Fresh Start Groups

I would LOVE to see some of the things you are doing at home. You can keep me up to date by Tweeting pictures or comments to @MsMcConnellSfL and @Leith_Primary . You can find more information about how to Tweet here.

Week beginning 30th March 2020

*Please remember that your children do not have to do all of these tasks, these are just suggested activities. Their well being is what is most important.*

Group 1, 2 are reading Module 10 ‘A Bad Hair Day’ and Group 3 are reading Module 3 ‘Hay Into Gold’

Activities for all groups:

  • watch the video clips on Ruth Miskin Training Youtube for speed sounds lessons here Group 1- set 2, Group 2- set 3, Group 3- set 1
  • you can find pictures of the sounds here
  • make your own sounds flashcards and partner practice your sounds, like we do in class, with your family
  • silently read this weeks module (in pictures below)
  • read the module story aloud with your family- you can take turns to read different sections
  • find the 6 errors in the box (see pictures below)- Miss McConnell will post answers in a picture on Friday

Groups 1 and 2

Task: Find the 6 errors

“Sit on this chair,” instructid Willow she started to mix up a bowl of maroon goo. Will you be putting that stuff on my hair gasped Rowan.

Group 3

Task: Find the 7 errors

“Yes!” said the king when he saw it he led Kay into a grand hall filled with hay. “When the sun sets, you must spin al this hey into gold, he sed.

Week beginning 23rd March

Group 1 and 2: Lorna

Group 3: Big Malc