Well done to our final group of hard working Leithers!

Max Primary 1aMax has been showing great focus and hard work in writing this week. He kept going even when it was tricky and should be really proud of himself. Well done Max!
Martha Primary 1bMartha tries her very best everyday and goes out of her way to show kindness and respect to everyone.  Thank you Martha for being such a positive role model for our school this year! 
Sunny Primary 2aSunny has been a wonderful role model in P2A this week. He has shown kindness and has been a caring friend to everyone. Well done Sunny! 
Harry Primary 2bHarry has been working hard this week trying to keep our playground tidy! He has been picking up litter, making posters to help keep the playground tidy and made a video to raise awareness! Well done! 
AlexanderPrimary 3bAlexander has worked exceptionally hard on his learning this week. He has been extremely focused and determined – particularly when writing detailed setting descriptions. 
DinaPrimary 4aDina has showed all the school values all year. She is kind, persevering and respectful to both staff and pupils. She always tries her best and works hard. Well done Dina !
GracePrimary 4bGrace is kind respectfully contributes to our class activities and discussions and was a great co-operative partner when building a motte and bailey castle.
Mya Primary 5Mya always puts 100% in to her work.  She has been making particularly good progress in literacy recently.
Yifan Primary 6aThis week Yifan wrote a fantastic script for a imaginary chat show starring the characters from our class novel. 
Isla Primary 6bIsla has been a joy to teach from start to finish this year.  She tries hard, listens and communicates well, achieves her goals and shows kindness to her peers.  Well done Isla.
Rida Primary 7aRida is in the recognition book for always giving 100% effort to each task. She is always polite and well behaved and sets an excellent example to others. Well done Rida! 
Haris Primary 7bHaris was so helpful in class- tidying up the resources and ensuring that everything was clean and tidy. Well done and thank you!