Head Teacher Post

Team Leith Go Skiing

It has been another busy week for our pupils. No, this is not a photo of the Links on Wednesday! Snow fell in both Leith and The Lecht Ski Centre where a group of thirty-two P5, P6 and P7 pupils have been going to practice their skills on the slopes the week. Delighted that recent COVID mitigations were lifted just in time, the group travelled up to their base at Lagganlia Outdoor Education Centre on Wednesday and will return sometime on Friday evening. Leith Primary School is one of only two primary schools in Edinburgh who take groups of children to ski and snowboard on the snowy slopes in the north of Scotland each year. We are particularly thrilled that we have been able to do this once again this year after a hiatus last year due to COVID. Outdoor Learning and residential trips bring a range of benefits to children that extends far beyond the snow sports they do on the slopes. Pupils learn how to become independent, work as a team, problem solve and build resilience for the future – all skills much sought after by employers, colleges and university. Most importantly, pupils have a lot of fun in the outdoors regardless of the weather, something that has proven benefits for maintaining positive mental health. I already cannot wait to hear their tales.

Parent/Carer Consultations

A reminder again that Parent Consultations will take place via video call this Thursday and Friday (3rd and 4th March). All parents and carers should have received a link prompting them to book an appointment with their child’s class teacher. This is a chance to get an overview of how your child is progressing in their learning. If you feel that you would like to discuss something that will require more time, please telephone the school office to arrange a longer phone call or meeting.

World Book Day – Thursday 3rd March

A reminder that next Thursday is World Book Day. Children are invited to dress up (if they want to) as an adjective (describing word eg; stripy, blue, sporty, sleepy) or one of their favourite book characters. This is just for fun and no money will be collected. Book and reading related activities will take place through out the day. Encouraging your child to read for pleasure is one of the best ways to improve their progress in learning overall. All primary school aged children benefit from being read to by a parent or family member – yes, even P7s! Modelling reading to your child is a great way to encourage them to develop a lifelong love of reading. Books and audiobooks can be borrowed from McDonald Road Library once you have joined. Leith Library will be handed back to Edinburgh Council at the end of March and we hope will reopen again shortly after that. Here is the Leith Library Facebook page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/LeithLibrary/

Well Done to These Hard Working Leithers!

Nathan Primary 1/2Nathan has been consistently respectful and ready to learn, actively listening and taking part enthusiastically in all class activities. 
AlynPrimary 1aAlyn has been trying incredibly hard this week to show kindness. He has been volunteering for tasks and thinking of ways to be helpful. Well done Alyn!
SkandPrimary 1bSkand has had a fantastic first week back! He has been trying really hard in phonics and showed kindness to a friend in class by offering to share the paper plane he made with them. We’re so happy to have you back, Skand!
AbedPrimary 3aAbed is always looking to challenge himself and has a good attitude to his learning. He has worked really hard in his maths and and has made super progress with his subtraction skills this week. Well done, Abed! 
DiegoPrimary 3bDiego has been a fantastic class member, reminding us to be sensible, silent and safe when leaving the classroom. Thank you for helping us with our school rules!
AnujPrimary 4aAnuj has been working very hard in maths lessons this week. He is becoming increasingly confident in using his knowledge of times tables to work out more complex problems and is eager to participate in class. Keep up the good work Anuj!
Iona Primary 4bIona has settled in really well to Leith Primary, over the last few weeks!  She has made a big effort to get to know classroom routines and has made some good friends already!  Well done Iona, it’s lovely to have you in our class!  Ms Harris
RemazPrimary 5bRemaz for her incredible progress in maths.  This week she is nominated for being the only person in her group to complete a problem solving task independently. 
AntoniPrimary 5aAntoni has  contributed to discussion, done some personal research and created a detailed figure in modelling clay as we have been learning about Wojtek, the soldier bear. Great work Antos!
IslaPrimary 6For perseverance when working onlearning the formal method in division. Well done Isla, you did really well!
SummerPrimary 7aSummer had a great Thursday and despite not feeling well worked well with her peers to organise a singing club.  She showed that she has the ability to work well in teams and take a leadership role.  Fantastic work Summer!
Louis L Primary 7bFor his super work on his spooky setting in writing. Louis worked really hard and stayed focused throughout our writing sessions.  He included similes and wow words and definitely gave the reader a sense of mystery.  Well done Louis! 

Head Teacher Post

These are some of the wonderful photographs that our talented Primary 7s took for a recent art lesson. We are very lucky to have such a wide range of talents at Leith Primary School; musical, sporting, artistic, linguistic, mathematical, interpersonal and much more. Our Pupil Council are keen to celebrate this and have chosen to focus on developing new ways to raise the profile of our pupils’ wider achievements both in and out of school. We love finding out about what our pupils get up to in their free time and recognise that hobbies are such an important part of pupil’s overall development. Get in touch if you would like us to help your child try out a new after school activity or to share a recent success. Who knows what other undiscovered talents we have?

Parent/Carer-Teacher Consultations

A reminder that the next parent-teacher consultations will be held on Thursday 3rd from 4pm-6.30pm and Friday 4th March from 1pm-3.30pm. Unfortunately, we must continue to host these by video call again. Bookings will open when we return after the mid-term break. These meetings offer an opportunity for class teachers to summarise how your child is progressing in their learning. If there is something you would like to discuss in more detail please get in touch to arrange a phone call or Teams call on a different date.

Let Us Know Your Views

We are always keen to find out about what you think is going well for your child and what we as a school could do differently. We would appreciate if you could spare a few minutes to let us know your thoughts. Click here. Survey close on February 28th.

Roll Over Week of Celebrations for our Hard Working Leithers

We look forward to welcoming everyone back on Monday 21st February at the usual times.