Head Teacher Post

Enormous congratulations to our wonderful new Pupil Council. These pupils from P4-P7 were successfully voted in by their classmates after presenting reasons why they would be the right people to represent the views of the class at council meetings. The new Pupil Councillors will be involved in the School Development Process, evaluating the things that are going well in school and helping to identify what can be done better. We are all very excited to work with them.

Vaccination Information

Larger venue

Lowland Hall, Royal Highland Vaccination Centre, Ingliston. Everyone over 12 can attend this drop-in clinic as well as utilising booked appointments.

Smaller local clinics 

Leith: Ocean Terminal, 74 Ocean Dr, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6JJ. Mon-Sun, 11am-7pm, Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca all available. This clinic is also open for 12-15 year olds. You can get your first dose or your second, as long as it’s been more than eight weeks since your first.

Leith: Leith Community Treatment Centre, Junction Place, Edinburgh, EH6 5JQ. Mon-Fri, 8:30am-12pm / 1pm-6pm. Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca all available. This clinic is also open for 12-15 year olds. You can get your first dose or your second, as long as it’s been more than eight weeks since your first.

Christmas Dates

How can it be that time already? Our Christmas activities will be low key again this year due to ongoing COVID restrictions. The focus will be on giving and doing good rather than getting and wanting. Classes will have a Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendars and we will be recognising all types of Kindness and Responsibility each week at our assemblies. In this spirit, we would like to request that if children or parents were thinking of giving a small gift to a member of staff, they choose instead to donate to the collection we will be doing for a local charity (details tbc).

Thu 9th December – Christmas Lunch

Fri 10th December – Christmas Jumper Day (if you have one, wear one – donations welcomed for local charity but not necessary)

Tue 14th December – Afternoon Christmas Online Show (with snacks kindly provided by LPPC)

Wed 15th December – Christmas parties in classrooms (PM)(classes to be texted)

Thu 16th December – Christmas parties in classrooms (PM) (classes to be texted)

Fri 17th December – Pupils’ Christmas Variety Show Reel. End of Term


Some of you may have seen the news report this week featuring some of our pupils at the Citadel Youth Centre with Cabinet Secretary for Education, Shirley-Anne Somerville. Ms Somerville announced that the Pupil Equity Fund for schools will continue in Scotland for another four years. This means that we can continue with the great support we receive from people like Liz and Danni, our Family Support Workers from the Citadel, maths support from Mrs Clarkson, support with play-based learning from Ms Weir and Ms De La Cruz and from January, nurture-based mental health support for pupils from Elspeth Richards.

In today’s assembly, we discussed the difference between equality and equity. Many of are used to hearing the phrase, “it’s not fair”. Equality is when we make sure that everyone is treated equally but being treated equally sometimes does not make things fair for everyone. Equity takes into account people’s needs and circumstances so that they can be treated fairly. Leith Primary continues to work towards both excellence and equity for all pupils.

In This Week’s Recognition Book

Ivy Primary 1/2Ivy has a wonderful attitude towards her learning and has enjoyed challenging herself this week! Ivy is kind and respectful to everyone and we are so grateful to have you in our class.   
ZerinPrimary 1aZerin has shown fantastic perseverance this week as she became more confident speaking in front of the class. We are so proud of you, Zerin!  
EdizPrimary 1bEdiz is an extremely helpful member of our class and always tidies up after himself and others. He shows respect by listening and sitting beautifully on the carpet. Keep up the good work, Ediz! 
TaniaPrimary 2
Tania brings so much enthusiasm and creativity to everything that she does, independently taking responsibility for her own learning, that is really inspiring.
AleksanderPrimary 3aFor working hard on his targets this week and for some super progress in his reading and number work. Well done Aleksander! 
SerenPrimary 4aSeren has been working hard and making good progress with using formal method to both add and subtract. She also focused on her layout and it made a big difference. Great work Seren, keep it up 🙂  
NicoPrimary 4bNico for his excellent focusing and fine motor skills, during the ‘speedy paperclip join’ challenge.  Well done Nico!! 
ZarkoPrimary 5aZarko has made a real effort to be Ready, Respectful and Safe. He is also working hard on his literacy and numeracy. Well done Zarko! 
ArthurPrimary 5bWell done Arthur for working really hard in maths this week. Great job!  
MyaPrimary 6Mya has challenged herself both in Drama and in Maths over the last few weeks. Well done for pushing yourself and trying new things! 
HarleighPrimary 7aHarleigh has been working hard in Maths this week converting decimals into fractions and adding and subtracting decimals. Well done Harleigh, keep up the good work. 
Edgar  Primary 7bFor his great biography of Barack Obama. He made use he met all the steps to success and is developing a great style of writing. Well done Edgar!

