Head Teacher Post

This week we have being sharing One Kind Word with each other, the theme of this year’s Anti-Bullying Week. Kindness is such an important value to us at Leith. It has been lovely to hear how our pupils have shown kindness towards each other. Some of them have even made it to today’s Recognition Book.

New Staff

At this week’s LPPC meeting, we were delighted to announce the long list of new staff who have been recently appointed at interview.

Six new Pupil Support Assistants have been appointed: 

  • Ms Sara Gatton* 
  • Ms Sabia Begum*
  • Ms Julia Gavilan
  • Ms Yvonne Thomas
  • Mr Stuart Paul
  • Ms Sara Shafiq 
  • Mr Kevin Matthews* (until Christmas)

Additional CEC funding for support with play-based pedagogy in schools means that Mrs Stewart from nursery will support Primary 1 with learning through play and Ms Clodagh Weir will begin supporting Primary 3 with learning and development from Monday in addition to the PSAs currently in those classes.

Plans for additional support groups targeting numeracy, literacy, social, emotional and communication skills across all year groups have been made to start as soon as new staff are in post.

Elspeth Edwards has been successfully appointed as our new PEF funded Pupil Support Officer with a remit of supporting targeted nurture and positive mental health interventions for pupils and linked support for parents.

An additional PEF funded class teacher will soon be appointed to enable class release for teachers to lead on a range of school improvements including: 

  • Embedding the Leith Primary School Learning and Teaching Toolkit 
  • Development of pupils’ numeracy skills in P4 and P5
  • Developing Outdoor Learning opportunities for pupils
  • Driving forward digital learning across the school and nursery
  • Targeted support for Primary 5 with social & emotional skills and writing 
  • Further targeted support for Care Experienced pupils and Young Carers
  • Raising pupils’ aspirations for lifelong learning and the world of work

Congratulations to Mrs Kean who has been successfully promoted as the new Business Manager at Lorne Primary. Ms Cathrine Rose will join us as the new Office Administrator on Mrs Kean’s departure. Congratulations also to Mrs Kelly, one of our longest serving PSAs, who has also been successful in being promoted to part-time Office Administrator at Stanwell Nursery. We wish both very well in their new promoted posts.

*already started in post

External Supports and Parenting Programmes

The Parent and Carer Support Team have transferred valuable information on free or low cost programmes, activities and groups available for families which were previously listed in their booklets and leaflets to this online version. They hope this will make it much easier for parents and professionals to find support when it is needed. 

Find up to date information on the support and activities available for families across Edinburgh at www.edinburgh.gov.uk/supportforfamilies

If you need help finding support for you or your child, email supportingparentsandcarers@edinburgh.gov.uk


Parent-Teacher Consultations

Many thanks again to parents and carers for attending the first parent-teacher consultation this month. We would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to give us your feedback so we can take your views onboard when planning for the future. Please click HERE.

Well Done to Everyone in Today’s Recognition Book

MarthaPrimary 1/2Martha is always kind and respectful to her classmates and goes out of her way to make others feel included. Thanks for bringing a little bit of sunshine to our class every day! 
LibbyPrimary 1aLibby has been trying particularly hard this week to be a kind friend, using kind words and actions. Well done Libby!
FreyaPrimary 1bFreya has been extremely kind this week, making sure she holds doors for her classmates and remembering to thank those who hold the door for her. She also showed kindness to a new member of our class by offering to play with her. Well done, Freya!
AaronPrimary 2Aaron applied his learning from our reading sessions to improve his writing, taking responsibility for himself – well done!
SunnyPrimary 3aThis week when we were sharing kind words about each other so many people mentioned Sunny as someone who is kind, caring and thoughtful. What a great friend you are Sunny!
Shaniah Primary 3bShaniah always tries her hardest to be kind to everyone in the school. She is helpful and friendly and always cheers others up.
AlexaPrimary 4aAlexa is always willing to help. She is kind to everyone an very caring. She noticed what might need to be done and always offers to do it. Well done Alexa 🙂 
HadleyPrimary 4bHadley has recently made fantastic progress with his reading.  Great job Hadley, well done!
ArthurPrimary 5aArthur for his kindness in supporting others to learn new skill in our PE this week.
AmnaPrimary 5bFor always being a kind and considerate member of p5b
StevenPrimary 6Steven showed kindness and consideration towards his classmates when he came up with an idea to share his group reward with other pupils if they had not had a chance to have this reward yet! This was a very kind and generous thought, which others have also said they will take up. 
MurrayPrimary 7aMurray is always willing to help to undertake any jobs that need doing in the classroom and around the school.  He often supports with handing out lunches and does this responsibly.  Well done Murray!
Autumn Primary 7bFor always treating people with kindness and a caring attitude and for demonstrating respect and responsibility in her perfecting role.