Well Done to All of these Fabulous Wee Leithers!

Tamer Primary 1bTamer has worked incredibly hard this week in our literacy groups and is making super progress with recognising his sounds and forming his letters. I’ve been impressed with Tamer’s positive attitude towards his learning. Well done! 
AyoPrimary 2aHe has been very responsible and perseverant this week, joining all the activities and doing everything he was asked to. He has also started building links with his peers, which shows his great capabilities to join a new group and school. Thus, he deserve to be recognised for this!
OmarPrimary 2bOmar has been working hard with his learing tasks this week – well done!
CalebPrimary 3aWell done to Caleb for showing such enthusiasm and joy when coming to school each morning.
OshPrimary 3bOsh has worked extremely hard on his writing this week. He wrote a super diary entry based on our book The Creakers and another piece about a girl trapped in a clocktower. Keep up your super concentration skills Osh!
EllyPrimary 4aElly was nominated by some of her classmates for being kind and playing nicely in the playground. Well done for showing the school value of Kindness Elly! Keep it up! 
Josephine Primary 4bJosephine has worked well on her literacy and numeracy tasks tihs week especially learning times tables. Well done Josephine!
Kayla Primary 5Perseverance when completing a maths assessment 
Denise Primary 6aFor being a supportive and patient learning partner and for all her hard work and perseverance this week. Denise is a delight to have in the classroom.
Eva Primary 6bFor her amazing artwork including llamas!  Well done Eva.
MalikaPrimary 7aFor their amazing work in writing a 50-word story with a partner. They used short sentences, show not tell and left things secret to create suspense. Well done! 
ZainabPrimary 7bZainab has worked so well in creative writing this week, fabulous mini stories!
Mia Support for LearningMia (P4B) worked really hard in support for learning this week and was kind and helpful to others. Her work is always well presented and neat. Well done, Mia!

Our School & Final Remote Learning Champs

Rayyan ZeeshanPrimary 1aRayyan has been showing lots of hard work and determination this week. He keeps going even when things are tricky and has been showing lots of confidence when speaking in front of the class. Well done Rayyan!
Ibra Diabate ChelePrimary 1bIbra has been a very respectful member of our class this week and has come into school happy and ready to learn. Ibra has worked particularly hard in his phonics group and has produced some fantastic pieces of writing independently. Well done, Ibra! 
Lucia MunozPrimary 2aShe deserves to be recognized for being a fantastic student who is always willing to learn and support others with their learning. She is also a very responsible student, and this has been seen this week when looking after our plants. 
TaisiaPrimary 3bTaisia has been a wonderful friend to our new boy Kamil this week. She has been working hard translating and explaining school routines to him in their home language. Thank you Taisia for being a fantastic classmate and super help! 
All of P4a! Primary 4aI’ve been so impressed with the children (and their adults) for all their Home Learning. Particularly using Teams. They have quickly developed their skills by: for example joining calls, using Word, completing assignments, saving, uploading and sharing work. I’m also proud of them for how well they have persevered when things were new and challenging. Well done !! Great Job! I’m looking forward to seeing you all in person on Monday 🙂 
Yanis GeorgievPrimary 4bWell done Yanis for being a super home learner! This week Yanis demonstrated a good understanding of symmetry and completed his numeracy tasks accurately. Keep up the good work Yanis!
Charlie HawkinsPrimary 5~Charlie presented his information handling task in an Excel document, it was absolutely brilliant!!
NoelPrimary 6aNoel has been to all our meetings during lockdown and is always full of answers and ideas. He puts lots of effort into daily tasks and made a fab Count Olaf head piece on World Book Day!
Eva Gildner-DellPrimary 7aFor her piece of writing on her ‘wonder’ inspired by the novel ‘The Nowhere Emporium’. Eva not only fulfilled the steps to success but used sophisticated language and created a real sense of place for the reader. Well done Eva! 
Sarah McLeanPrimary 7bSarah has been resilient and hardworking during this session of remote learning. She has attended every call, taken part with enthusiasm and tried her best in challenging circumstances. Well done Sarah!

