Well Done to All of Our Recognition Book Nominations Today!

Well done to everyone for their hard work during this first term back. We look forward to welcoming everyone back on Tuesday 27th at the usual staggered times. Stay safe!

Sasha ReidHolly JeffreyPrimary 1aHolly is such a kind and helpful person to everyone she meets. This week Holly helped someone that she didn’t know, just because she knew it was the right thing to do. We’re very proud to have you in P1a, Holly!No
Kimberley WatsonJakariyaPrimary 7bJakariya supported Mrs Kelly with ICT issues this week and saved our maths lesson!  Thank you JakariyaYes, vegetarian/halal
Emma SunterDashPrimary 3bDash always tries his best with his learning. He is focused, dedicated and shows super creativity – particularly with story writing! Dash is a brilliant example to all his peers. No
Lesley BruceLuciaPrimary 2aLucia is a kind, respectful and responsible member of Primary 2.  She is always there to lend a hand and helpful towards others.  She is supportive, hardworking and always completes tasks to a high standard.  She has had a very successful first term.  Well done. No
Hayley StewartAlfie AndersonPrimary 2bAlfie always follows the school rules of Ready, Respectful, Safe. He is a kind member of the classroom and treats everyone with respect. No
Alane FraserJonathan WatkinsPrimary 4bOur class has nominated Jonathan Watkins this week for his kindness and friendliness towards everyone. Thank you for being such a good role model Jonathan,No
Anne Katrine ChristensenBikariPrimary 4aBikari is kind to all his classmates, he is a good friend and lets people join in and treats them with respect.  No
John MackenzieAlex WeirPrimary 5Alex has made excellent progress in maths recently and is becoming confident when using ‘chunking’ for division.  I have nominated himfor the support that he gave to one of his friends who hasn’t quite got the hang of the strategy yet.  He was not asked to help, he just did it as he realised they were getting frustrated and knew it was the right thing to do.No
Fiona HarrisKeira MackerronPrimary 3aFor her cheery and positive attitude and for her brilliant listening skills, in all activities.  Well done Keira, you’re a fantastic example to others! No
Jennifer WilsonBelle McGregorPrimary 1bBelle goes out of her way to be kind and is an excellent role model in our class. Belle always tries her best  to be respectful and polite to her classmates and to other adults. She was spotted playing so nicely with others in the playground this week. Thank you! No
Anna HindLindaPrimary 6aLinda is such a fabulous all-rounder – she works hard, she perseveres, she is cheerful and positive, she is kind and considerate and is always ready to help others. What a star! Yes, vegetarian/halal
Ailie Scott-DickinsNathanPrimary 6bNathan has been working hard on his adventure story coming up with interesting and creative ideas. I can’t wait to read the finished story. Well done Nathan. No
Kirsten McDonaldDawn Taylor-DalePrimary 7aFor her biography of Malcolm X. It was full of interesting details – well done! No

Well Done to Everyone Recognised at Assembly Today!

Waris MahmoodPrimary 1aWaris has been a very kind friend both in the classroom and in the playground. He has been very helpful to friends who have hurt themselves outside and letting friends join in with his games. Well done Waris, we’re very proud of you! 
Martha Sheen Primary 1bMartha takes the time to play and learn with all of her classmates. She will often invite people to join in with her games and goes out of her way to cheer people up if they are feeling sad. Thank you for spreading your kindness in P1B!  
Troy DarlingPrimary 2bTroy worked really hard on Thursday to be a respectful and safe member of the class. He controlled his anger and had a lovely day playing with his friends and doing great writing! Well done! 
AlexaPrimary 3aAlexa showed excellent listening whilst doing her job as our class Milk Monitor.  Well done Alexa!!
NinaPrimary 3bNina has made excellent progress in her writing. She has shown perseverance over the last couple of weeks, and wrote a super set of instructions completely independently this week. We are so proud of her. Well done Nina!
Stanley GradyPrimary 4aStanley is focused, hardworking and kind. He always tries his best and completes all his work to a high standard. Stanley has good team work skills and can support others in the class. Well done 🙂 
Madddison ColemanPrimary 4bMaddison is an excellent role model for in P4b. She is works well at all her tasks and is particularly keen to develop her writing skills.
Lucy HillPrimary 5Lucy shows perseverance in every learning opportunity she is given.  She has worked hard with Mr Mackenzie, Mr Dominguez, Ms Ciechanowicz and Mrs Turley this week.  To top this all off, she made an incredible cardboard robot (which Mr Mackenzie sadly didn’t photograph)!
Summer McBeanPrimary 6aThis week Summer wrote a fantastic mini saga and met all her steps to success. She then typed this up as her first ‘assignment’ on Teams. Mrs Hind is proud of you Summer!
KeirenPrimary 6bKeiren works well with others and often supports his peers with their work and helping to get our classroom ready.  He is consistently a fantastic role model! Well done Keiren!
Breanna FlemingPrimary 6bBreanna always works hard and tries her best in her group with Mrs Ciechanowicz. She thought of an excellent sentence using her spelling words this week. She is also kind and supportive to her classmates. 
Samuel & EvaPrimary 7aSamuel and Eva worked very well for Ms Aslam in class this week.
MagnusPrimary 7bMagnus worked really well with his learning partner this week, providing encouragement and support whilst they researched and produced an informative poster. Well done!

