Brilliant Work & Attitudes Recognised

Nathan Primary 1/2Nathan has had a fantastic start to P1 and is always ready to learn. He listens carefully at the carpet and enjoys sharing his ideas with the class.  Well done Nathan, you are a star! 
ArronPrimary 1aArron goes out of his way to be kind and helpful to others, often offering help before he has even been asked. Well done Arron!
Ariana Primary 1bAriana has been a super listener and always sits beautifully on the carpet. She has also been very quick at tidying and sets a fantastic example for the rest of P1b. Well done Ariana!
LoganPrimary 3aLogan has worked hard this week on being on the carpet ready to learn. He has excelled in our maths challenges and has helped others with their learning. Well done!
KalebPrimary 3bAfter Kaleb had accidentally bumped into someone in the playground, he was very apologetic and helped to pick the boy up. He then asked if the boy was ok and made sure he had someone with him. He showed real responsibility and kindness. 
CorynPrimary 4aCoryn works hard and tries her best at all times. She shows kindness and consideration to all and is very helpful to her classmates. 
ZaraPrimary 5aWell done Zara for the outstanding neat layout and presentation of your written literacy work. Keep it up!
WedgdanPrimary 5bWegdan remembers the lunch crate before and after lunch every day, it’s a small job that makes a big difference.  Thanks!
CharliePrimary 6Charlie has been very responsible and reliable in P6 when carrying out his classroom responsibilities. He also always ensures that his work is done to the best of his ability. Well done Charlie!
NoelPrimary 7aNoel is a fantastic team player and supports his classmates well across the board.  He tries his best and acts responsibly.  He has also been sharing his knowledge on football with the class which has been lovely to see!  
Louis S Primary 7bFor his great selection of words as word finder in his group’s first literature circle. He also had great definition explanations. 

FREE Edinburgh Community Food Training Course

There are still spaces available on the FREE REHIS Food & Health Training course next week.  This course is open to all.

Wednesday and Thursday 1st and 2nd September, 9.30am – 1pm both days.  Online via Zoom.

Book via their website: or by emailing or calling: or call 0131 467 7326. 

What’s involved? 

  • Are you interested in food and healthy living?
  • Do you feel confused by health and nutrition advice?
  • Would you like to know more? 

This informative and useful course is packed with clearly delivered information that aims to cut through all the mixed messages about nutrition. It is designed for anyone with an interest in food and for those who work with food in any capacity, including: carers, home-helps, nursery staff, café staff/caterers and those whose voluntary involves food preparation or handling. It is also highly relevant for anyone who cooks at home. 

What do you get out of it?

  • Gain a clear understanding of general nutrition
  • Gain practically applicable knowledge for the workplace and the home
  • Understand the consequences of eating habits on health and disease
  • Discuss the roles of carbohydrates, protein, fruit & vegetables, fat and fibre
  • Understand the role of vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Gain insight into maintaining a healthy weight
  • Identify different ways of preparing and cooking foods for a healthy diet
  • Learn how to make sense of food labelling

Get In Touch with Louise Cairns

T: 0131 467 7326



Charity Number SC 024980

Company Number SC 166876


Welcome Back Our Hardworking Leithers!

Brooke Primary 1aBrooke has had a brilliant first full week in P1! She has been showing fantastic manners to everyone and is always ready to learn. We feel lucky to have her in P1a! Well done Brooke.
Damon Primary 1bDamon has settled really well into P1. He has been super at keeping our class tidy and helping others tidy up. He has also been using his imagination to make lots of fantastic things using the cubes such as ice cream and chocolate!
Elisha Primary 7bFor making a brilliant start to P7. Elisha has consistently demonstrated her maturity by showing respect to others and giving her best effort in everything she is asked to do. Fantastic! 
Ben Primary 6Ben has worked hard to complete all the jobs on his task sheet this week. He is making progress with being polite to adults too. Well done Ben!
SanaPrimary 7aSana has come back to school with enthusiasm.  She has been helpful, kind and goes out of her way to be a great role model.  Well done Sana!
Dash Primary 4bDash has shown fantastic listening since the beginning of term and has had a great attitude to trying new activities.  Well done Dash, you’re a star!  Ms Harris
Rosa Primary 5aRosa has made a super start to P5 being ready to learn and successfully completing independent activities.
Taylor Primary 1/2Taylor has demonstrated what a responsible member of our class she is through her role as timetable monitor this week. She has set an excellent example to her peers and has helped to keep us all organised. Well done, Taylor! 
SharanPrimary 2Since returning to school Sharan has shown kindness to everyone. He has been unfailingly helpful and polite and should be very proud of himself.
PollyPrimary 3bPolly has had a great start to P3, showing a kind and helpful attitude at all times. Well done!
LuciaPrimary 3aLucia has had a fantastic start to p3. She sits beautifully on the carpet, she works hard on her tasks and treats others with kindness and respect. 
Mia  Primary 5bConcentrated on a tricky place value maths task, completed it very accurately in the end!

