ensure areas of contact with the virus were deep cleaned.

Currently, schools receive weekly guidance from senior managers about up-to-date COVID-19 related health and safety protocols to support the regularly updated policy and practice.


Whilst we cannot enjoy our usual hot chocolate in the lunch hall, our Recognition Book winners all received a little take-home hot chocolate kit. Enjoy!

Alexander RobertsonPrimary 3bAlexander is always a kind classmate. He helps others with their learning, plays nicely with his friends in the classroom and outside, and looks after others when they are feeling down. He sets a wonderful example to his peers!
Liam GunnPrimary 5Liam helped Miss Val carry heavy lunch box crates up the stairs, he then offered to go down to help with the final one.  It was very hard to nominate someone from p5 this week as there has been so much kind behaviour.
Lily WelshPrimary 6aLily shows kindness towards her classmates by helping them with their learning. She also shows kindness by including others in games and conversations in the playground and by always being friendly, polite and respectful.
Lukas MelicharPrimary 6bLukas looks out for his classmates in the playground and is supportive in class.  He often helps others tidy their work space encouraging others to be ready in a respectful and non-judgemental way.  Lukas is a great role model for other children with his patient and calm manner.  Well done!
Rikki-Leigh MuirPrimary 4bRikki-Leigh demonstrates kindness by sharing with her class mates and offering to help do little jobs when she sees a need. Thank you Rikki-Leigh!
Alexander AlcockPrimary 4aAlexander has been helping other and the class tidy up and log in to ipads. He has been spotted being kind to lots of people. Well done 
Leland TurnbullPrimary 3aLeland demonstrated kindness in the class this week by helping others with their class jobs and showing politeness towards pupils and staff. Well done, Leland! 
Kayleigh BennetPrimary 7aKayleigh offered to hold the door for the class on multiple occasions, helped Mrs Brack in the playground and offered her help in the classroom.  Through her actions she has demonstrated how kind a person she is. Well done Kayleigh!
Meenu RawatPrimary 7bMeenu has demonstrated quiet, consistent kindness and positivity this week as she always does. 

Summer Cold, COVID-19 Testing and School


IF your child is also experiencing symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19 Coronavirus, we advise you get them tested by getting in touch with or by calling 0800 028 2816.

The most common symptoms still are:

  • new continuous cough and/or
  • fever/high temperature and /or
  • loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste

You must let the school know if your child is being tested for COVID-19. Your child and your whole household must isolate at home whilst you wait for the results of the test. You must then notify the school whether the test is positive or negative.

If the test is POSITIVE, your child must isolate for 10 days and your household for 14 days. The school will inform the Health Protection Team who will contact the tracing team and there will be a deal clean of the affected areas in school.

If the test is NEGATIVE, the child can return to school provided they are well enough and have not had a fever for 48 hours. If your child is still unwell, then please follow the usual absence procedure.

If your child has had sickness or diarrhoea and/or a fever, they must stay away from school for at least 48 hours.

Please be aware that we will continue to text all of our families to remind them to follow safety guidance. We are limited to 141 characters per text so please forgive their abruptness!

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Join NYOS 2021 – applications are now open!

Join NYOS 2021 – applications are now open! Click here to apply now.

NYOS is delighted to announce that applications for the Classical Pathway (NYOS Junior, Senior and Symphony Orchestras) and the Jazz Pathway (Jazz Access, Summer School and Jazz Orchestra) in 2021 are now open.

After a year that has posed many challenges to musicians and music organisations alike, we are thrilled to share some highlights of the opportunities we are offering Scotland’s most promising young musicians next year: chances to learn from world-class tutors, play alongside internationally renowned soloists, learn specialist skills from prominent Jazz musicians and follow the baton of some of the most celebrated conductors in the industry.

NYOS Junior Orchestra is the first stepping-stone on the NYOS Classical Pathway and is an often-unique opportunity for our youngest players to experience playing in a full symphonic orchestra. (Applications are invited from instrumentalists aged 8 and above.) After great success in 2019, Junior Orchestra will once again perform an entire symphony in their Summer concert (this year Borodin’s Symphony No.2). We will also be joined by a recent NYOS alumna as soloist in Bruch’s Violin Concerto No.1 and we are thrilled that Natalia Luis-Bassa, who conducted our players with such flair and imagination in 2019, will return to conduct both concerts in 2021.

Other highlights of the 2021 season include Symphony Orchestra working with two truly world-class conductors, RSNO Principal Conductor, Thomas SøndergĂĄrd, and English National Opera Music Director, Martyn Brabbins, as well as Nicola Benedetti, one of the most celebrated violinists of her generation. Repertoire will include a new, double trombone concerto by Claire McCue for Symphony Orchestra and our Senior Orchestra will perform Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No.5, a stalwart of the repertoire. The Jazz Orchestra will be joined this year by saxophonist Paul Booth, a soloist, arrange and bandleader, and will tour venues across Scotland.

Further information about the courses for all ensembles in the NYOS Classical and Jazz Pathways can be found on our website at



Application closing date: Friday 25 September 2020

Fees and bursaries: It is free to audition for NYOS and the NYOS bursary fund is available to help participants who find it difficult to meet the costs of the membership fees. Further information about the NYOS bursary fund can be found on our website at

Eligibility: Applications are invited from instrumentalists 25 and under with Scottish links i.e born in Scotland, living in Scotland, studying in Scotland or with Scottish Family.


If you have any questions or require further support with the application process, please contact the NYOS Ensembles Team via

Virtual Recognition Book Winners for Friday 21st August 2020 (P3-P7)

Daniel Primary 3aDaniel has shown fantastic listening and followed instructions 
carefully.  What a good example you have been.  Well done Daniel!
Fraser Primary 3bFraser has been a very patient, kind and considerate friend this week. He has calmly helped friends when they’ve been feeling cross or upset, and has really put others before himself. 
Lucas Primary 4aLucas has worked very hard to do all tasks given to him this week.
 He has tried his best and persevered when things were tricky. 
Well done Lucas! 
River Primary 4bRiver has consistently followed instructions to learn the new routinesand has focussed responsibly on his independent tasks. Thank you River! Keep up the positive attitude for P4.
Isla Primary 5Isla helped her group mates complete a very difficult maths treasure 
hunt on the Links.  Her group was the first to finish (but only just!)
FraserPrimary 6aFraser has shown 100% enthusiasm towards all our activities and 
learning this week. He is always ready to help his classmates and help with class jobs and most importantly he treats everybody with 
kindness and respect. 
Elisha Primary 6bElisha worked well in Science supporting her team and getting a 
discussion going around the classification of different animals.  She
 included everyone in her team and spoke eloquently about what 
her group had come up with.
Forbes Primary 7aHe has completed every task to this best of his abilities – 
a great start to Primary 7!
JanPrimary 7bJan was kind and helpful towards a staff member. He was patient
 with another pupil and incredibly sensible throughout the day 
A fantastic start to the term everyone. Well done to pupils, parents and staff for getting used to and following the new rules and routines. Ms Craig would like to give a special mention to Jack L (pictured) for working so well with Mrs Matthews this week. Keep up the good work Jack! And keep up the good work and positive attitude everyone else.