Red Nose Day at Leith Primary

On Friday, pupils are welcome to wear their Red Noses, dress down or wear a Superhero costume (if they have one!) We will be selling official Red Noses at school for anyone who would like one. They can be bought from school for £1.50 on ParentPay only using this link: General donations for Comic Relief can also be given via this link.

Some of the money raised this year will be going towards supporting displaced families from Ukraine and other war-torn countries. Money from Comic Relief also supports many great causes for children and adults living in difficult circumstances all over the UK. You can find out where the money goes here:

Thank you for any support you can give or for just joining in with the fun!

Head Teacher Post

Fourth Green Flag Awarded

Congratulations to our Eco School Committee who worked successfully to achieve our fourth Green Flag award. The application was put together by the committee of pupils and supported by Mrs Young, who has taken over this role from Mrs Hind. Here is some of the feedback the group received on their new action plan from the Eco-Schools Team Assessor:

You are making good use of the Noticeboard to share your Eco-Schools work with the whole school. It is good to see that completing the Environmental Review has helped you establishing your Action Plan. Your actions are very positive, and it is wonderful to see that the pupils are going to cover a really good range of issues on this journey. I look forward to hearing about what happens on this journey, what you learned and the impact of your actions on the school and wider community.

Congratulations also goes to Mrs Young who was successful in obtaining a £1000 Sustainable Food Growing grant which will be used to support rejuvenating our raised planters in the playground.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

A reminder again to any parents who missed the Virtual Parent-Teacher meetings last week that you can still arrange an appointment to speak to your child’s class teacher about their progress in learning. Please email the school admin email or call the school office to arrange a time. Ms Christensen and Mrs Fraser will reschedule appointments for parents in the next week.

Old Board Games

Small groups of children have been enjoying working in small groups on a range of social and friendship skills with our wonderful team of Pupil Support Assistants. They would like to build up a supply of age-appropriate board games such as Uno, Connect Four, Whatever Next and simple jigsaws of less than 100 pieces. If you have any complete board games or jigsaws like this at home that you would be willing to donate, we would be very happy to put them to good use. Please hand them in to the school office.

Family Support Plus Leith Primary Pantry

Our food pantry is open every Wednesday from 2.30pm-3.30pm at the right-hand side/nursery entrance. Danni Taylor, one of our Family Support Workers, will be on hand to support and to have a chat.

If you would like to meet with either Danni or Liz, our two Family Support Workers, about anything to do with your child including behaviour, learning, home routines, additional support needs, health, friendships, classroom or school issues or matters related to your home, your family situation, finances, including benefits and debt management, getting back to work, your mental health or anything that might impact on your or your child’s wellbeing, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Liz Johnstone ( or Danni Taylor ( Liz works with us on Tuesdays and Danni on Wednesdays. You can arrange an appointment with them via our school office or by emailing them directly.

Well Done to Another Group of Hard Working Leithers!

We had a few classes missing this week due to staff absence. Back to normal next week.

MatthewPrimary 1aMatthew has been trying very hard in phonics this week and has been showing kindness and responsibility by helping others during phonics time.
VivaanPrimary 5bFor his incredible black and white ‘Dig for Victory’ poster
JaydenPrimary 1bJayden has been working really hard this week and has shared lots of fantastic ideas during our carpet sessions. Great job, Jayden!
LouisPrimary 7bLouis is in the Recognition book for his supportive and encouraging attitude towards others. He always helps anyone having difficulties and is able to encourage others, making him an excellent classmate and supportive friend. Well done Louis!
KieranPrimary 3bKieran has been working so hard recently in class and made so much progress with his writing and spelling. We are all very proud of him! Keep it up Kieran!
NadiaPrimary 7aNadia has been working well supporting the P7 production of Bugsy Malone.  She has taken her role seriously.  Well done Nadia! 🙂
AngusPrimary 4bAngus regularly shows his athletic talents during our P.E lessons!  He is speedy and stealthy during our balls games, showing great reflexes when catching and throwing.  Well done Angus, you’re a real sportsman in the making!  Ms Harris
TamerPrimary 2This week Tamer has been showing excellent listening skills and getting himself ready to learn when he is asked. He has been taking part and sharing his learning in class discussions and supporting his classmates as well. He has been an excellent team mate this week, helping others tidy up and reminding others to be ready too.  Keep up the good work Tamer!
RahimPrimary 1/2Rahim has really enjoyed learning about the sun and moon during science this week. Thank you for always being so enthusiastic about your learning, Rahim!