A great big well done to all our Recognition Book winners for this week!

Jakub KautskyPrimary 1aJakub has been working really hard in maths this week, particularly when practising bigger numbers! He is also a friend to everyone and we’re very proud to have him as part of P1a.
Leo StojicevicPrimary 1bLeo has taken part enthusiastically in our number sessions this week and has enjoyed challenging himself with new learning. He is developing speed and accuracy when recalling number sequences within 20 and beyond! Keep up the great work! 
EllisPrimary 2aExcellent focus and concentration in maths this week.  He has a really great understanding of concepts and worked hard to calculate different sums.  Well done. 
Harry MacDonaldPrimary 2bHarry took the initiative to cheer up one of his classmates this week when they were upset. He demonstrated outstanding kindness! 
Daniel BlairPrimary 3aDaniel has pulled out all the stops and shown great focus, putting a huge effort into his activities this week!  Well done Daniel, I’m really proud of you!  Ms Harris
PatrykPrimary 3bPatryk is trying to be a kind, respectful and understanding classmate. He has overcome some challenging situations this week while remaining calm. Keep persevering Patryk! 
Antoni Primary 4aAntoni is always very enthusiastic about numeracy lessons, he completes all his work and challenges himself to learn as much as possible. This week we have been working on subtraction and different methods to set it out. He has done very well. Keep it up 🙂 
Arthur O’Donnell ClairPrimary 4bArthur for showing perseverance in Numeracy work, developing his counting on in 10s and 100s and applying these skills to addition and subtraction problems. Great job, Arthur!
Daniel DouglasPrimary 5Daniel for his outstanding work in all curricular areas.  I have specifically nominated him for his work in reading and writing this week.
BettyPrimary 6aBetty is a super mathematican. She is focused, she perseveres, she works hard and is always eager to be challenged. What is also lovely about Betty is that she is always ready to support her classmates with their numeracy too. What a star!
Sarah Primary 6bSarah consistently demonstrates the school values: kindness, perseverance and responsibility. She has been supportive of other children with their learning, particularly in Maths. This week she has been helping explain factors and multiples to children who needed some more help. 
ArijPrimary 7aWorked really hard in maths this week. Arij persevered with learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10 and the nearest 100. She was able to explain her answers and worked hard at demonstrating this understanding in her independent tasks! Well done! 
Logan RodgerPrimary 7aLogan worked really hard in maths group this week both rounding and ordering large numbers. Well done Logan, keep it up! Mrs Ciechanowicz
JoannePrimary 7bJojo has worked really well in maths this week on the grid method, supported others in their learning and completed lots of peer assessment! 

Our Friday Virtual Recognition Book Assembly Winners! Well done everyone.

Taylor Quinn-FullerPrimary 1aTaylor is the always first person to offer help or to share with her friends. She always thinks of others before herself and would do anything to make someone else’s day a bit brighter. We are all so proud to have you as part of P1a, Taylor!
Ossian Noble Primary 1bFor always setting an excellent example to his class mates. Ossian comes to school ready to learn and tries his best to get along with everybody in the class. It has been a pleasure to teach Ossian and we wish him all the very best in his new school. 
Felix KeanPrimary 2aFelix has been a hard working and enthusiastic learner this week. He has persevered with all tasks set for him and also shown great patience and kindness to others, communicating effectively when playing in groups or with a partner to reach a common goal.  Excellent effort Felix. Well done. 
Sophie AlexaPrimary 2bSophie is always an extremely kind member of our class. She checks that others are feeling okay, offers to help everyone, and is a great friend to everyone in P2B. 
Coryn McNairPrimary 3aCoryn has demonstrated fantastic listening which was our class target for the week. During all lessons, she showed she was ready to learn and participated in whole class discussions enthusiastically. Well done, Coryn!
Sam NoblePrimary 3bSam always tries his best with his learning. He is focused, dedicated and perseveres with challenging tasks. He is a super role model for his peers! 
Dina ElnourPrimary 4aDina is respectful to all pupils and staff at Leith. She works hard at all tasks and makes sure to challenge herself to achieve the best she can. Well done Dina. 
Chloe MessaoudPrimary 4bChloe has been an excellent, hard-working learner and responsible member of our class. I have been impressed by her literacy and numeracy work and noticed how well she works with a partner. Great job Chloe!
Daniel DouglasPrimary 5Ellia contributes well in all of our indoor and outdoor team work activities.  This week she was particularly supportive of a classmate during a tricky maths game.
DavidPrimary 6aThis week another child in the class was very keen to learn origami so David agreed to teach them how to make an origami boat. He has been a very patient teacher and has also demonstrated kindness by giving the paper boats he made to children in the class as little gifts.
Autumn LambertPrimary 6bAutumn has shown kindness this week by helping her classmates with their green pencil award poems.  On top of this Autumn consistently works hard and is a positive role model for the class.  
MalikaPrimary 7aShe included lots of extra details and had great illustrations to show the story clearly! Well done! 
NicolePrimary 7bNicole has worked really well in Maths this week, showing perseverance, focus and a willingness to challenge herself.
LucySfLLucy always tries her very best in her group and is encouraging and kind to other group members. Well done Lucy!

