COVID-19 FAQs for Parents

We know that many of our parents and carers will have concerns and questions about pupils returning to school after the long lockdown period. Please find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that seniors managers at the City of Edinburgh Council have put together to reassure parents. We will also add to this with questions relevant to Leith PS.

If your question has not been answered here, please email Leith Primary School at or text 07860 029 682 or call and leave a voice mail on 0131 554 4844 where we will be happy to answer your query or direct you to the relevant agency.


Can I buy a school jumper at the school office before term starts?

Unfortunately not this year. ParentPay has been set up for you to order a school sweatshirt or P7 Hoodie for your child which staff will then deliver to their classroom.

Which days and times will my child attend nursery?

Since Scottish Government guidance has changed again, nurseries will not be able to comply with safety guidelines using the planned pupil and staff numbers. This means that there will be another change to many pupil’s planned days and times in nursery. Parents will be informed of this from Monday 10th August.

I do not know which P1 class my child is going to be in yet. When will I know?

Welcome packs were hand delivered to our new P1s at the start of July based on the P1 class registers we had at that point. It is not unusual for the school placements team to make final changes during July and August when the appeals process has completed. If you have been told your child has a place in P1 at Leith Primary then we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday or Thursday. We will not see the final registers ourselves until Monday morning when we will have all your child’s details.

The letter from Ms Craig stated that children would attend ‘all day’ on a Friday. What does this mean?

This letter was issued centrally by senior managers at the council. In this context, ‘all day’ means a usual Friday with finish times of 12 noon for P1 and P2 and 12.25pm for P3 – P7.

Will my child need to wear clean school uniform every day ?

Ideally we would like children to come to school in clean clothes every day to minimise the spread of the virus but we appreciate that stipulating school uniform is unrealistic for most families. We ask parents and carers to use their common sense with this and aim for their children to attend school in suitable clean clothes every day as much as possible. School colours would be our preference over ‘party clothes’ and certainly pupils should never come to school wearing football colours or tops with inappropriate slogans. Keep in mind that want our children to be outside for extended periods too so make sure they are dressed for the weather.

Does my child have to wear a face mask to school?

No, this is not necessary unless they are travelling on public transport or they have been advised to by a health professional.

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