Have a Great October Week Leithers!

Benji Primary 1/2Benji has been working so hard in phonics this week and is always excited to learn new tricky words! Benji tries his very best everyday and is a wonderful role model in our class. We are so proud of you Benji! 
JessPrimary 1aJess has been working really hard in number this week and always tries her best to be a kind friend. Well done Jess!
Finlay Primary 1bFinlay has been very creative this week! He reused different shapes of cardboard to make a little person and could even tell me the names of some of the 3D shapes he used. Although his “eye” fell off a few times, Finlay persevered and managed to fix him again. Keep it up, Finlay!
LaylaPrimary 2Layla has been showing kindness and responsibility, tidying up and getting our classroom ready sensibly and independently without needing to be reminded. Well done Layla!
FatimaPrimary 3aFatima worked hard this week on her writing based on our class story. She used punctuation and connectives, well done Fatima!
KamilPrimary 3bKamil has been working hard all week to make sure his work is beautifully presented. Well done! 
KeiraPrimary 4aKeira always set a good example of a Leith Pupil. This week she wrote an report this week about what is needed to stay safe and be prepared in any type of weather. She used subtitles and facts to structure her work. Well done Keira 🙂 
IsabellePrimary 4bIsabelle has done a fantastic job being our class Eco Rep.  She took notes at the meeting and confidently fed back information to the class.  Well done Isabelle!
AmberPrimary 5aAnother fantastic member of P5a! This week Amber demonstrated skills in creating a papier mache planet and developed her ideas in her creative writing about a space landing.
Jude, Jack, Mia and MaddisonPrimary 5bFor being the FIRST people to volunteer to help with cleaning the art room.  Thanks for doing a great job!  Also thanks to all of the other people who helped, you were brilliant!
AndrewPrimary 6Andrew wrote a beautiful poem for his green pencil award entry. He always gives his full attention, is happy to try new skills and approaches each task with creativity and enthusiasm. Well done Andrew!
ZakPrimary 7aZak tries hard in all lessons.  He supports his classmates well and works well in a team!  Well done Zak.
LouisaP7bLouisa has demonstrated responsibility by her willingness to support others and the school with her problem solving attitude and good ideas. Well done Louisa!

Message to Parents

Dear Parent/Carer

As we approach the end of this first term, I would like to remind you that we break for the October week on Friday 15th at the usual time and will resume again on Tuesday 26th October.

Parent-Teacher Consultations will again be held virtually via Parents-Booking.co.uk on Thursday 4th November from 4pm and Friday 5th November from 1pm. Details of how to book your appointment will be sent out separately. 

Once again we thank you for your continued patience and understanding this term. Like many other schools and businesses, we have had numerous unavoidable absences across our staff team. We appreciate the impact and frustration disruptions like this can bring and want you to know that we will continue to do our very best for our pupils and their families during this time. Please bear with us if some tasks take a little longer!

You will appreciate that our wonderful parent council are unable to run the Halloween Disco again this year due to ongoing restrictions. We know how much some children enjoy dressing up so are happy if they choose to wear something Halloween themed on Friday 29th October. I would ask that parents use their judgment about what pupils bring to school and request that no overly gory or frightening masks or props are brought in. 

Thank you to everyone who responded to our text alerts about the Foodbank and about the P5-P7 ski trip. We will be in touch after the October break with further information about both.

On Friday, we will release the first edition of the pupil-led School Newsletter on Sway. Each edition will be sent out at the end of each term and will focus on two of the Wellbeing Indicators [Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible, Included]. The first edition will focus on the themes of Health and Safety.

From next term, there will be a weekly Head Teacher update on the school website to keep parents and carers more regularly informed about events in school.

I would like to wish you all a restful October week next week and look forward to welcoming our young people back on Tuesday 26th October.

Best wishes

Fiona Craig
Head Teacher

Fantastic Work and Attitude This Week!