Head Teacher Post

This week we have being sharing One Kind Word with each other, the theme of this year’s Anti-Bullying Week. Kindness is such an important value to us at Leith. It has been lovely to hear how our pupils have shown kindness towards each other. Some of them have even made it to today’s Recognition Book.

New Staff

At this week’s LPPC meeting, we were delighted to announce the long list of new staff who have been recently appointed at interview.

Six new Pupil Support Assistants have been appointed: 

  • Ms Sara Gatton* 
  • Ms Sabia Begum*
  • Ms Julia Gavilan
  • Ms Yvonne Thomas
  • Mr Stuart Paul
  • Ms Sara Shafiq 
  • Mr Kevin Matthews* (until Christmas)

Additional CEC funding for support with play-based pedagogy in schools means that Mrs Stewart from nursery will support Primary 1 with learning through play and Ms Clodagh Weir will begin supporting Primary 3 with learning and development from Monday in addition to the PSAs currently in those classes.

Plans for additional support groups targeting numeracy, literacy, social, emotional and communication skills across all year groups have been made to start as soon as new staff are in post.

Elspeth Edwards has been successfully appointed as our new PEF funded Pupil Support Officer with a remit of supporting targeted nurture and positive mental health interventions for pupils and linked support for parents.

An additional PEF funded class teacher will soon be appointed to enable class release for teachers to lead on a range of school improvements including: 

  • Embedding the Leith Primary School Learning and Teaching Toolkit 
  • Development of pupils’ numeracy skills in P4 and P5
  • Developing Outdoor Learning opportunities for pupils
  • Driving forward digital learning across the school and nursery
  • Targeted support for Primary 5 with social & emotional skills and writing 
  • Further targeted support for Care Experienced pupils and Young Carers
  • Raising pupils’ aspirations for lifelong learning and the world of work

Congratulations to Mrs Kean who has been successfully promoted as the new Business Manager at Lorne Primary. Ms Cathrine Rose will join us as the new Office Administrator on Mrs Kean’s departure. Congratulations also to Mrs Kelly, one of our longest serving PSAs, who has also been successful in being promoted to part-time Office Administrator at Stanwell Nursery. We wish both very well in their new promoted posts.

*already started in post

External Supports and Parenting Programmes

The Parent and Carer Support Team have transferred valuable information on free or low cost programmes, activities and groups available for families which were previously listed in their booklets and leaflets to this online version. They hope this will make it much easier for parents and professionals to find support when it is needed. 

Find up to date information on the support and activities available for families across Edinburgh at www.edinburgh.gov.uk/supportforfamilies

If you need help finding support for you or your child, email supportingparentsandcarers@edinburgh.gov.uk


Parent-Teacher Consultations

Many thanks again to parents and carers for attending the first parent-teacher consultation this month. We would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to give us your feedback so we can take your views onboard when planning for the future. Please click HERE.