Well Done to This Fantastic Bunch of Learners

Sharan SuddalaPrimary 1aSharan works very hard and goes out of his way to help his friends and teachers in the classroom and playground. Well done Sharan!
Harris Pendleton Primary 1bHarris has shown kindness to all from his very first day in P1.  His love for learning shines through everything he does and it’s been a pleasure to see him grow in confidence since August.  Thank you Harris for being such a positive and caring member of our class. We wish you the best of luck in your new school! 
Gloria Primary 2aShe has been working very hard on her numeracy and literacy skills. She has also been really supportive with other students. Her behaviour has been excellent, as always, and she needs to be rewarded for this! Congratulations 🙂
StruanPrimary 3bStruan has worked very hard with his reading and writing this week. He wrote a super story about a bear and has tried really hard with his reading book questions. Well done Struan! 
AlexanderPrimary 4aAlexander actively participates in all our live sessions. He has shared his work with others during calls and developed lots of new ICT skills. Great work Alexander! 
Erin ShepherdPrimary 4bErin created a super model of her favourite book character – Isadora Moon – from a toilet roll tube! We have also enjoyed seeing and hearing about the activities and crafts she has completed at home. Well done Erin!
Holly ReidPrimary 7aHolly is in the Recognition book for her reading task on the Nowhere Emporium. She made sure she answered in sentences and put in a lot of work to ensure she had all the relevant details in her answers. Well done!
WilliamPrimary 7bWilliam always participates with enthusiasm and contributes well to our Teams chats!
FaithSchool Hub BubbleFaith has shown a great attitude, commitment and responsibility towards her learning this week, trying really hard on her Maths and the Power Point of the United States. Well done!! 
Judy AtaleebSupport for LearningJudy has consistently attended live lessons and has completed all of her tasks. She has worked very hard while learning at home. Well done, Judy! 

A Big Well Done to All Our Hard Working Pupils!

Mariam Al SayedPrimary 1aMariam has been trying very hard this week to help some of her friends who have been feeling unsure about coming back to school. She offers her time, her friendship and a smile to anyone she thinks needs it! Well done Mariam!
Jessica SagguPrimary 1bJessica is a hard working member of our class who respects everybody’s right to learn by listening carefully during teaching time.  She enjoys learning and tries her very best everyday. Thank you, Jessica! 
Gabi SzczepanekPrimary 2aGabi has been really patient, understandable and nice with the other classmates this week. She has also worked really hard and improved her numeracy and literacy skills. Thus, she deserve to be recognised.
Jack HawkinsPrimary 2bJack has been nominated by his classmates as he is always Ready, Respectful and Safe. He always works hard and listens well. Well done Jack!
SerenPrimary 3aExcellent concentration and listening throughout the week; excelled at various sports and games when we were outside.
HadleyPrimary 3bHadley has had a brilliant first week back at school! He has been enthusiastic to learn and he has shown kindness towards his friends. Well done Hadley!
BikariPrimary 4aBikari has been working hard, he has been completing his work and assessments and developing his life skills. Well done ! 
River  HallPrimary 4bRiver has been an amazing home learner participating in all our class meetings and completing his daily tasks to a high standard. Well done River!
Alistair SweeneyPrimary 5Alistair created and shared an impressive PowerPoint that showed us around his secret super hero/villain Base
Keira RossPrimary 6aKeira has been fabulous on class calls. She always has her hand up ready to give an answer and is super quick at answering riddle questions! Keira has also impressed me by handing in all her daily assignments. Such a hard worker! Keep it up.
Louisa BamfordPrimary 6bLouisa has worked hard consistently over lockdown and is a very conscientious pupil.  She has also worked hard on her Maths this week. Well done Louisa 🙂
Alexander AllisonPrimary 7aFor his hard work on learning his doubles! Well done Alexander! 
Christina AlexaPrimary 7bFor consistently completing all her tasks to a high standard and taking pride in what she does.
Meenu RawatPrimary 7bMeenu showed great perseverance and resilience when completing a task that she found very challenging. She did some research and asked some questions, to make sure she completed that task to the best of her ability, and within her deadline! Well done! 
Leon AndersonSchool Hub BubbleThis week Leon has been determined to challenge himself at Maths and worked not only on his maths group assignments but also did more complex multiplication and division calculations. That’s the spirit!! Well done Leon! 
Taha AfzalSupport for LearningTaha has been working really hard at his Support for Learning tasks and always tries his best in group meetings. Well done Taha!

School Food Store Open for Use

Thanks to the kindness of our local guardian angels and the generosity of our own Parent Council, LPPC, we have been able to open up a school food store for any family who needs it. A wide range of non-perishables have been stocked in our former upper school cloakroom. Parents and carers are welcome to come along at 11.30am-12 Noon and 2.30pm-3.00pm to take whatever they need for their family. You may wish to bring a couple of shopping bags along to in which to carry items home however boxes and bags are available for those who need them.

We have been struck by the increase in the number of families who have indicated a need for support with food since the first lockdown last March. Many of our parents and carers have lost their jobs or are working reduced hours since the pandemic began last year. Being at home for long periods of time can put an additional strain on household finances, especially during the colder months when heating, electricity and food may be consumed much more. Any one of us could be a month or two away from finding ourselves in challenging financial circumstances so it is in the spirit of solidarity that we offer our families this free support for as long as it is needed.