Literacy Groups

I would LOVE to see some of the things you are doing at home. You can keep me up to date by Tweeting pictures or comments to @MsMcConnellSfL and @Leith_Primary . You can find more information about how to Tweet here.

Week beginning 30th March 2020

*Please remember that your children do not have to do all of these tasks, these are just suggested activities. Their well being is what is most important.*

This week, I would like both literacy groups to revise some of the sounds and common words we have been working on this term.

Sounds: c/k, e, h, r, m, d


  • watch the video clip posted below- learn the actions and sing the songs
  • think of words that start with this sound
  • look for words that start with this sound in your reading books
  • draw or paint your sounds
  • teach your sounds to your parents and siblings
  • play ‘I spy’ on a family walk and spot words beginning with this sound

Common words:

set 3: it, in, at, and, the

set 4: no, go, an, dad, mum


  • watch the video (below) for ‘I say, you say’ practise’
  • make some flashcards with your parents (children write the words) and do your own ‘I say, you say’ practise
  • write the words using magnetic letters
  • write the words on your white board
  • write the words with chalk on the pavement
  • spot the words in your reading book
  • parents- write out a short sentence with each common word in it and your child can highlight or circle the common word
  • pick a sentence and draw a picture to illustrate it

Week beginning 23rd March 2020

Sounds: s, a, t, i, p, n

set 1: I, a, as, go, to

set 2: up, on, of, as, if