We are so proud of these fabulous Leithers!

TabithaPrimary 1/2Tabitha is an incredibly kind, hard-working and respectful member of our class and sets a wonderful example to all her peers.  Tabitha is a friend to all in P1/2 and she should be very proud of herself. 
StanleyPrimary 1aStanley has been working extra hard this week on using kind words and good manners with everyone in the school. Well done Stanley!
Korra Primary 1bKorra is a very responsible member of our class. She is a super listener and demonstrates how to sit beautifully during carpet time every day. Keep up the fantastic work, Korra!
ScarlettPrimary 2In her writing this week Scarlett applied what she had learnt, and didn’t give up when it was challenging. She should be proud of her perseverance.
RobertPrimary 3aRobert has been working hard this week in numeracy. I have been really impressed with his enthusiasm and perseverance. He is making great progress, keep it up Robert!
SophiePrimary 3bSophie had been very kind, considerate and helpful all week. Thank you!
AndrewPrimary 4aAndrew always works hard and participates in all lessons. He can work with any partner and is a positive, valued and responsible member of P4a. Well done Andrew 🙂 
AmosPrimary 4bAmos has challenged himself and put in a huge effort to pick up the pace with his work and contribute more of his great ideas during discussions.  Well done Amos!   Ms Harris
StanleyPrimary 5aStanley is a responsible and hardworking member of our class and a great role model. Thank you Stanley!
Rikki-Leigh and VivaanPrimary 5bBoth nominated for their effort in our planet design task.  
AylaPrimary 6Ayla is a Leither who always perseveres. She is a resilient learner who never gives up in the face of a challenge. Well done Ayla!! 
Lily Primary 7aLily is a fantastic role model for the class.  She shares her ideas readily and consistently tries her best.  Well done Lily!
NadiaPrimary 7aNadia has shown resilience and growth mindset towards our work in Maths.  She doesn’t easily give up!  Well done Nadia :).
Heidi Primary 7bFor her detailed and accurate summary of her novel in our literature circle. Heidi identified all the main parts of what she had read and could discuss them confidently. Well done Heidi! 
Daisy Primary 7bDaisy wrote an excellent diary entry showing the impact of the Jim Crow laws.  She included lots of details showing their unfairness and the emotional impact that would have had on people affected.  It really transported the reader.  Well done!