Well done to our final group of hard working Leithers!

Max Primary 1aMax has been showing great focus and hard work in writing this week. He kept going even when it was tricky and should be really proud of himself. Well done Max!
Martha Primary 1bMartha tries her very best everyday and goes out of her way to show kindness and respect to everyone.  Thank you Martha for being such a positive role model for our school this year! 
Sunny Primary 2aSunny has been a wonderful role model in P2A this week. He has shown kindness and has been a caring friend to everyone. Well done Sunny! 
Harry Primary 2bHarry has been working hard this week trying to keep our playground tidy! He has been picking up litter, making posters to help keep the playground tidy and made a video to raise awareness! Well done! 
AlexanderPrimary 3bAlexander has worked exceptionally hard on his learning this week. He has been extremely focused and determined – particularly when writing detailed setting descriptions. 
DinaPrimary 4aDina has showed all the school values all year. She is kind, persevering and respectful to both staff and pupils. She always tries her best and works hard. Well done Dina !
GracePrimary 4bGrace is kind respectfully contributes to our class activities and discussions and was a great co-operative partner when building a motte and bailey castle.
Mya Primary 5Mya always puts 100% in to her work.  She has been making particularly good progress in literacy recently.
Yifan Primary 6aThis week Yifan wrote a fantastic script for a imaginary chat show starring the characters from our class novel. 
Isla Primary 6bIsla has been a joy to teach from start to finish this year.  She tries hard, listens and communicates well, achieves her goals and shows kindness to her peers.  Well done Isla.
Rida Primary 7aRida is in the recognition book for always giving 100% effort to each task. She is always polite and well behaved and sets an excellent example to others. Well done Rida! 
Haris Primary 7bHaris was so helpful in class- tidying up the resources and ensuring that everything was clean and tidy. Well done and thank you!

June Letter to Parents/Carers

                                                                                                                     Friday, 18th June, 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

Our thanks

As we move towards the end of another extraordinary year, I would like to thank you all again for your continued support of the school and the changes we have had to make in the light of so many COVID restrictions. I know that this has been a particularly challenging school year for many but I have been astonished at how resilient and positive the vast majority of our young people have been despite this. That is in no small part a reflection of how well you have supported your children with home learning and keeping them in good spirits during such an uncertain time. 

Recovery Plans

We will continue with our recovery plans in August. Those children who do require additional support to manage the impact of lost learning or the trauma of lockdown will have access to ongoing and additional interventions next session.

Infection Control Measures

Class bubbles and staggered starts and finish times will continue after the holidays along with the other infection control measures in place just now. We will of course let you know if there is any change to those plans. Please make sure that we have your most up-to-date phone number and email address in case we need to get in touch before term starts.


Lunches next session we will return to hot packed meals from our own newly refurbished kitchen. Please make sure you select your child’s meal choices on ParentPay, even if your child is in receipt of Free School Meals. Only lunches that have been selected will be made by the kitchen. If you have not selected your child’s meals, you must send them in with a packed lunch. Thank you for your cooperation with this.


We will return to a much stricter expectation of school uniform/colours being worn by all pupils every day next session. Pupils should come to school dressed in an official Leith Primary School sweatshirt or hoodie or navy-blue cardigan or jumper, white or navy polo shirt, blue checked gingham dress dark or bottoms and sturdy school shoes on Monday to Friday. Next session, all pupils will be able to purchase a navy blue school hoodie, not just the P7s. However, only our P7s next year will be able to wear the special royal blue P7 school hoodie.

