Very Well Done to These Wee Leithers This Week!

Belle Primary 1bBelle has shone this week and has worked so hard during our phonics sessions. Even when faced with something tricky, Belle perseveres until she has mastered it. Keep smiling and trying your best, Belle! 
Zara Primary 2aZara is being very kind and sympathetic with her peers and adults. She is always willing to help and follow the rules without complaining. She has also put a lot of effort in the tasks and has progressed in her learning. She very much deserve to be recognised. 
SnithikPrimary 2aHe has improved so much on his literacy and numeracy skills. He has also been very kind and helpful with his peers and the adults. He deserves to be recognised.
Elle Primary 2bElle has been working so hard with her learning this week. She has focussed on her tasks, been enthusiastic and persevered with challenging work. Well done! 
KeiraPrimary 3aKeira has consistently done her best all week. She has been a good listener and kind to others. She has been especially good at helping Mr Ordish and the class tidy up this week!
NicoPrimary 3bNico has tried his best with his learning this week. He has persevered with his numeracy and handwriting. Keep up the super work Nico!
TasPrimary 4aTas has consistently shows all the school values. He is very respectful to all members of staff and always works to complete all his work. This week he has been making good progress with times tables. 
TeejayPrimary 4aTeejay has worked really hard this week. He has done all his maths and literacy. He has found ways that work for him to get his work done and learned new skills while figuring that out. Amazing ! Keep it up 🙂 
Remaz Primary 4bRemaz is a super role model in our class demonstrating the school rules and values. Thank you Remaz foe helping make our class a great place to be.
MansurPrimary 4bMansur is always polite and shows good understanding of instructions. He has impressed this week by contributing in class discussions. 
Alistair Primary 5Alistair finished his evacuee letter before anyone else.  It is a brilliant letter!  I also think this might be the first time Alistair has ever finished something first!!
Ahmed Primary 6bThis week Ahmed has been full of enthusiasm for his learning. He is always eager to join in and share ideas. He has also shown kindness towards another child and is always ready to help adults in the class with jobs.
RahulPrimary 6bRahul has settled in well to Leith Primary and is a great team player.  He is getting involved and sharing his artwork, enthusiasm and ideas with the class which is great to see.
Eboni Primary 7aFor her excellent 50 word fiction using a visual stimulus. Eboni created a really interesting story with a ending which made the whole class want to know more!
Harry Primary 7bHarry has worked very well in Health & Wellbeing this week, well done!