Welcome Back Our Hardworking Leithers!

Brooke Primary 1aBrooke has had a brilliant first full week in P1! She has been showing fantastic manners to everyone and is always ready to learn. We feel lucky to have her in P1a! Well done Brooke.
Damon Primary 1bDamon has settled really well into P1. He has been super at keeping our class tidy and helping others tidy up. He has also been using his imagination to make lots of fantastic things using the cubes such as ice cream and chocolate!
Elisha Primary 7bFor making a brilliant start to P7. Elisha has consistently demonstrated her maturity by showing respect to others and giving her best effort in everything she is asked to do. Fantastic! 
Ben Primary 6Ben has worked hard to complete all the jobs on his task sheet this week. He is making progress with being polite to adults too. Well done Ben!
SanaPrimary 7aSana has come back to school with enthusiasm.  She has been helpful, kind and goes out of her way to be a great role model.  Well done Sana!
Dash Primary 4bDash has shown fantastic listening since the beginning of term and has had a great attitude to trying new activities.  Well done Dash, you’re a star!  Ms Harris
Rosa Primary 5aRosa has made a super start to P5 being ready to learn and successfully completing independent activities.
Taylor Primary 1/2Taylor has demonstrated what a responsible member of our class she is through her role as timetable monitor this week. She has set an excellent example to her peers and has helped to keep us all organised. Well done, Taylor! 
SharanPrimary 2Since returning to school Sharan has shown kindness to everyone. He has been unfailingly helpful and polite and should be very proud of himself.
PollyPrimary 3bPolly has had a great start to P3, showing a kind and helpful attitude at all times. Well done!
LuciaPrimary 3aLucia has had a fantastic start to p3. She sits beautifully on the carpet, she works hard on her tasks and treats others with kindness and respect. 
Mia  Primary 5bConcentrated on a tricky place value maths task, completed it very accurately in the end!