Sweatshirts and hoodies can be bought from

We ask that all parents/carers earning under £16k apply for Free School Meals, even if their child will not order and eat the lunches, as they will be awarded a clothing grant of up to £200 per year each to help with buying school clothing. We are happy to help you apply for this, just ask the office team. 

*We remind parents/carers that all clothing with logos or slogans is not permitted, nor is make-up, fake nails, dangly jewellery, cropped tops or party/beach wear. We continue to be grateful for your support on this matter.

End of Year Reports

Summary end of session reports will be given out to pupils next week.

Friday Finish Times

Pupils will finish at their usual Friday finish times next week. The Primary 7s will be piped out of the playground at around 11.50am onto Leith Links where they can be met by their parents. Children from the other classes will line the playground in a socially distanced way to clap and cheer their P7 friends out. The other children will be dismissed as usual at their normal place and time.

NB: P7 Parents are requested to observe social distancing rules whilst in the Links.

There will be a special P7 leaver’s assembly on Thursday from 2.15pm screened live on MS Teams. Please click here to JOIN the assembly from your phone, tablet or computer. All welcome.

Teachers for Next Session

P1AMrs SASHA YOUNG (nee Reid)
Support For Learning(Tues-Fri)Mrs ELLA CIECHANOWICZ
Support For Learning(Tues/Thursday)Mrs GILLIAN CLARKSON
Reduced Class Contact Cover (Mon/Tues)Mrs LOUISE SLATTERY
Reduced Class Contact Cover (Mon/Tues)Ms JACQUELINE MCDONALD

I am delighted that Mr Hugh Stuart will continue with us for the next two years as our Depute Headteacher.

We welcome Mr David Bonas who will take up his post as our new Business Manager from August.

We are also delighted that Ms Clodagh Weir and Ms Patricia De La Cruz will continue on with us as Early Years Practitioners in P1 and P2, next session.

Danni Taylor will return from maternity leave in August to pick up her post as our Citadel Family Support Worker. Liz Johnston, who has been covering Danni’s maternity leave this session, will support the parents of pupils at Leith Academy and will continue supporting young people and parents at The Citadel. I would like to thank Liz for all the support she has given the school this year and wish her well with her new Citadel post.

I wish you all a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Fiona Craig


Recognised for Being Really Hardworking This Week!

Stefka Primary 1aStefka has been working really hard in phonics this week and has been trying to be a kind friend. Well done Stefka!
Omer Primary 1bOmer has been incredibly kind and helpful in the classroom this week. He has also shown lots of enthusiasm during phonics and has been ready to learn everyday! Well done, Omer. 
Henry Primary 2aHenry worked so hard this week. He was motivated and took every opportunity to challenge himself with his literacy and numeracy which was wonderful to see. Well done on a super week! You should be very proud of yourself. 
IsabellePrimary 3bIsabelle has really persevered with her learning this week. She has been solving tricky word problems in numeracy and has been reading with confidence. Super job Isabelle!
JackPrimary 3bJack has been interacting with his peers this week. He has been making paper planes and he enjoyed taking part in our classroom obstacle course. He was a really good guide for his blindfolded partner! 
ZaynbP3aFor her wonderful poster
TitanPrimary 4bTitan has been persevering to develop his multiplication and division skills and doing his best to apply these skills independently.  Well done Titan!
ImanPrimary 5For her well presented wolf factfile
Murray Primary 6aFor showing enthusiasm in his learning this week in particular in mental maths and our class film!
JoePrimary 6bJoe always brings fun and light-heartedness to the classroom.  
LucyPrimary 7bExcellent creative writing this week, well done!

