February Headteacher’s Update

Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope that this letter finds you in good health and spirits. 

Although it has been short, we are already at the half-way point in our spring term. Next week, schools will be on their half term break. Learning, whether online or in the school hub, will resume on Tuesday 16th February.

Hard Work of Staff

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Leith Primary School staff for all their hard work and resilience over the last month. They have thrown themselves in at the deep end, becoming as much online presenters they have been class teachers. I hope that I don’t lose any to CBeebies over the coming weeks! Thank you to staff for manning the school hub, supporting individual pupils online and over the phone and offering to go the extra mile when needed. Thanks also to Angie Brack and Hugh Stuart who have been our resident IT Helpline for many of you. What they don’t know about Microsoft Teams now is not worth knowing!

Hard Work of Parents/Carers & Pupils

Thanks of course must go to all of our amazing Leith Primary parents and carers. We have been overwhelmed with how well the majority of our pupils have been engaging with learning at home and that can only be with the support and encouragement of you. An enormous well done to all of our wonderful Leith Primary pupils who have demonstrated responsibility and perseverance in spades by adapting to learning in this very different way. We know it’s not easy so thank you.

Food Support 

My gratitude also goes to the Leith Primary Parent Council (LPPC) who have very generously agreed to fund our school subscription to The Cyrenians who will provide us with food every Wednesday along with the Hibs Community Outreach Team so we can support the large number of families who indicated that this was a need within our school community. Thank you as well to two very generous members of the public who wanted to support our families at this time with very welcome donations of both money and food. We will share more information about our food store shortly.

We await to hear further plans about schools returning from the Scottish First Minister in today’s statement in parliament. Parents and carers will be informed as soon as plans for a return have been confirmed with the City of Edinburgh council.

Online Survey Response

Thank you to everyone who completed our Snap Surveys on home learning. Some of the feedback was really helpful and will inform our planning for after the February break.

Question ThemeParents/Carers (129)Pupils (74)
How are pupils coping emotionally with lockdown?66% well/very well 17% neutral50% good/very good43% Ok
How are pupils coping with learning at home?63% well/very well19% neutral60% quite well/very well35% Ok
What is helping pupils to cope with lockdown?Daily Teams calls/videos with the class teacherInteraction with friends either online or in-person outsideSpending more time with familyDaily Teams calls/videos with the class teacherChatting to friendsSpending more time with familyGoing outside for a walk
What is helping pupils to manage home learning?Seeing the class teacher every dayThe routine of daily tasks or a daily class check inBeing able to ask the teacher questionsSupport from mum/dadSeeing my teacher every dayAsking my teacher questions when I am stuck/unsureHaving an iPad to work on
What more can school do to support pupils and families?More time with the teacher onlineSupport with ITWorksheetsMore help with TeamsShorter videosTeams meetings with the class

Families Online

Find the new edition of the online magazine Families Edinburgh here.

Support for Families

 Please check out our updated Support and Information page on the school website with a huge range of supports and contact details: https://leithprimary.org.uk/coronavirus-info/

Text Box:  Practical Pupil Supports 

We have stationary, learning supports, keyboards, toys and clothes available 

at the main front entrance. Please take what you need.

Thank you again for your continuing support both of your children 

and of school at this challenging time.  Keep persevering!

Yours sincerely,

Text Box:

Fiona Craig


Leith Primary School