Brilliant Work & Attitudes Recognised

Nathan Primary 1/2Nathan has had a fantastic start to P1 and is always ready to learn. He listens carefully at the carpet and enjoys sharing his ideas with the class.  Well done Nathan, you are a star! 
ArronPrimary 1aArron goes out of his way to be kind and helpful to others, often offering help before he has even been asked. Well done Arron!
Ariana Primary 1bAriana has been a super listener and always sits beautifully on the carpet. She has also been very quick at tidying and sets a fantastic example for the rest of P1b. Well done Ariana!
LoganPrimary 3aLogan has worked hard this week on being on the carpet ready to learn. He has excelled in our maths challenges and has helped others with their learning. Well done!
KalebPrimary 3bAfter Kaleb had accidentally bumped into someone in the playground, he was very apologetic and helped to pick the boy up. He then asked if the boy was ok and made sure he had someone with him. He showed real responsibility and kindness. 
CorynPrimary 4aCoryn works hard and tries her best at all times. She shows kindness and consideration to all and is very helpful to her classmates. 
ZaraPrimary 5aWell done Zara for the outstanding neat layout and presentation of your written literacy work. Keep it up!
WedgdanPrimary 5bWegdan remembers the lunch crate before and after lunch every day, it’s a small job that makes a big difference.  Thanks!
CharliePrimary 6Charlie has been very responsible and reliable in P6 when carrying out his classroom responsibilities. He also always ensures that his work is done to the best of his ability. Well done Charlie!
NoelPrimary 7aNoel is a fantastic team player and supports his classmates well across the board.  He tries his best and acts responsibly.  He has also been sharing his knowledge on football with the class which has been lovely to see!  
Louis S Primary 7bFor his great selection of words as word finder in his group’s first literature circle. He also had great definition explanations.