Well Done to Our Bright and Persevering Pupils

Tabitha Primary 1aTabitha has had a brilliant week. She has been working very hard to read some tricky sentences this week and is always a kind and helpful member of the class. We’re lucky to have you Tabitha!
Mavi Primary 1aWell done Mavi for being so kind with your friends! We are very proud of you.
Jayden Primary 1bJayden loves challenging himself with his writing and this week he has really shone! He has produced lots of different types of writing and has been eager to write independently. Well done done Jayden! 
Jack HPrimary 2bJack always works hard at school with his learning. He is a kind, respectful member of the classroom and a super role model to others. 
Amos Primary 3bAmos has been wonderfully creative during our topic and STEM lessons. Over the past few weeks, he has designed an innovative paper bag, a sturdy life raft, a hologram telephone and he persevered with building a marble run maze. 
Isla Primary 4aIsla has shown great focus when working and she has been answering questions about her reading. 
AmeenahPrimary 4aAmeenah showed good teamworking skills and creativity when doing drama and making Freeze Frames related to castles. Excellent work! Keep it up! 
RoryPrimary 4bRory has been working hard on his independent tasks demonstrating perseverance and challenging his mindset. Keep up the good work Rory! 
Zara CPrimary 5The incredible vocab in her WW2 poem
Alex WPrimary 5Alex for his incredible home learning work.  Let me know if you want to see it!

Zara Cowie was last week’s entrant for her WW2 poem, she used some excellent vocab accurately.
Nadia Primary 6aThis week Nadia has worked hard and persevered with her numeracy work on fractions. She is making great progress, well done Nadia!
BlakePrimary 6aBlake has worked really hard on fraction work with Miss Gibson and has really excelled! He has also been a very useful rugby helper and demonstater!
SarahPrimary 6bAn amazing piece of writing by Sarah this week describing a Wild West setting.  Well done Sarah.
AdenPrimary 6bGreat work in Maths this week converting improper fractions into mixed numbers.  Well done Aden! 🙂
Evie Primary 7aFor her quick, detailed and accurate responses in maths. Evie has fantastic mental maths skills and is always able to explain how she got her answers. She always works well during teaching time and is supportive and helpful to others in her group.  Well done Evie! 
Rosie Primary 7bRosie worked very hard in maths this week, making good progress in shape and number. Well done- it was great to see you put in so much effort.

A Long List of Lovely Leith Learners!

Layla Primary 1aLayla has made fantastic progress in maths and writing this week. She has been working very hard and has enjoyed sharing her success with the class! Well done Layla!
Taylor Primary 1aTaylor has shown hard work and perseverance in her learning this week. Taylor loves to challenge herself and has made brilliant progress this week. Well done Taylor!
Altay Primary 1bAltay has worked so hard on following instructions this week and has been learning how to say lots of new words in English. It has been lovely to see him ready and excited to learn. Well done, Altay! 
AbudePrimary 2aAbude has worked really hard all week in class for Mrs Walsh has shown great listening skills. Great work!
Muslim Primary 2bMuslim has worked very hard this week. It has been wonderful seeing him growing in confidence in P2B! Well done! 
TemperancePrimary 2bTempy has been working really hard with her learning this week and was very kind to Ms Stewart showing her how to draw! Well done! 
GaryPrimary 3aGary has improved his attendance and has worked really hard in class. Great improvement Gary!
KadePrimary 3aKade has been working so hard all week, following his timetable and producing some excellent maths work – brilliant job!
FawziyahPrimary 3bFawziyah has worked really hard on her reading this week. She has persevered with tricky comprehension questions and she has tried her best when reading out loud in a group. What a star you are Fawziyah!
PatrykPrimary 3bPatryk has overcome different challenges this week and we are very proud of him for trying his best. In particular, he persevered with his reading and finished all his questions in one day. Well done for concentrating so well Patryk!
Oran Primary 4aOran has been working very hard.  He has doing very well finding the area of shapes this week. He also always follows the school rules. Keep it up 🙂 
Amna Primary 4bAmna has made terrific progress with her writing. She use description well and it is always a pleasure to read her texts. Well done Amna!
ZakPrimary 6aThis week Zak has been working hard and persevering with his work in numeracy with our work on fractions. Great focus, well done Zak!
KadePrimary 6bKade has been working well in writing and has brought lots of ideas to discuss about our class novel holes. Well done Kade.
RubyPrimary 6bRuby always tries her best and has worked so hard since she arrived after lockdown.  Well done Ruby!
Samuel Primary 7aFor his excellent role as question master in our literature circle. He asked really some probing questions which made the group think! Well done Samuel! 
Olik Primary 7bShowing consistent patience and support to a friend. Well done!