Head Teacher Post

Enormous congratulations to our wonderful new Pupil Council. These pupils from P4-P7 were successfully voted in by their classmates after presenting reasons why they would be the right people to represent the views of the class at council meetings. The new Pupil Councillors will be involved in the School Development Process, evaluating the things that are going well in school and helping to identify what can be done better. We are all very excited to work with them.

Vaccination Information

Larger venue

Lowland Hall, Royal Highland Vaccination Centre, Ingliston. Everyone over 12 can attend this drop-in clinic as well as utilising booked appointments.

Smaller local clinics 

Leith: Ocean Terminal, 74 Ocean Dr, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6JJ. Mon-Sun, 11am-7pm, Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca all available. This clinic is also open for 12-15 year olds. You can get your first dose or your second, as long as it’s been more than eight weeks since your first.

Leith: Leith Community Treatment Centre, Junction Place, Edinburgh, EH6 5JQ. Mon-Fri, 8:30am-12pm / 1pm-6pm. Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca all available. This clinic is also open for 12-15 year olds. You can get your first dose or your second, as long as it’s been more than eight weeks since your first.

Christmas Dates

How can it be that time already? Our Christmas activities will be low key again this year due to ongoing COVID restrictions. The focus will be on giving and doing good rather than getting and wanting. Classes will have a Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendars and we will be recognising all types of Kindness and Responsibility each week at our assemblies. In this spirit, we would like to request that if children or parents were thinking of giving a small gift to a member of staff, they choose instead to donate to the collection we will be doing for a local charity (details tbc).

Thu 9th December – Christmas Lunch

Fri 10th December – Christmas Jumper Day (if you have one, wear one – donations welcomed for local charity but not necessary)

Tue 14th December – Afternoon Christmas Online Show (with snacks kindly provided by LPPC)

Wed 15th December – Christmas parties in classrooms (PM)(classes to be texted)

Thu 16th December – Christmas parties in classrooms (PM) (classes to be texted)

Fri 17th December – Pupils’ Christmas Variety Show Reel. End of Term


Some of you may have seen the news report this week featuring some of our pupils at the Citadel Youth Centre with Cabinet Secretary for Education, Shirley-Anne Somerville. Ms Somerville announced that the Pupil Equity Fund for schools will continue in Scotland for another four years. This means that we can continue with the great support we receive from people like Liz and Danni, our Family Support Workers from the Citadel, maths support from Mrs Clarkson, support with play-based learning from Ms Weir and Ms De La Cruz and from January, nurture-based mental health support for pupils from Elspeth Richards.

In today’s assembly, we discussed the difference between equality and equity. Many of are used to hearing the phrase, “it’s not fair”. Equality is when we make sure that everyone is treated equally but being treated equally sometimes does not make things fair for everyone. Equity takes into account people’s needs and circumstances so that they can be treated fairly. Leith Primary continues to work towards both excellence and equity for all pupils.

In This Week’s Recognition Book

Ivy Primary 1/2Ivy has a wonderful attitude towards her learning and has enjoyed challenging herself this week! Ivy is kind and respectful to everyone and we are so grateful to have you in our class.   
ZerinPrimary 1aZerin has shown fantastic perseverance this week as she became more confident speaking in front of the class. We are so proud of you, Zerin!  
EdizPrimary 1bEdiz is an extremely helpful member of our class and always tidies up after himself and others. He shows respect by listening and sitting beautifully on the carpet. Keep up the good work, Ediz! 
TaniaPrimary 2
Tania brings so much enthusiasm and creativity to everything that she does, independently taking responsibility for her own learning, that is really inspiring.
AleksanderPrimary 3aFor working hard on his targets this week and for some super progress in his reading and number work. Well done Aleksander! 
SerenPrimary 4aSeren has been working hard and making good progress with using formal method to both add and subtract. She also focused on her layout and it made a big difference. Great work Seren, keep it up 🙂  
NicoPrimary 4bNico for his excellent focusing and fine motor skills, during the ‘speedy paperclip join’ challenge.  Well done Nico!! 
ZarkoPrimary 5aZarko has made a real effort to be Ready, Respectful and Safe. He is also working hard on his literacy and numeracy. Well done Zarko! 
ArthurPrimary 5bWell done Arthur for working really hard in maths this week. Great job!  
MyaPrimary 6Mya has challenged herself both in Drama and in Maths over the last few weeks. Well done for pushing yourself and trying new things! 
HarleighPrimary 7aHarleigh has been working hard in Maths this week converting decimals into fractions and adding and subtracting decimals. Well done Harleigh, keep up the good work. 
Edgar  Primary 7bFor his great biography of Barack Obama. He made use he met all the steps to success and is developing a great style of writing. Well done Edgar!