Head Teacher Post

P7 enjoy their creative writing class with the Super Power Agency

Summer Term is definitely the time of the school year for Leith Primary. We have so many exciting learning opportunities happening just now and so many events to look forward to over the coming weeks.

This week, P6 were working with a local artist, Hannah Ayre, as part of their Junior Tour Guide Project focus on Trinity House. P3 have been enjoying singing lessons with the National Youth Choir of Scotland. P5 continue to rehearse for their grand performance in the Queen’s Hall with Snappy Operas. A very busy P7 begin to polish their lines and dance routines for their end of term show, Bugsy Malone, along with editing their short stories for their short story book in collaboration with the Super Power Agency, which will be published for the last week of term. P4 and P7 have also been sitting end of year national assessments in numeracy and literacy, demonstrating the they are successful learners as well as creative, resilient and confident individuals.

Next week is the Leith Primary Diversity Week, our biennial opportunity to celebrate and value all that makes us unique as Leithers. Stand by for a celebration of food, dress, music, art, history and more from a variety of cultures represented within the community of Leith. In addition, each class will have the opportunity to work with Show Racism the Red Card, the UK’s largest anti-racism education charity. On Thursday from 2pm, you are invited to join us on Leith Links for our famous celebration parade. Come and see a riot of colour, flags, music, self-designed t-shirts and drumming to let the local community know that we are proud of our diversity and proud to be Leithers.

Well Done to These Hard Working Pupils!

SahibPrimary 1/2Sahib goes out of her way to help others in the class and is an incredibly kind friend to her classmates. She is also very responsible and loves to keep our classroom tidy so that we have a nice place to play and learn. Thank you , Sahib!  
MacyPrimary 1aMacy has been working really hard in phonics this week and has also been a helpful and responsible member of the class. Well done Macy!
SamiraPrimary 1bSamira was ready to learn this week as we headed outdoors to create our Bug Hotel. She followed our school rules and was respectful by behaving sensibly and listening well. Great job, Samira!
BlakePrimary 2Blake is a fantastic role model for her classmates, she is always ready to learn and help around the class,
She has been showing excellent focus in her maths and literacy and is always supportive to her classmates. Blake also shows respect to the adults in the school and to her peers and is thoughtful and kind too. Keep up the good work Blake!
GloriaPrimary 3aGloria worked hard to challenge herself in her spelling this week and created some super spelling sentences to be proud of! She also continues to be a caring, kind and helpful member of the class who is always willing to support others when they are stuck with their learning. Well done, Gloria!
AlfiePrimary 3bAlfie has been working very well with fractions this week and has made great progress. Well done!
Gary Primary 4aGary has been kind to his friends and classmates. He has completed some tricky tasks and challenged himself. Great work Gary keep it up!
MarioPrimary 4bMario has worked really hard to improve the quality of his sentences!  He’s using more descriptive language and punctuation and also checking they make sense.  Well done Mario!
JosephPrimary 5aJoseph shows he is ready to learn, has worked well in a group and has  demonstrated accurate recall of times tables facts.  Keep up the good work Joseph!
LucyPrimary 5bFor her beautifully presented Fox Pop invite 
Kayla Primary 6Kayla persevered when tackling a challenging art task during our set design work shop on Monday. She kept trying and experimenting, to produce an excellent image for the backdrop. Well done!
DavidPrimary 7aDavid wrote a scene for a playscript and used all the key features without support.  Well done David!