Head Teacher Post

Farewell Mrs Leslie

After twenty-seven years of committed service to Leith Primary School, our wonderful Pupil Support Assistant, Mrs Isabel Leslie will retire this week on Wednesday lunchtime. As one of our longest serving members of staff, Mrs Leslie has supported hundreds of pupils over the years, including some of our pupils’ mums and dads! She started her role supporting a younger pupil with additional support needs in the school nursery before joining the staff team in the main school building two years later. Mrs Leslie has undertaken a huge amount of additional training through out her carer enabling her to support pupils with early numeracy and literacy skills, social and emotional skills, fine and gross motor skills, speech and language development and supporting pupils with bereavement and loss. One of her innate talents has been her ability to quickly form a positive relationship with almost every pupil and parent she has worked with, providing humour, care and a listening ear in equal measure. Mrs Leslie has supported a large number of new Pupil Support Assistants during the years when the nature of the work has radically changed from photocopying and hearing reading groups to the skilled support of pupils with a range of complex additional needs. She has modelled positivity, resilience and commitment to the needs of the child and has gone over and above on numerous occasions. We will miss her infectious laugher and caring attitude towards others. Thank you Mrs Leslie for everything you have done for Leith Primary School over nearly three decades! We wish you a long, happy and healthy retirement.

Health Week 2022

This week is Leith Primary School’s annual Health Week – a week where we celebrate and explore different ways to keep ourselves healthy both physically and mentally. Children will be given the opportunity to try out activities such as dance, parkour, rugby and Tae Kwon Do. Pupils will also look at healthy eating, mindfulness and the importance of a good night’s sleep. Keep an eye on Twitter for all the action.


Ramadan Mubarak to all our Muslim families who are fasting during this holy month. Some of our older pupils will also be fasting, some for the first time. Pupils who wish to will have the opportunity to observe prayer time in school with a member of staff.

Easter Holidays – Return to Usual Start & Finish Times

A reminder that school breaks for Easter on Friday for two weeks. Everyone returns on Monday 25th April at the pre-COVID time of 8.50am for all year groups. Class lines will remain in the same place as they are now until further notice. Finish times will revert back to 3.15pm Monday to Thursday and 12.25pm for P3-P7 classes and 3.00pm Monday to Thursday and 12 Noon on Friday for P1 and P2. Parents and carers should continue to wait for pupils outside the main door and gates. We kindly request that nursery parents use only the black side gate to avoid further congestion in the playground.

Family Support and Learning

The new Support for Families information pages on the council website has been updated at www.edinburgh.gov.uk/supportforfamilies

These pages contain valuable up to date information on the free or low cost programmes, activities and groups available for families.

If you need help finding support for you or your child, email supportingparentsandcarers@edinburgh.gov.uk


Well Done to These Hard Working Leithers

It’s a bumper three-week roll-over list recognising the wonderful hard work and positive attitudes of our fantastic learners.

MatthewPrimary 1aMatthew has been trying very hard in phonics this week and has been showing kindness and responsibility by helping others during phonics time.
VivaanPrimary 5bFor his incredible black and white ‘Dig for Victory’ poster
JaydenPrimary 1bJayden has been working really hard this week and has shared lots of fantastic ideas during our carpet sessions. Great job, Jayden!
Louis SPrimary 7bLouis is in the Recognition book for his supportive and encouraging attitude towards others. He always helps anyone having difficulties and is able to encourage others, making him an excellent classmate and supportive friend. Well done Louis!
KieranPrimary 3bKieran has been working so hard recently in class and made so much progress with his writing and spelling. We are all very proud of him! Keep it up Kieran!
NadiaPrimary 7aNadia has been working well supporting the P7 production of Bugsy Malone.  She has taken her role seriously.  Well done Nadia! 🙂
AngusPrimary 4bAngus regularly shows his athletic talents during our P.E lessons!  He is speedy and stealthy during our balls games, showing great reflexes when catching and throwing.  Well done Angus, you’re a real sportsman in the making!  Ms Harris
TamerPrimary 2This week Tamer has been showing excellent listening skills and getting himself ready to learn when he is asked. He has been taking part and sharing his learning in class discussions and supporting his classmates as well. He has been an excellent team mate this week, helping others tidy up and reminding others to be ready too.  Keep up the good work Tamer!
RahimPrimary 1/2Rahim has really enjoyed learning about the sun and moon during science this week. Thank you for always being so enthusiastic about your learning, Rahim!
CaydenPrimary 6Cayden puts a great deal of thought into creating poetic and descriptive stories in spelling tasks. Well done Cayden!
AlmaPrimary 1aAlma has been sharing some brilliant ideas during group time and has been working particularly hard to write her name this week. Well done Alma!
KieranPrimary 3bKieran worked really well in PE this week, helping and supporting others.  Well done!
OmerPrimary 1/2Omer has shone this week! He has been making impressive progress in reading and is confident spotting lots of tricky words as well as using the sounding out strategy to read unfamiliar words. We are so proud of you Omer!
JohnathanPrimary 5bHis progress this week when using brackets to solve multi step multiplications
CordyPrimary 4bCordy has a very mature attitude in school and puts a full effort into all she does.  Well done Cordy, you’re a wonderful example to your peers!  Ms Harris
KeiraPrimary 7aKeira has been working hard on her enterprise topic-creating a stop motion video and planning a gymnastics class.  She is working well in a team!  Well done Keira 🙂
NapiuPrimary 1aNapiu has been working hard this week to share his knowledge about dinosaurs with the group. Well done Napiu!
JamesPrimary 5bJames should be recognised for his quick and accurate recall of number facts during numeracy lessons – well done James!
PoppyPrimary 2Poppy has been focused in her literacy tasks this week, sharing her understanding of ‘magic e’ and being ready and challenging herself in her reading.  Poppy has also been challenging herself in numeracy, trying out different ways to use her counting skills to solve addition problems.  In our science learning Poppy also came up with a good hypothesis after looking at our model of the sun and earth that it looked small as it was far away and helped to prove this with our model we created outside. Great thinking Poppy!
AhmedPrimary 7aAhmed has been doing some fantastic marketing for his enterprise group: the footie hub.  Well done Ahmed-fantastic entrepreneurial spirit being demonstrated.
JulietPrimary 3bJuliet has been working really hard on presentation, well done!
DorcasPrimary 1bDorcas was practising one of our school rules as she behaved safely during our Spring Walk round the park. She showed good listening and walked sensibly with her partner. Well done, Dorcas!
AmeenahPrimary 5aAmeenah has demonstrated the school rules by being responsible and ready to learn. She has done particularly well with developing her skills in the swimming pool. Well done Ameenah!
Rubi-AnnePrimary 4aRubi-Anne always works hard in all subjects, she sets a good example to all following the school rules and treats everyone with respect.
AyoPrimary 3aAyo has been a very helpful member of our class this week! He did a fantastic job of helping to clean up after our Spring painting activity and has been a respectful role model to the rest of the class when walking around the school. Well done, Ayo!
SnithikPrimary 3aSnithik has worked incredibly hard on becoming more independent in his learning, He has shown a positive attitude to his tasks this week and is making super progress. Well done, Snithik!
JaivikPrimary 1/2Jaivik is a very kind and respectful member of our class who goes out of his way to help others and to look after our classroom. We feel very lucky to have you in our class!
RubyPrimary 7bRuby is in the Recognition Book for her excellent 50-word fiction about a blackbird. She really created a powerful plot in few words.  Well done Ruby!
LewisPrimary 6Lewis listened well and joined in with drama confidently during our class trip. Well done , Lewis!