Well Done to Everyone in Today’s Recognition Book

MarthaPrimary 1/2Martha is always kind and respectful to her classmates and goes out of her way to make others feel included. Thanks for bringing a little bit of sunshine to our class every day! 
LibbyPrimary 1aLibby has been trying particularly hard this week to be a kind friend, using kind words and actions. Well done Libby!
FreyaPrimary 1bFreya has been extremely kind this week, making sure she holds doors for her classmates and remembering to thank those who hold the door for her. She also showed kindness to a new member of our class by offering to play with her. Well done, Freya!
AaronPrimary 2Aaron applied his learning from our reading sessions to improve his writing, taking responsibility for himself – well done!
SunnyPrimary 3aThis week when we were sharing kind words about each other so many people mentioned Sunny as someone who is kind, caring and thoughtful. What a great friend you are Sunny!
Shaniah Primary 3bShaniah always tries her hardest to be kind to everyone in the school. She is helpful and friendly and always cheers others up.
AlexaPrimary 4aAlexa is always willing to help. She is kind to everyone an very caring. She noticed what might need to be done and always offers to do it. Well done Alexa 🙂 
HadleyPrimary 4bHadley has recently made fantastic progress with his reading.  Great job Hadley, well done!
ArthurPrimary 5aArthur for his kindness in supporting others to learn new skill in our PE this week.
AmnaPrimary 5bFor always being a kind and considerate member of p5b
StevenPrimary 6Steven showed kindness and consideration towards his classmates when he came up with an idea to share his group reward with other pupils if they had not had a chance to have this reward yet! This was a very kind and generous thought, which others have also said they will take up. 
MurrayPrimary 7aMurray is always willing to help to undertake any jobs that need doing in the classroom and around the school.  He often supports with handing out lunches and does this responsibly.  Well done Murray!
Autumn Primary 7bFor always treating people with kindness and a caring attitude and for demonstrating respect and responsibility in her perfecting role.

Head Teacher Post

Tomorrow marks World Kindness Day and I have been delighted to see so many acts of kindness amongst our pupils this week, especially as it is one of our important school values. Kindness comes in many guises, whether it is holding the door for each other, showing consideration for a classmate in need or helping a friend with a problem in the playground, our pupils have demonstrated this value in spades this week.

Anti-Bullying Week

Next week, is Anti-Bullying Week. Our Rights Respecting School reps met with Miss Wilson this week to talk about how the school will highlight this important matter which they have linked to Article 19 of the UNCRC – the right to be protected from violence, abuse and neglect. This year the theme is One Kind Word, demonstrating that what we say to someone can make all the difference and lead to the spread of more kind words.

Remembrance Day

As always, pupils were encouraged to observe a one minute silence on Thursday at 11am. Many classes engaged in learning about the two World Wars and the significance of the poppy. A poppy wreath was laid on our school War Memorial to mark the falling of ex-Leith Academy pupils.

Lost Property

As we move into the colder months, it is very important that all pupils come to school wearing a warm waterproof jacket with a hood. Please remember to mark all items of clothing, including jackets, with your child’s name. We continue to collect large numbers of un-named school sweatshirts and jackets after lunchtimes. Our Lost Property rail is now located at the main entrance. Please feel free to collect your child’s missing items from this area, observing physical distancing and mask wearing at all times.

Pre-loved sweatshirts are free-to-take and are stored in boxes labelled by age on the large windowsill in the main entrance. All pupils should continue to wear school colours every day and not ‘weekend’ clothes. Our thanks for supporting the school with this.


Today in assembly, we spoke about what is involved in achieving something. All the pupils in today’s Recognition Book have demonstrated a Growth Mindset, which is a vital part of being a successful learner. Well done to them all!

