Head Teacher Post

Tomorrow marks World Kindness Day and I have been delighted to see so many acts of kindness amongst our pupils this week, especially as it is one of our important school values. Kindness comes in many guises, whether it is holding the door for each other, showing consideration for a classmate in need or helping a friend with a problem in the playground, our pupils have demonstrated this value in spades this week.

Anti-Bullying Week

Next week, is Anti-Bullying Week. Our Rights Respecting School reps met with Miss Wilson this week to talk about how the school will highlight this important matter which they have linked to Article 19 of the UNCRC – the right to be protected from violence, abuse and neglect. This year the theme is One Kind Word, demonstrating that what we say to someone can make all the difference and lead to the spread of more kind words.

Remembrance Day

As always, pupils were encouraged to observe a one minute silence on Thursday at 11am. Many classes engaged in learning about the two World Wars and the significance of the poppy. A poppy wreath was laid on our school War Memorial to mark the falling of ex-Leith Academy pupils.

Lost Property

As we move into the colder months, it is very important that all pupils come to school wearing a warm waterproof jacket with a hood. Please remember to mark all items of clothing, including jackets, with your child’s name. We continue to collect large numbers of un-named school sweatshirts and jackets after lunchtimes. Our Lost Property rail is now located at the main entrance. Please feel free to collect your child’s missing items from this area, observing physical distancing and mask wearing at all times.

Pre-loved sweatshirts are free-to-take and are stored in boxes labelled by age on the large windowsill in the main entrance. All pupils should continue to wear school colours every day and not ‘weekend’ clothes. Our thanks for supporting the school with this.


Today in assembly, we spoke about what is involved in achieving something. All the pupils in today’s Recognition Book have demonstrated a Growth Mindset, which is a vital part of being a successful learner. Well done to them all!

Alex Primary 1/2Alex enjoys learning every day and perseveres when faced with new challenges. We love having Alex as our classmate in P1/2 and we are so proud of him! 
AlynPrimary 1aAlyn has been working really hard to make excellent choices and be a very helpful member of the class this week. Well done Alyn!
SkandPrimary 1bSkand always shows he is ready to learn by sitting beautifully on the carpet and making sure he is listening. He worked really hard this week during our phonics time and even managed to write the word “box” all by himself as he played. Go, Skand!
Jakub Primary 2Jakub has made an excellent return to class after being off, taking responsibility for his own learning and treating all of his classmates with kindness.
JamiePrimary 3aFor working hard on his money tasks this week and for showing some strong leadership skills whilst organising class games and challenges!
JackPrimary 3bJack tries his best at all tasks and always wants to challenge himself further.  Well done!
SofiaPrimary 4aSofia has worked very hard in literacy this week. She wrote a lovely poem about her favourite type of weather and experimented with using technology to support her writing. 
FraserPrimary 4bFraser has shown great organisational skills and has done a great job being our RRS Rep!  Well done Fraser!
DinaPrimary 5aDina has persevered with subtraction strategies and has become more confident when applying and explaining them. 
JackPrimary 5bFor spelling, he practised double the amount of words he was set
AshazPrimary 6Ashaz has had a great first week in Primary 6. He has persevered with new tasks, begun make friends and worked very hard. well done Ashaz1
BlakePrimary 7aBlake has been working well with his prefect class this year and taking the responsibility seriously.  He has also been working hard in Maths and has grasped converting fractions into decimals well.  Great work Blake!
Isla Primary 7bFor being unrelentingly cheerful, helpful and kind