Head Teacher’s Post

It has been a funny week this week. Having just been off for a fortnight, pupils were absent on Monday and Tuesday meaning Friday has come around very quickly!

Staff spent Tuesday reviewing the highlights of the year and areas for further development next session. One thing is for sure, we love how quickly things appear to be getting back to normal.

Families still should be vigilant for possible COVID symptoms and should continue to support children with good hand hygiene. Pupils should now only stay at home if very unwell as usual, or if there is a positive COVID test result.

Rights Respecting School

Our pupils are well on their way to achieving a Rights Respecting School Silver Award. Today at assembly, our Rights Champions shared what they have been up to this year and what the plans are for next session. Watch their presentation here:

Diversity Week Is Coming!

From Monday 16th May, Leith Primary School will celebrate the wonderful diversity we love in our school and community.

All classes will have a session with Show Racism the Red Card, there will be drumming lessons, cooking groups, P7 Enterprise activities with a diversity theme, special assemblies and the famous Diversity Day Parade across Leith Links where we wave our flags, wear our self-designed t-shirts, make a noise and let the local community see and hear how we proud we are to be Leithers united.

On Tuesday 17th, we are hosting a Cultural Dress Day. All pupils are encouraged to dress in a way that represents their cultural identity. This can be interpreted as broadly as pupils would like so tartan, sari, shalwar kameez, toub, stroje ludowe will be as welcome as Brownie, Scout or Tae Kwon Do uniforms or even favourite colours or outfits (but no football colours please). We cannot wait to celebrate!

A reminder that class and nursery group photos will be happening on Monday 23rd May. All school pupils should wear school sweatshirt/ school colours that day please.

Thank you!

Holiday Club Support for Children with a Disability

Well Done Hard Working Leithers!

It was a very welcome return to our hard copy Recognition Book today in assembly. Pupils burst into spontaneous applause when it was produced! It was such a joy to share hot chocolate together in the lunch hall afterwards to celebrate.

Sarvesh Primary 1/2Sarvesh has been working so hard in literacy and has been challenging himself to add more detail to his sentences. You should be very proud of the progress you are making Sarvesh, well done! 
BhodiPrimary 1aBhodi has been trying his very hardest this week in all areas. He has also been thinking of ways to be helpful to his friends. 
CormacPrimary 1bCormac has been trying really hard during our carpet sessions, showing super listening and making fantastic contributions when learning about living things and pictograms. Well done, Cormac!
Keira Primary 2Keira has been a great Primary 2 team-mate this week.  She supported her group for their Space presentation and was able to share her facts really well. Keira has also been a fantastic tidy-upper this week making sure the P2 classroom is a pleasant place to learn in and everything is in the right place.  Keira also created an excellent moon buggy this week, clearly thinking out and planning her model .  Well done Keira and keep up the good work.
HenryPrimary 3aHenry has been a very resilient learner this week by not giving up on his learning tasks even when they were challenging. He has also been a very helpful member of our class, making sure that all of our pens and glues have their lids on once we are finished with them. Well done, Henry! 
TempyPrimary 3bTempy has been working hard on reading aloud and is so confident now! Well done! 
AlfiePrimary 4aAlfie always shares his answers confidently and enthusiastically. This week he was very kind, understanding and supportive to a classmate. Well done Alfie 🙂 
VarshithPrimary 4bVarshith has settled really well into the class this week!  Well done Varshith, it’s a pleasure having you in the class!  We’re looking forward to working with you!  Ms Harris
ZaraPrimary 5aWell done Zara for writing a super character description of the demon bear using a variety of interesting adjectives and demonstrating an understanding of the character.
VivianPrimary 5bWell done to Vivian who wrote a fantastic story about the demon bear, using outstandingly descriptive language.
NikoPrimary 6Well done to Niko for a great performance during his Trinity House rehearsal this week
MelodyPrimary 7aMelody made a detailed and eye-catching leaflet all about the roaring 20s!  Well done Melody.
SarahPrimary 7bWell done to Sarah for doing brilliantly on her SNSA reading test this week – excellent work!!