Well Done to All of our Pupils Recognised this Week for Their Hard Work

Thank you to all of our hard working pupils this week and an especially big thank you for your super-duper hardworking mums, dads and carers! You’re doing a great job 🙂

Holly Primary 1aHolly has been finding fun ways to practise phonics and writing at home, including inventing her own games and making a birthday card for a classmate this week!
Benjamin Primary 1bBenji has been working so hard this week and has enjoyed learning lots of our scots words! He has also been working hard learning to read and write with our new sounds. Keep up the brilliant work Benji! 
MihirPrimary 2aHe has been working really hard everyday with persistance and effort. His writing has highly improved, now it is really clean, neat and pleaseant to read. This can be appreciated in his story of Tom and the Giant! Congratulations. 
AlexaPrimary 3aAlexa drew and coloured in a lovely picture of a butterfly after listening to Ms Harris’ story time this week. Well done Alexa!
FraserPrimary 3bFraser has done some super pieces of writing at home! He has really tried his best to use descriptive words and different sentence openers in story writing, and he has created some fabulous poems.
MariannaPrimary 4aMarianna has been working very hard online. She has persevered when things were tricky and has been doing excellent self-reflections on her work and progress. Keep up the good work 🙂 
Lucy Primary 4bLucy for perseverance and responsibility. Lucy has been working really well on continuing her learning at home finding extra skills to practise and contributing in our class meetings. Fantastic job Lucy!
Steven Primary 5Steven struggled with his equivalent fractions task on Wednesday, however with a little bit of online guidance and a lot of perseverance he went back and corrected the whole thing accurately!
Fraser Primary 6aFraser has worked so hard from day 1. Completing his daily tasks and the tasks on his grid. He has been on every live call and is always full of enthusiasm!
ElishaPrimary 6bElisha has been trying hard since home learning began.  She wrote some fantastic Scots poems this week and has participated well in our live call reading these poems with confidence.
James Primary 7aJames did really well with his literacy task this week. He listened to a chapter of  the ‘Nowhere Emporium’ and used it to draw a detailed pictures which he surrounded with descriptive words and phrases. He then used this to write a setting paragraph which painted a really fantastic picture of where the story was set. Well done !
SubhanPrimary 7bSubhan has been working really well at home, completing and uploading all of his tasks. Well done! 
Amy School Hub BubbleAmy works hard on her independent tasks, she joins in with group activities and is always helpful and polite to adults helping in school. Thank you Amy!
Louis Support for LearningLouis has been working very hard at home, he completes all of his assignments and puts lots of effort into doing them. He is also very enthusiastic and motivated in our live group lessons. Keep up the good work, Louis!