Bumper Recognition for Our Star Pupils!

Friday 17th September

Omer Primary 1/2Omer values the importance of being kind and everyday he goes out of his way to show this to his classmates. I’ve been particularly impressed with how he supports his friends in class and the way he cares for others. Thank you for being you, Omer! 
EmmaPrimary 1aEmma is such a kind and helpful member of our class. She is very mature and responsible and takes every opportunity to help both friends and adults in the class and playground.
Cormac Primary 1bCormac has been showing fantastic manners to everyone in the school and is very respectful. He always shows he is ready to learn and enjoys sharing his ideas in class. Well done Cormac!
GloriaPrimary 3aGloria is an all round super star – she is kind and helpful, she works hard on her tasks, she is enthusiastic and is always ready to learn. 
Mati Primary 3bFor always being enthuasiastic in his work and being a kind, caring and helpful pupil. Well done!
LelandPrimary 4aLeland has worked very hard this week, he has tried his best and been extra helpful around the classroom. Keep up the good work Leland. 
AlexanderPrimary 5aAlexander is a responsible member of our class, ready to learn and working hard. Keep up the great efforts Alexander!
KaiPrimary 6Kai overcame a real difficulty this week. He showed resilience, by continuing to work hard and by taking part in in all activities, determined to do his best. Well done Kai!
IslaPrimary 7bFor her excellent research on Abraham Lincoln which she then used to create a bright, colourful and informative poster. Also for her enthusiasm and hard work as a prefect! Well done Isla! 

Friday 10th September

Louise Primary 1/2Louise has worked incredibly hard this week and always has a positive attitude towards her learning. She listens attentively and enjoys being challenged with new concepts! Well done, Louise. We are very proud of you! 
SamPrimary 1aSam has been trying very hard this week to listen to instructions. He has also been playing with lots of different friends and shows excellent manners towards everyone in school. Well done Sam!
Jayden Primary 1bJayden has been a fantastic helper in the class. He always goes above and beyond when tidying up and comes to check on other class members when they are feeling sad. We are very lucky to have you in our class, Jayden! Well done!
DarcyPrimary 3aDarcy is making great progress this term. She gets stuck into challenges and games and is always ready to help others with their learning. 
AnnabellePrimary 3bFor being kind and thoughtful to a classmate when they needed help. Well done!
MayaPrimary 4aMaya has shown kindness to all to week. She has been extra helpful to her peers and to adults. She has set a great example for all to follow. Well done Maya! 
ChristopherPrimary 5a Christopher has shown a  responsible and hard working attitude to his learning this week, Keep up the good work Christopher!
River Primary 5bFor completing our problem solver starter first!
Ella Primary 6Ella has been a kind and helpful class member this week. She never hesitates to step in when jobs need to be done. She is happy to offer her support to any pupil who needs it and she approaches almost every task with enthusiasm. 
Summer Primary 7aSummer produced a beautiful piece of writing this week. She wrote a diary entry using paragraphs and lots of emotive language. Well done Summer! 
KadePrimary 7bFor his great work as Word finder in his literature circle. Kade chose interesting words and offered great definitions. He was also able to answer questions about the text and discuss his answers and provide evidence for them. Well done Kade!