Headteacher’s January Post

Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Leith Primary,

Happy New Year to all of you!

2021 has already started off as a challenging time for many. The Scottish Government announcement this week about ‘lockdown’ measures means that until at least 1st February, most of our pupils will engage in remote learning from home.

School staff are already very busy planning learning experiences for pupils whilst they are at home and support for families who will find another lockdown challenging.

Understandably, we are experiencing a very high number on emails from parents/carers at the moment. We will be in touch at the end of the week to give you more details about how home learning will work over the next few weeks and how to get support if you need it.

**Please let us know immediately if you have not received this post through email**

Today, childcare started in school for a very small number of pupils who have two parents who meet the criteria for key worker status in categories 1, 2 or 3 and who have no other means of informal childcare with extended family or friends. We have also offered spaces to another very small group of pupils who were known to us and other agencies prior to the lockdown as requiring a very high degree of support or who are Care Experienced.

For the vast majority of pupils, home is where they will be safest however we do not underestimate the challenge this will present many of our families.

We will continue to do our very best to provide as much support as we possibly can during these next few weeks for our pupils and families and will be back in contact soon.


Yours sincerely,

Fiona Craig Head Teacher

School return in January 2021:

All children are on holiday until Monday 11th January 2021.

All children will resume remote learning from home from Monday 11th January to Friday 29th January 2021, unless offered a place in the school hub, if eligible.

We will update you if and when this changes.

Children of Key Workers and vulnerable children

The school will be regarded as a ‘Hub’ for children of Key Workers and vulnerable children to attend from the 6th to 29th January.  We will operate the school for core hours of 8.50am – 3.15pm (Mon-Thurs) and 8.50am – 12.25pm (Friday).

Vulnerable children will be known already to the school and other agencies such as social work and parents/carers will be contacted by a member of the Senior Leadership Team to be offered a place. 

Key Workers should have established themselves via the Key Worker definition and flow chart and applied for a place by Monday 4th January 2021 as per our communications in December. Currently all eligible key worker places have been confirmed.

If you fit the criteria as a Key Worker (see criteria and flow chart below) and now wish to request a place please email the school office at admin@leith-pri.edin.sch.uk or Contact Us page on the website.

** Please note, if any parent/carer is not a key worker, is working from home or is not at work, the child should remain at home.  Children should only attend school if absolutely necessary and meet the criteria as highlighted in green in the flow chart below. **

School ‘Hub’ operational details

We will operate 4 ‘Bubbles’ of children:

Nursery Bubble: Based in the nursery large room. Enter and exit via the main gate of the nursery.

P1/ P2 Bubble: Based in the nursery small room. Enter and exit via the Nursery main entrance.

P3-P5 Bubble: Based in Room 1 on the first floor. Enter and exit via the Main Door.

P6-P7 Bubble: Based in Room 7. Enter and exit via the Upper Playground Door.

** Please note, we must minimise the staff working in school and the majority of staff will work from home. Staff will work on a rotational shift pattern throughout ‘Lockdown’ and therefore your child may not be supported by their usual Class Teacher or Pupil Support Assistant when at school. **

All ‘bubbles’ will run from: 8.50am – 3.15pm (Mon-Thurs) and 8.50am – 12.25pm (Friday).

All parents / carers will be permitted into the playground to drop off/pick up, but must remain socially distant and wear masks/face coverings at all times. 

Children of eligible key workers should attend the hub only if both parents are at work. If either parent works on a rota or shift basis, their child should remain at home at those times to reduce the overall number of pupils in the hub.

Children should bring a full water bottle, snack, suitable warm clothing and packed lunch if they wish, although a lunch of soup and a sandwich will be provided each day.

From the 11th January children should bring their own laptops/ipads/jotters, etc. for learning at school if they have them. 

Key worker definitions:

Category 1 – Health and Care workers directly supporting COVID-19 response, and associated staff; Health and Care workers supporting life threatening emergency work, as well as critical primary and community care provision; Energy suppliers (small numbers identified as top priority already); staff providing childcare/learning for other category 1 staff.

Category 2 – All other Health and Care workers, and wider public sector workers providing emergency/critical welfare services (for example: fire, police, prisons, social workers), as well as those supporting our Critical National Infrastructure, without whom serious damage to the welfare of the people of Scotland could be caused.

Category 3 – All workers (private, public or third sector) without whom there could be a significant impact on Scotland (but where the response to COVID-19, or the ability to perform essential tasks to keep the country running, would not be severely compromised).

Key worker flowchart: