A Big Well Done to All Our Hard Working Pupils!

Mariam Primary 1aMariam has been trying very hard this week to help some of her friends who have been feeling unsure about coming back to school. She offers her time, her friendship and a smile to anyone she thinks needs it! Well done Mariam!
Jessica Primary 1bJessica is a hard working member of our class who respects everybody’s right to learn by listening carefully during teaching time.  She enjoys learning and tries her very best everyday. Thank you, Jessica! 
Gabi Primary 2aGabi has been really patient, understandable and nice with the other classmates this week. She has also worked really hard and improved her numeracy and literacy skills. Thus, she deserve to be recognised.
Jack Primary 2bJack has been nominated by his classmates as he is always Ready, Respectful and Safe. He always works hard and listens well. Well done Jack!
SerenPrimary 3aExcellent concentration and listening throughout the week; excelled at various sports and games when we were outside.
HadleyPrimary 3bHadley has had a brilliant first week back at school! He has been enthusiastic to learn and he has shown kindness towards his friends. Well done Hadley!
BikariPrimary 4aBikari has been working hard, he has been completing his work and assessments and developing his life skills. Well done ! 
River  Primary 4bRiver has been an amazing home learner participating in all our class meetings and completing his daily tasks to a high standard. Well done River!
Alistair Primary 5Alistair created and shared an impressive PowerPoint that showed us around his secret super hero/villain Base
Keira Primary 6aKeira has been fabulous on class calls. She always has her hand up ready to give an answer and is super quick at answering riddle questions! Keira has also impressed me by handing in all her daily assignments. Such a hard worker! Keep it up.
Louisa Primary 6bLouisa has worked hard consistently over lockdown and is a very conscientious pupil.  She has also worked hard on her Maths this week. Well done Louisa 🙂
Alexander Primary 7aFor his hard work on learning his doubles! Well done Alexander! 
Christina Primary 7bFor consistently completing all her tasks to a high standard and taking pride in what she does.
Meenu Primary 7bMeenu showed great perseverance and resilience when completing a task that she found very challenging. She did some research and asked some questions, to make sure she completed that task to the best of her ability, and within her deadline! Well done! 
Leon School Hub BubbleThis week Leon has been determined to challenge himself at Maths and worked not only on his maths group assignments but also did more complex multiplication and division calculations. That’s the spirit!! Well done Leon! 
Taha Support for LearningTaha has been working really hard at his Support for Learning tasks and always tries his best in group meetings. Well done Taha!