Read Write Inc. Groups

*Please remember that your children do not have to do all of these tasks, these are just suggested activities. Their well being is what is most important.*

I would LOVE to see some of the things you are doing at home. You can keep me up to date by Tweeting pictures or comments to @MsMcConnellSfL and @Leith_Primary or you can email me if you prefer.

Resource Links

You can access the Speed Sound lessons for FREE if you subscribe to the Ruth Miskin Youtube channel here.

You can access the full FREE ebook library from Oxford Owl here.

You can also find pictures of the three sets of sounds here.

I will be making some helpful videos for parents and children and posting them on a new SfL YouTube channel here.

Tasks for Every Week

  1. Practise your Speed Sounds using the videos on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel in the link above.
  2. Do a Speed Sound lesson with your family using your own flashcards- see information and downloads below to help you access or make your own flashcards.
  3. Practice your Green Words and Red Words- see Miss McConnell’s email to your parents for more information.
  4. On a family walk, play I-Spy and spot as many things that start with or contain your sounds as you can.
  5. Make a list of all the words you know that start with or contain your sounds.
  6. Read the stories (links below) and complete the tasks.

Easter to Summer 2020

While schools are closed, we cannot do our Read Write Inc. lessons as normal, but we can do some tasks and activities at home linked to the programme.

Sounds: This term I would like both groups to revise and really get to know their Set 1 Sounds and begin to learn their Set 2 Sounds as much as possible.

You can do this by tuning into the Speed Sounds Lessons on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel (link above) and making your own sounds flashcards using the information and downloads below.

Practise your sounds regularly with your family through the week.

Green Words/Red Words: Miss McConnell has been busily preparing some videos and resources to help you with your Green Words and Red Words practise. Everything will be uploaded to the SfL YouTube channel for you to access. You can subscribe for FREE here.

You can download and print sets of Green and Red words from the links in the download section below or make your own copies at home.

Reading: You can access all of the Read Write Inc. books using the link above but there are links to books for each week posted below.

I suggest that you could read two books a week and complete the tasks BUT I know that some children might manage more and some children might manage less- that is ok! Work at your own pace.

Week beginning 27th April‘Skateboard Sid’ here and ‘Will’s Next’ here

Week beginning 4th May‘Go and Play’ here and ‘Run, Run, Run’ here

Week beginning 11th May‘Red Ned’ here and ‘A Pet Goldfish’ here

Week beginning 18th May‘What Is It?’ here and ‘Skateboard Sid and The Hat’ here

Week beginning 25th May‘Stop!’ here and ‘Popcorn’ here

Week beginning 1st June ‘The Chest In The Sand’ here and ‘Tom’s Tricks’ here

Week beginning 8th June‘The Troll In The Pond’ here and ‘A Map In The Attic’ here

Week beginning 15th June‘The Big Match’ here and ‘Light and Shadow’ here

Week beginning 22nd June‘Baboons’ here and choose a book from the Green or Pink section in the ebooks link as a free choice.

How To Make Flashcards

You can make your own flashcards to compliment the Speed Sounds lessons by downloading and printing your own sets like we have in school using the links in the download section below or by making your own flashcards.

You can see pictures of each set of Speed Sounds here to help you make your own. We usually have the sound on one side and the sound with picture on the other side.

You do not need to laminate your sounds flashcards, just take good care of them.

Download Section

I will add extra downloads to this section as the term goes on. I will usually mention this on Twitter so follow me at @MsMcConnellSfL for updates or keep checking this page.

*To make this page more user friendly, I have deleted the information and tasks that were on it before. All of the important resources you need should still be here. Please contact Miss McConnell on Twiter at @MsMcConnellSfL or by emailing her at the school if there is something you were using that is now missing.*