Christmas Head Teacher Post

Despite the many pressures and challenges faced by our pupils, staff and families this term, our wonderful school community have continued to persevere and demonstrate amazing resilience and kindness towards others.

Huge thanks to Mrs Ciechanowicz for organising our yearly toys giveaway with support from Cash for Kids. Thanks also to Liz and Danni, our Family Support Workers, who arranged for food packs to be distributed to families before the end of term. Thanks also to our mysterious guardian angel who donated a selection box for every pupil within the school. Finally, enormous thanks to everyone who was able to donate something towards our Christmas collection for the Citadel Youth Centre who continue to provide fun, friendship and support to a large number of our pupils and parents.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our parents and carers a very Merry and relaxing Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year when it comes.

Fiona Craig – Head Teacher

The school said a fond farewell to two of our moved loved members of staff, Mrs Kelly and Mrs Kean. Both are moving on to promoted posts, Mrs Kelly to Stanwell Nursery as Nursery Administrator and Mrs Kean as school Business Manager at Lorne Primary. Staff, pupils and parents are very grateful to both for all the help they have given the school community over the years and wish them well in their new positions.


Pupils enjoyed a week of Christmas festivities including class parties and an online pantomime. Huge thanks go to our parent council, LPPC, for generously funding the pantomime and snacks for the class parties. In the absence of a Christmas show or church visit for he second year, pupils have created a Christmas showreel for parents and carers. We hope you will enjoy singing along. Click here or below to watch.

Pupils’ Health and Wellbeing Sway Newsletter – The Leith Calamari

Pupils have created a newsletter sharing some of the things they have been learning about linked to their Health and Wellbeing. The Leith Calamari will focus on two of the Scottish Wellbeing indicators starting with Safe and Healthy. Read on to find out why such an unusual name here.

Digital Access Survey

We still have no way of knowing what COVID-19 mitigations will be in place after the Christmas break. Information about pupils’ return will be shared with parents and carers on the 4th January when Head Teachers have been briefed on what to expect. If you have not yet managed to complete our updated Digital Access Survey yet, please do so here. The survey deadline has been extended to December 31st.

Parent/Carer Health & Wellbeing

Whilst many of our families look forward to spending time with each other over the festive period, we know that it can be a time of stress and unhappiness for others. There are sources of information and support for adults on a range of areas on the NHS Lothian Wellbeing website here. Further information on anxiety and worry for parents and carers is available below. Information on a variety of issues for families is available on the Support for Families website. Parents/carers can also access a wealth of information from the CAMHS website here.

Please remember that the team at Leith Primary are here to support parents and carers in whatever way we can. Drop us a line at or on the comments sections of the website here. You can also contact either of our Family Support Workers via email: and