Head Teacher Post

Sports Day – All Together Again!

An enormous thank you to everyone who was able to attend one of last week’s fantastic sports day sessions. It felt like a proper reunion of our school community after these difficult last years. The sun was out and our part of Leith Links was full of families who had come to cheer on their sports stars during their potted sports circuit. A big thank you again to LPPC who were selling amazing-looking baked goods to help raise profits for the school such as our recent whole-school subscription to Linguascope which supports pupils’ French, Spanish and English language skills. Again, a big thank you to Duke Street Tesco who supplied the cold pops as a welcome treat for pupils. It was also lovely to welcome helpers from Leith Academy pupils, some of who were ex-Leith Primary pupils. We hope that this will be the first of many more opportunities for parents, carers and families and share some time with their young people at school.

Welcome to P1 Sessions (Take 1, 2 & 3!)

On Thursday 9th June at 9.30am, we will welcome parents/carers and their children who will be starting at Leith Primary in August to meet their new teachers.

We would like to extend the invite to our current P1 and P2 parents who were unable to attend a session like this in person due to the lockdown restrictions. A second session will run from 11am in the gym hall for any interested parents. Afterwards they will have the opportunity to have a tour around the school and ask any questions about anything they are still unsure about.

Class Photos

A reminder to order your class photos on Parent Pay for your child or children by FRIDAY 10TH JUNE. Please make sure you order against each child if you have more than one at the school / nursery.

There is a Standard and a Funny photo for each class (except Nursery) and they are £3 each.

You can view the photos before ordering here:  

Password – LP2022classphotos

A big thank you to LPPC for organising the photo shoot to help raise funds to support the school.

100% Attainment Success for P7b

A huge congratulations to all the pupils in Primary 7b who have attained Second Level in all the main assessed aspects of the curriculum, Listening & Talking, Reading, Writing and Numeracy. This is the first time an entire class have achieved 100% attainment in all areas since the Curriculum for Excellence was full adopted by Leith Primary in 2010. We are enormously proud of their achievements, particularly in the light of the challenges of the last two years. Key indicators of their success in learning is a love of reading for pleasure and ongoing support and interest in pupil learning progress from parents. P7a also had strong attainment across the board in all areas. A collective well done to all the teachers and support staff over the years for their continued nurturing and encouragement of this year group. For the next few weeks, we look forward to enjoying their talents in acting, singing and dancing in their production of Bugsy Malone.

Supporting Children’s Mental Health

We understand that many young people are experiencing increased levels of anxiety and low mood which can be expressed in fears and phobias, issues with sleep, poor behaviour and tantrums and other concerning behaviours. The NHS have produced a number of resources to support parents who often feel helpless in knowing the right thing to do. Please get in touch with school staff if you are concerned about your child’s mental wellbeing so we can support.