Head Teacher Post

One of the new playground signs

This week at assembly, we spoke a little bit about the war in Ukraine. We recognised the wonderful kindness of countries like Poland are providing Ukrainians seeking refuge and the bravery of many Russians who are protesting the war, at great risk to their own safety. We also spoke about the remarkable resilience of the Ukrainian people.

Also at assembly, our school Equalities group launched our new Anti-Bullying Policy. We are very excited that from Monday we will have Playground Buddies who will support others with any problems they are having with unkind behaviour. You can watch the Equalities Group presentation here:

Sustainable Food Growing Grant

Congratulations to Mrs Young and the Eco Committee for successfully winning a Sustainable Food Growing project grant for the school. This will support us to continue gardening work in our raised beds in the playground. We cannot wait to see what is grown. The Eco Committee have also been busy putting together their application for the school’s fourth Green Flag award. Despite two lockdowns, the school has continued its strong commitment to learning for sustainability and we look forward to celebrating all our hard work on successful completion of the process soon.

Parent-Teacher Consultations

Many thanks to everyone who attended their virtual parent-teacher consultation this week. We hope that this is the last virtual parents meetings event we have and that next session, we can welcome parents back into the school again. Mrs Fraser and Ms Christensen will re-schedule their appointments on their return. If you had technical difficulties or could not make your appointment, please call the school office to arrange a call with your child’s teacher next week.

Playground Signs

A very big thank you to LPPC, our parent council, for buying the school our new playground signs. We have lots more to put up around the playground such as our Restoration Station (above) that helps pupils to repair friendships when things go wrong at break or lunch. Other signs promote a Growth Mindset and positive attitude. We even have some signs that help us with our times tables. These were bought with some of the proceeds from the school calendars and pupil photographs. The fundraising of LPPC is such a great support to the school in so many ways. Thank you again to them for the donation to the school to buy these signs and thank you to all the parents who bought a school calendar, pupil photograph, school Christmas card pack or supported LPPC in some other way.

COVID Absences

We have had some more absences through COVID again this week. Children have reported having a high fever, which remains one of the classic symptoms to look out for. Please continue to support the COVID mitigations over the next few weeks and let us know if your child does test positive.

Support for Families

The Support for Families website has recently been updated with new opportunities for support and family learning the local community and around Edinburgh. You can see what there is to offer here:

Well Done to All This Week’s Hard Working Leithers

BellaPrimary 1/2Bella always has a positive attitude towards her learning and loves new challenges! Some fantastic independent writing through play this week. Well done, Bella!
ZerinPrimary 1aZerin has been trying very hard in phonics this week and has also been a super tidy up helper. Well done Zerin!
ArianaPrimary 1bAriana has been so helpful this week! She has done a super job of keeping our classroom tidy and was supporting friends with their learning as they showed them how to do an art task. We’re so lucky to have you, Ariana!
FreyaPrimary 3aFreya is always a happy, helpful member of our class who has a wonderful attitude to learning and tries her best  in all of her learning activities. She has worked extremely hard on improving her reading this term and is always excited to share what she has been reading with the class. Well done, Freya!
ShaniahPrimary 3bShaniah has been making great progress spelling Common Words this week – well done!
KeiraPrimary 4aKeira continues to show a positive attitude to her learning in class. This week we have been learning a new strategy in Maths and Keira has demonstrated she can use the strategy very well. Great work Keira!
MarioPrimary 4bMario has made fantastic progress with his reading skills.  He is decoding more difficult words, using punctuation really well and is reading with fluency.  Well done Mario!  Ms Harris
RosaPrimary 5aRosa has been nominated by Mr Stuart for demonstrating great community spirit in her lodge and showing super resilience and determination on the ski slopes during the skiing residential last week at Lagganlia.
RoryPrimary 5bRory wrote a very descriptive acrostic poem as part of our WW2 topic.  He then shared his work with two other pupils so they could copy it.
IseluonaPrimary 6For being an excellent role model to the rest of the class. Iseluona is an organised, independent and motivated learner. Please keep up the good work!
MelodyPrimary 7aMelody has been working well in a group as always! She supports others and makes sure everyone feels involved and valued.  Well done Melody.
Zac SPrimary 7bZac is in the Recognition Book for being an excellent class member! He always tries his best and focuses on his work. He is a kind and caring classmate and always sets a good example for others. Well done Zac! Keep up the good work.