Friday’s Virtual Recognition Book Assembly Winners!

Petra MacLaughlandPrimary 1aThis week Petra proved herself to be a kind and selfless friend, sacrificing her own play time and fun to help a friend who had hurt themselves. Petra always thinks about her friends before herself and should be very proud of her act of kindness this week.
Scarlett Anderson Primary 1bScarlett is an incredibly kind and considerate classmate who has enjoyed making new friends in the class. Scarlett always tries to include everyone in her games and sets an excellent example to her peers. Well done! 
Sunny Primary 2aSunny has been a excellent role model and responsible Primary 2 this week. He has supported others and taken on different classroom jobs enthusiastically. He also always follows the school rules. Well done 🙂 
Juliet SweeneyPrimary 2bJuliet always offers to help others when they are stuck, whether that is offering to tie a shoe lace or show someone how to spell a word! Well done for your wonderful kindness! 
Andrew ThomsonPrimary 3afor acting as a role model to the rest of the class. He shows enthusiasm and excellent listening in every activity and is quick to help others during groups tasks. 
DinoPrimary 3bDino has shown extra special kindness towards another pupil this week. He has been a supportive and understanding friend by trying to include others in his outside play. Keep being kind Dino!
MariannaPrimary 4aMarianna always tries her best. She is an excellent example to everyone as she is kind, respectful and responsible at all times. 
Vivienne TrawinskaPrimary 4bNot only does Vivienne always try her best at her independent tasks, this week she has demonstrated her ability to understand and follow more complex instructions. She is a responsible and valued member of P4b. Thank you Vivienne!
AhmedPrimary 6aAhmed has a positive, hard working attitude towards his learning and is always one of the first to volunteer to take on class jobs. He takes our heavy playground box up and down the stairs every day without complaint! A great role model. 
Daisy Hacking Primary 6bDaisy H is a pleasure to have in class.  She is a fantastic listener and is always ready to learn.  She helps other pupils when they need support and always has a smile on her face.
Calan LauderPrimary 7aCalan has a great style of writing and he has a flair for producing some great pieces which reflect his unique style.  He always works hard to produce work independently and is improving his editing. Well done Calan!
AmyPrimary 7bAmy has worked really well as part of our class team this week! She has supported her peers and shown initiative within group tasks.
Katy MorganPrimary 7bDuring our work on bullying, Katy showed a creative flair for drama, contributing important ideas. She praised others in their work and listened to their ideas too.

Change to UK Government Advice on COVID-19 Testing Results and Schools

Parents should be aware that it is no longer necessary to present a negative COVID-19 test to the school before a pupil returns without symptoms. Updated UK Government advice states that sharing this information with schools is not necessary.

NHS Lothian revised guidance states that minor non-COVID-19-related symptoms such as a blocked or runny nose and sore throat are no longer reasons to keep a child off from school. If a pupil is feeling genuinely unwell then they should stay off until they feel better. If symptoms include sickness or diarrhoea then they should return 48 hours after the last event of these symptoms. If a pupil displays any COVID-19 classic symptoms NEW/PERSISTENT COUGH, HIGH TEMPERATURE/FEVER, LOSS/CHANGE OF TASTE OR SMELL, then they should immediately self-isolate, along with all members of their household and arrange a test. If someone in a pupil’s family household has to self-isolate because they are exhibiting classic symptoms, then the whole family must also self-isolate.

If in the event a pupil at Leith Primary tests positive for COVID-19, there are robust measures in place to identify anyone else in school who may be at risk. The school would work in partnership with the NHS Health Protection Team to enact the track and trace procedure and ensure areas of contact with the virus were deep cleaned.

Currently, schools receive weekly guidance from senior managers about up-to-date COVID-19 related health and safety protocols to support the regularly updated policy and practice.