School Food Store Open for Use

Thanks to the kindness of our local guardian angels and the generosity of our own Parent Council, LPPC, we have been able to open up a school food store for any family who needs it. A wide range of non-perishables have been stocked in our former upper school cloakroom. Parents and carers are welcome to come along at 11.30am-12 Noon and 2.30pm-3.00pm to take whatever they need for their family. You may wish to bring a couple of shopping bags along to in which to carry items home however boxes and bags are available for those who need them.

We have been struck by the increase in the number of families who have indicated a need for support with food since the first lockdown last March. Many of our parents and carers have lost their jobs or are working reduced hours since the pandemic began last year. Being at home for long periods of time can put an additional strain on household finances, especially during the colder months when heating, electricity and food may be consumed much more. Any one of us could be a month or two away from finding ourselves in challenging financial circumstances so it is in the spirit of solidarity that we offer our families this free support for as long as it is needed.