Wearing school uniform contributes to a positive school ethos, helps avoid discrimination and reduces peer pressure to wear expensive designer clothing. Pupils are expected to be of a neat and tidy appearance and parents are reminded that unsuitable footwear is a hazard on stairs and can cause an accident.  The wearing of jeans or inappropriate logos on t-shirts or sweatshirts is to be discouraged.  Football strips are not allowed at any time.

Our Uniform

School Sweatshirt;
School Tie;
Grey or navy or black trousers;
White, grey or blue shirt;
Grey, black or navy pullover;
Grey, black or navy socks;
Black shoes;

School Sweatshirt; School Tie;
Grey or navy Skirt/Pinafore Dress;
White, grey or blue blouse;
Grey, black or navy cardigan;
Grey, black, white or navy socks/tights;
Black shoes;


A pair of shorts, a pair of gym shoes, a tee shirt or school blouse.

School Uniform

We are delighted that local business Image Scotland are suppliers of our official school sweatshirt, poloshirt and hoodie. Please go directly to our uniform order page on their website.


Financial Assistance

If your child is in recipe of Free School Meals, you will also receive a school clothing grant twice a year. We can also support you obtaining new school clothes from the Edinburgh School Uniform Bank. Often, our school food bank on the ground floor has brand new school clothes available to take if needed. Please speak to the office or one of our Citadel Family Support workers for more information.