Well done to all the pupils featured on our Virtual Recognition Board this week!

Izabela Primary 1aIzabela got off to a great start with her home learning. She has been able to show what she has learned by creating her own phonics video to show the sounds she knows! Well done Iza!
Martha P1bFor having bundles of enthusiasm with her learning everyday and trying her best to  improve on her personal best. She has been working particularly hard on her letter formation this week and is growing in confidence with it. Well done Martha! 
AmeliaP1bFor putting 100% effort into all of her learning this week, particularly with her literacy work. Amelia has been practising her tricky words everyday and has been learning to read sentences independently. Keep up the super work Amelia!
Aleksander Primary 2aAleksander has been working every day really hard to do all the literacy and numeracy activities. He has had some ups and downs but overall he has been progressing on his learning and his behaviour. He needs to be recognised to realise the importance and postivie things of working hard. 
Alfie Primary 2bAlfie has went above and beyond this week with his learning. He has been consistently trying his absolute best at all tasks. He had done particularly well this week with his reading and writing. A huge well done to him!
SerenPrimary 3aSeren has taken on every activity with enthusiasm and has kept having fun with a smile along the way!
Well done Seren!
LelandPrimary 3aLeland was rightly proud of his work in the school hub  on Monday and Tuesday this week. He did a great job doing the life skills section of his grid performing duties as a waiter in a café. Fantastic Leland!
AmosPrimary 3bAmos has really persevered with his reading and writing this week.
Ewan Primary 4aEwan has been engaging really well on Teams. He has done all his set tasks and is challenging himself. He is also quite the expert at Teams. He has learned to use all the features we are using and he has helped others when they were stuck. Well done Ewan you’re doing a fantastic job. 
Alistair Primary 5Great IT skills from the get go.  Has uploaded a huge amount of excellent work and has shown super engagement in our daily lessons and through Teams chat.
Rija Primary 6aRija has completed lots of fantastic work this week including an experiment where she extracted DNA from a strawberry! She has also been on our daily calls every day and is always willing to un-mute and join in!
Joe Primary 6bJoe has been working really hard since home learning has begun. He has put in a lot of effort and completed a lot of the work that has been set asking for help when needed and communicating well on live calls, messaging and submitting assignments. Well done Joe! 
Matthew Primary 7aFor his engagement with online learning and his great responses when meeting with his groups online! Well done Matthew! 
Judy Primary 7bJudy has persevered to research and produce a detailed essay on theories of Creation. Very impressive effort!
Melody School Hub BubbleMelody has worked exceptionally hard in school this week to complete all her literacy and maths tasks set by her teacher. In addition she has persevered for two days to construct a very creative marble run from junk modelling. Well done! 
Kai Support for LearningKai has been working so hard at the tasks given to him by Mrs Ciechanowicz. He wrote a great story about a shark in the park! He has been practising his sounds and sharing his learning. Keep up the great work, Kai 🙂