Alex Primary 1/2Alex enjoys learning every day and perseveres when faced with new challenges. We love having Alex as our classmate in P1/2 and we are so proud of him! 
AlynPrimary 1aAlyn has been working really hard to make excellent choices and be a very helpful member of the class this week. Well done Alyn!
SkandPrimary 1bSkand always shows he is ready to learn by sitting beautifully on the carpet and making sure he is listening. He worked really hard this week during our phonics time and even managed to write the word “box” all by himself as he played. Go, Skand!
Jakub Primary 2Jakub has made an excellent return to class after being off, taking responsibility for his own learning and treating all of his classmates with kindness.
JamiePrimary 3aFor working hard on his money tasks this week and for showing some strong leadership skills whilst organising class games and challenges!
JackPrimary 3bJack tries his best at all tasks and always wants to challenge himself further.  Well done!
SofiaPrimary 4aSofia has worked very hard in literacy this week. She wrote a lovely poem about her favourite type of weather and experimented with using technology to support her writing. 
FraserPrimary 4bFraser has shown great organisational skills and has done a great job being our RRS Rep!  Well done Fraser!
DinaPrimary 5aDina has persevered with subtraction strategies and has become more confident when applying and explaining them. 
JackPrimary 5bFor spelling, he practised double the amount of words he was set
AshazPrimary 6Ashaz has had a great first week in Primary 6. He has persevered with new tasks, begun make friends and worked very hard. well done Ashaz1
BlakePrimary 7aBlake has been working well with his prefect class this year and taking the responsibility seriously.  He has also been working hard in Maths and has grasped converting fractions into decimals well.  Great work Blake!
Isla Primary 7bFor being unrelentingly cheerful, helpful and kind 

Head Teacher Post

It has been a really positive week of learning in school. Classes continue to make the most of the outdoor space on our doorstep and children have enjoyed playing with the Autumn leaves.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Thank you to all of you who attended your child’s virtual Parent-Teacher consultation appointment this week. It was great to see a very good level of attendance online. We continue to look forward to the time when we can welcome parents back in to school.


We shared with you a few weeks ago that we were looking into a system that was a better fit for pupils sharing their home learning and for parents communicating with teachers. Seesaw is a system that many schools use successfully to do these tasks. We continue to develop our ambition to train all pupils in P3-P7 to use Microsoft Teams however these accounts are for the exclusive use of the pupils. With Seesaw, parents can communicate with their child’s class teacher in the same way that they have done using OLJ. The system represents much better value for the school meaning that we can direct the money saved to purchasing new learning resources for pupils. More information on Seesaw will be sent to you in the next few weeks. Until then, please use the email address your child’s class teacher has provided you in the most recent class newsletter or the school admin email address.

Calling Any Experienced Football Coaches!

Are you an experienced football coach who would be willing to start a school football team? Our older children would love to be part of a competing school football team but do not yet have a coach. If this is something you have experience of running or you know someone who does, please let us know.

School Houses – Parent Vote

Parents and carers, please give us your views on whether we should reintroduce our school house teams again. To vote, please click here.

Well Done to All These Hardworking Leithers This Week!

Farewell to Robert!

Primary 4 pupils said farewell to Robert Stewart, our long-serving Crossing Patrol Guide last Friday. The school Parent Council gave Robert a trophy for all his hard work over the years and the girls presented Robert with a card signed by all the children at Leith Primary. We all wish Robert a very long and restful retirement and thank him for his cheerful service.

Head Teacher Post

Welcome back to our Autumn Term! I hope everyone had a restful October week and remembered to put their clocks back on Sunday morning.

As the weather gets colder, I would ask that all pupils are sent to school in a warm, waterproof jacket or coat and suitable footwear. If anyone would like support with purchasing these items please speak to Danni or Liz, our Family Support Workers who will be very pleased to help.

COVID mitigations remain the same in school and we have been advised that parents should only be in the school building by prior arrangement. We kindly request that parents try to remain out of the school playground at drop off and pick up times and that nursery parents use the black gate

Teachers are looking forward to meeting with parents and carers virtually again on Thursday and Friday this week. If you have not yet booked your slot with your child’s class teacher, please do so on https://parents-booking.co.uk/leithprimary

P1 Registration for August 2022

If your child’s date of birth is between 1 March 2017 and 28 February 2018

they are due to start Primary 1 in August 2022.