Ruth Primary 1/2Ruth has been a super star this week! She has worked so hard every day and has loved the challenge of new learning. She has also been a very helpful and considerate classmate. Thank you, Ruth! 
BhodiPrimary 1aBhodi has been working incredibly hard this week in all areas. He shows brilliant perseverance and takes great pride in his work. Well done Bhodi!
ElijahPrimary 1bElijah has been practising our school values this week by showing he is very resilient. He has been building some fantastic sculptures which have taken a lot of time and effort. He has even managed to fix them whenever they have fallen down! Well done Elijah!
MaxPrimary 2There were tears and some moments when he thought it couldn’t be done, but with support from his classmates and a lot of perseverance and determination, Max completed an ‘impossible’ STEM challenge.
HenryPrimary 3aHenry has been working hard on his phonics and reading this week and has been a super contributor to class discussions.
MuslimPrimary 3bMuslim shows perseverance and readiness at all times. He is a very helpful, kind boy in the class and always tries his best in all he does. Well done Muslim!
MeganPrimary 4aMegan has been asking excellent questions during reading, she is reflecting on her book and showing a good level of understanding. Great job Megan keep it up. 
Anya Primary 4bAnya, for her fantastic listening and contribution in class and group discussion.  She frequently shares careful and considered thinking, demonstrating her astute observations and knowledge of what she has been learning.  Amazing Anya!  
AntoniPrimary 5aAntoni is always ready to learn and enjoys a challenge. He has done some fantastic research work in our Space topic.
RoryPrimary 5bFor his imagination and use of superb technical language in his Nat Geo Kids space article.
LucyPrimary 6Lucy is a true Leither who always perseveres, tries her best and works really hard. She is also helpful in class and kind to others.
Ben Primary 7aBen has tried hard this week in Maths, engaging in all lessons well and wanting to challenge himself.  Well done Ben! 🙂

We are so proud of these fabulous Leithers!

TabithaPrimary 1/2Tabitha is an incredibly kind, hard-working and respectful member of our class and sets a wonderful example to all her peers.  Tabitha is a friend to all in P1/2 and she should be very proud of herself. 
StanleyPrimary 1aStanley has been working extra hard this week on using kind words and good manners with everyone in the school. Well done Stanley!
Korra Primary 1bKorra is a very responsible member of our class. She is a super listener and demonstrates how to sit beautifully during carpet time every day. Keep up the fantastic work, Korra!
ScarlettPrimary 2In her writing this week Scarlett applied what she had learnt, and didn’t give up when it was challenging. She should be proud of her perseverance.
RobertPrimary 3aRobert has been working hard this week in numeracy. I have been really impressed with his enthusiasm and perseverance. He is making great progress, keep it up Robert!
SophiePrimary 3bSophie had been very kind, considerate and helpful all week. Thank you!
AndrewPrimary 4aAndrew always works hard and participates in all lessons. He can work with any partner and is a positive, valued and responsible member of P4a. Well done Andrew 🙂 
AmosPrimary 4bAmos has challenged himself and put in a huge effort to pick up the pace with his work and contribute more of his great ideas during discussions.  Well done Amos!   Ms Harris
StanleyPrimary 5aStanley is a responsible and hardworking member of our class and a great role model. Thank you Stanley!
Rikki-Leigh and VivaanPrimary 5bBoth nominated for their effort in our planet design task.  
AylaPrimary 6Ayla is a Leither who always perseveres. She is a resilient learner who never gives up in the face of a challenge. Well done Ayla!! 
Lily Primary 7aLily is a fantastic role model for the class.  She shares her ideas readily and consistently tries her best.  Well done Lily!
NadiaPrimary 7aNadia has shown resilience and growth mindset towards our work in Maths.  She doesn’t easily give up!  Well done Nadia :).
Heidi Primary 7bFor her detailed and accurate summary of her novel in our literature circle. Heidi identified all the main parts of what she had read and could discuss them confidently. Well done Heidi! 
Daisy Primary 7bDaisy wrote an excellent diary entry showing the impact of the Jim Crow laws.  She included lots of details showing their unfairness and the emotional impact that would have had on people affected.  It really transported the reader.  Well done!

Bumper Recognition for Our Star Pupils!

Friday 17th September

Omer Primary 1/2Omer values the importance of being kind and everyday he goes out of his way to show this to his classmates. I’ve been particularly impressed with how he supports his friends in class and the way he cares for others. Thank you for being you, Omer! 
EmmaPrimary 1aEmma is such a kind and helpful member of our class. She is very mature and responsible and takes every opportunity to help both friends and adults in the class and playground.
Cormac Primary 1bCormac has been showing fantastic manners to everyone in the school and is very respectful. He always shows he is ready to learn and enjoys sharing his ideas in class. Well done Cormac!
GloriaPrimary 3aGloria is an all round super star – she is kind and helpful, she works hard on her tasks, she is enthusiastic and is always ready to learn. 
Mati Primary 3bFor always being enthuasiastic in his work and being a kind, caring and helpful pupil. Well done!
LelandPrimary 4aLeland has worked very hard this week, he has tried his best and been extra helpful around the classroom. Keep up the good work Leland. 
AlexanderPrimary 5aAlexander is a responsible member of our class, ready to learn and working hard. Keep up the great efforts Alexander!
KaiPrimary 6Kai overcame a real difficulty this week. He showed resilience, by continuing to work hard and by taking part in in all activities, determined to do his best. Well done Kai!
IslaPrimary 7bFor her excellent research on Abraham Lincoln which she then used to create a bright, colourful and informative poster. Also for her enthusiasm and hard work as a prefect! Well done Isla! 

