Support for Learning

The tasks for my Morning Group, Afternoon Group, Literacy Groups, Read Write Inc. Groups, Fresh Start Groups and Spelling Groups can be found by clicking on the group names in the text. You don’t have to be in one of my groups to join in though, everyone is welcome!

Whole School

We realise that it is probably very daunting to be faced with home schooling your child for the first time if you have no teaching experience.

At the moment, your children might be scared or anxious about what is going on in the world and unable to complete many of the tasks their teacher sets them- that is ok! Their well being is more important than anything else. You can find some useful video clips and resources for Emotional Literacy by clicking here.

Both you and your child might feel frustrated when you try to help them with their work and they say, “that’s not how we do it in school.” So I have posted some useful information, websites and resources below to help you.

I will be updating this page regularly when I find things that I think might be useful, so please check back to see what I add.

Miss McConnell


This numeracy booklet may be helpful for parents of children in the upper school who want to support their children, but learned different methods when they were at school.


We use the Edinburgh Sound Chart in our literacy lessons to help the children identify and learn the sounds they need for reading. A copy of the chart is pictured or you can download a copy below.

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These are the sounds we use in our Afternoon Group, Read Write Inc. and Fresh Start Groups.

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