Please register them online between 1st to 19th November 2021


Adult Education resuming a limited face to face programme – with a few courses 

Courses available are:  

Activity LVL Start date Day Time 
Art(PR): Drawing & Painting – All – (8/11) – LCC12311N ALL 08/11/2021 Monday 10:00 – 12:00 
Yoga: Gentle – All – (9/11) – LCC65852N ALL 09/11/2021 Tuesday 17:30 – 19:00 
Russian – Beginner – (9/11) – LCC55512N BEG 09/11/2021 Tuesday 15:00 – 17:00 
Russian – Post Beginner – (9/11) – LCC55752N PBG 09/11/2021 Tuesday 18:00 – 20:00 
Writing Creative: Life Writing – All – (9/11) – LCC64652N ALL 09/11/2021 Tuesday 18:30 – 20:30 
Art(PR): Drawing & Painting – All – (10/11) – LCC12313N ALL 10/11/2021 Wednesday 10:00 – 12:00 
Yoga – All – (10/11) – LCC65753N ALL 10/11/2021 Wednesday 17:30 – 19:00 
Art(PR): Drawing & Painting – All – (10/11) – LCC12353N ALL 10/11/2021 Wednesday 18:00 – 20:00 
Discover: Archaeology Today – All – (11/11) – LCC32614N ALL 11/11/2021 Thursday 15:00 – 17:00 
Art(PR): Drawing & Painting – All – (12/11) – LCC12315N ALL 12/11/2021 Friday 10:00 – 12:00 
Dressmaking – Beginner – (12/11) – LCC33515N BEG 12/11/2021 Friday 14:00 – 16:00 

You can book on our website: www.joininedinburgh.org

Great Job Done By All These Fabulous Learners Last Week!

AdaPrimary 1/2Ada is a very kind and caring member of our class who enjoys playing and learning with all her classmates. This week, she made a big birthday card for a friend in the class and managed to write it all by herself. You are a star Ada!   
AydaPrimary 1aWe have been working on using good manners this week and Ayda has been working especially hard on remembering these when lining up and going to the lunch hall. Well done Ayda!
AaronPrimary 2Aaron persevered when face with a difficult challenge and realised that with a little help from his friends and a lot of encouragement he can achieve more than he imagined possible.
SamiraPrimary 1bSamira always shows kindness to her classmates and loves to help other people. She worked really hard during our Autumn hunt and even offered to help take pictures of everyone working really hard. We are lucky to have you, Samira!
Billi-LouisePrimary 3aBilli-Louise has worked really hard on her targets this week and is making super progress. She has also been very helpful completing lots of class jobs. Keep up the good work Billi! 
Tempy Primary 3bTempy has shown real perseverance this week in her work. She kept going during PE even when she was finding it tricky and didn’t give up. Well done Tempy!
ZaynbPrimary 4aZaynb has worked really hard in Literacy this week. In particular she wrote a great poem using repetition and thinking carefully about the structure of it. I’m looking forward to reading your next poem 🙂 
AdritaPrimary 4bAdrita for her excellent work on her Autumn Poem.  She checked and amended this independently and the presentation of her work was fantastic.  Well done Adrita!
OranPrimary 5aOran as made excellent observations and valuable contributions to our class discussions this week. Thank you Oran!
TitanPrimary 5b‘For working independently and producing great work in our space uplevelling writing challenge. 
AlexPrimary 6Alex has achieved great things in maths this week, persevering with challenges in fractions of amounts and when comparing fractions. Well done Alex! Good work!
MelodyPrimary 7aMelody has created an amazing portrait of Rosa Parks using so many different shades of colours which makes her picture incredibly detailed.  Well done Melody!  Keep developing this talent of yours.
RahulPrimary 7bFor always setting a good example to others. For always giving 100% effort into each piece of work and for always focusing on the task at hand. Well done. 
Daisy B Primary 7bFor being an enthusiastic and kind member of the class. Daisy is always keen to help and shows kindness and respect when working with others. A great example! Well done! 
Ruby Primary 7bFor being a fantastic class member of P7B.  Ruby is always kind and considerate of others, gives her best effort in everything she does and sets a fantastic example for younger pupils. Well done!