Friday 10th September

Louise Primary 1/2Louise has worked incredibly hard this week and always has a positive attitude towards her learning. She listens attentively and enjoys being challenged with new concepts! Well done, Louise. We are very proud of you! 
SamPrimary 1aSam has been trying very hard this week to listen to instructions. He has also been playing with lots of different friends and shows excellent manners towards everyone in school. Well done Sam!
Jayden Primary 1bJayden has been a fantastic helper in the class. He always goes above and beyond when tidying up and comes to check on other class members when they are feeling sad. We are very lucky to have you in our class, Jayden! Well done!
DarcyPrimary 3aDarcy is making great progress this term. She gets stuck into challenges and games and is always ready to help others with their learning. 
AnnabellePrimary 3bFor being kind and thoughtful to a classmate when they needed help. Well done!
MayaPrimary 4aMaya has shown kindness to all to week. She has been extra helpful to her peers and to adults. She has set a great example for all to follow. Well done Maya! 
ChristopherPrimary 5a Christopher has shown a  responsible and hard working attitude to his learning this week, Keep up the good work Christopher!
River Primary 5bFor completing our problem solver starter first!
Ella Primary 6Ella has been a kind and helpful class member this week. She never hesitates to step in when jobs need to be done. She is happy to offer her support to any pupil who needs it and she approaches almost every task with enthusiasm. 
Summer Primary 7aSummer produced a beautiful piece of writing this week. She wrote a diary entry using paragraphs and lots of emotive language. Well done Summer! 
KadePrimary 7bFor his great work as Word finder in his literature circle. Kade chose interesting words and offered great definitions. He was also able to answer questions about the text and discuss his answers and provide evidence for them. Well done Kade! 

Brilliant Work & Attitudes Recognised

Nathan Primary 1/2Nathan has had a fantastic start to P1 and is always ready to learn. He listens carefully at the carpet and enjoys sharing his ideas with the class.  Well done Nathan, you are a star! 
ArronPrimary 1aArron goes out of his way to be kind and helpful to others, often offering help before he has even been asked. Well done Arron!
Ariana Primary 1bAriana has been a super listener and always sits beautifully on the carpet. She has also been very quick at tidying and sets a fantastic example for the rest of P1b. Well done Ariana!
LoganPrimary 3aLogan has worked hard this week on being on the carpet ready to learn. He has excelled in our maths challenges and has helped others with their learning. Well done!
KalebPrimary 3bAfter Kaleb had accidentally bumped into someone in the playground, he was very apologetic and helped to pick the boy up. He then asked if the boy was ok and made sure he had someone with him. He showed real responsibility and kindness. 
CorynPrimary 4aCoryn works hard and tries her best at all times. She shows kindness and consideration to all and is very helpful to her classmates. 
ZaraPrimary 5aWell done Zara for the outstanding neat layout and presentation of your written literacy work. Keep it up!
WedgdanPrimary 5bWegdan remembers the lunch crate before and after lunch every day, it’s a small job that makes a big difference.  Thanks!
CharliePrimary 6Charlie has been very responsible and reliable in P6 when carrying out his classroom responsibilities. He also always ensures that his work is done to the best of his ability. Well done Charlie!
NoelPrimary 7aNoel is a fantastic team player and supports his classmates well across the board.  He tries his best and acts responsibly.  He has also been sharing his knowledge on football with the class which has been lovely to see!  
Louis S Primary 7bFor his great selection of words as word finder in his group’s first literature circle. He also had great definition explanations. 

FREE Edinburgh Community Food Training Course

There are still spaces available on the FREE REHIS Food & Health Training course next week.  This course is open to all.

Wednesday and Thursday 1st and 2nd September, 9.30am – 1pm both days.  Online via Zoom.

Book via their website: https://www.edinburghcommunityfood.org.uk/Event/rehis-food-health-1st-september or by emailing or calling: Louise.Cairns@edinburghcommunityfood.org.uk or call 0131 467 7326. 

What’s involved? 

  • Are you interested in food and healthy living?
  • Do you feel confused by health and nutrition advice?
  • Would you like to know more? 

This informative and useful course is packed with clearly delivered information that aims to cut through all the mixed messages about nutrition. It is designed for anyone with an interest in food and for those who work with food in any capacity, including: carers, home-helps, nursery staff, café staff/caterers and those whose voluntary involves food preparation or handling. It is also highly relevant for anyone who cooks at home. 

What do you get out of it?

  • Gain a clear understanding of general nutrition
  • Gain practically applicable knowledge for the workplace and the home
  • Understand the consequences of eating habits on health and disease
  • Discuss the roles of carbohydrates, protein, fruit & vegetables, fat and fibre
  • Understand the role of vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Gain insight into maintaining a healthy weight
  • Identify different ways of preparing and cooking foods for a healthy diet
  • Learn how to make sense of food labelling

Get In Touch with Louise Cairns

T: 0131 467 7326

E: Louise.Cairns@edinburghcommunityfood.org.uk

W: www.edinburghcommunityfood.org.uk

Charity Number SC 024980

Company Number SC 166876


Welcome Back Our Hardworking Leithers!

Brooke Primary 1aBrooke has had a brilliant first full week in P1! She has been showing fantastic manners to everyone and is always ready to learn. We feel lucky to have her in P1a! Well done Brooke.
Damon Primary 1bDamon has settled really well into P1. He has been super at keeping our class tidy and helping others tidy up. He has also been using his imagination to make lots of fantastic things using the cubes such as ice cream and chocolate!
Elisha Primary 7bFor making a brilliant start to P7. Elisha has consistently demonstrated her maturity by showing respect to others and giving her best effort in everything she is asked to do. Fantastic! 
Ben Primary 6Ben has worked hard to complete all the jobs on his task sheet this week. He is making progress with being polite to adults too. Well done Ben!
SanaPrimary 7aSana has come back to school with enthusiasm.  She has been helpful, kind and goes out of her way to be a great role model.  Well done Sana!
Dash Primary 4bDash has shown fantastic listening since the beginning of term and has had a great attitude to trying new activities.  Well done Dash, you’re a star!  Ms Harris
Rosa Primary 5aRosa has made a super start to P5 being ready to learn and successfully completing independent activities.
Taylor Primary 1/2Taylor has demonstrated what a responsible member of our class she is through her role as timetable monitor this week. She has set an excellent example to her peers and has helped to keep us all organised. Well done, Taylor! 
SharanPrimary 2Since returning to school Sharan has shown kindness to everyone. He has been unfailingly helpful and polite and should be very proud of himself.
PollyPrimary 3bPolly has had a great start to P3, showing a kind and helpful attitude at all times. Well done!
LuciaPrimary 3aLucia has had a fantastic start to p3. She sits beautifully on the carpet, she works hard on her tasks and treats others with kindness and respect. 
Mia  Primary 5bConcentrated on a tricky place value maths task, completed it very accurately in the end!

Well done to our final group of hard working Leithers!

Max Primary 1aMax has been showing great focus and hard work in writing this week. He kept going even when it was tricky and should be really proud of himself. Well done Max!
Martha Primary 1bMartha tries her very best everyday and goes out of her way to show kindness and respect to everyone.  Thank you Martha for being such a positive role model for our school this year! 
Sunny Primary 2aSunny has been a wonderful role model in P2A this week. He has shown kindness and has been a caring friend to everyone. Well done Sunny! 
Harry Primary 2bHarry has been working hard this week trying to keep our playground tidy! He has been picking up litter, making posters to help keep the playground tidy and made a video to raise awareness! Well done! 
AlexanderPrimary 3bAlexander has worked exceptionally hard on his learning this week. He has been extremely focused and determined – particularly when writing detailed setting descriptions. 
DinaPrimary 4aDina has showed all the school values all year. She is kind, persevering and respectful to both staff and pupils. She always tries her best and works hard. Well done Dina !
GracePrimary 4bGrace is kind respectfully contributes to our class activities and discussions and was a great co-operative partner when building a motte and bailey castle.
Mya Primary 5Mya always puts 100% in to her work.  She has been making particularly good progress in literacy recently.
Yifan Primary 6aThis week Yifan wrote a fantastic script for a imaginary chat show starring the characters from our class novel. 
Isla Primary 6bIsla has been a joy to teach from start to finish this year.  She tries hard, listens and communicates well, achieves her goals and shows kindness to her peers.  Well done Isla.
Rida Primary 7aRida is in the recognition book for always giving 100% effort to each task. She is always polite and well behaved and sets an excellent example to others. Well done Rida! 
Haris Primary 7bHaris was so helpful in class- tidying up the resources and ensuring that everything was clean and tidy. Well done and thank you!