Recognised for Being Really Hardworking This Week!

Stefka Primary 1aStefka has been working really hard in phonics this week and has been trying to be a kind friend. Well done Stefka!
Omer Primary 1bOmer has been incredibly kind and helpful in the classroom this week. He has also shown lots of enthusiasm during phonics and has been ready to learn everyday! Well done, Omer. 
Henry Primary 2aHenry worked so hard this week. He was motivated and took every opportunity to challenge himself with his literacy and numeracy which was wonderful to see. Well done on a super week! You should be very proud of yourself. 
IsabellePrimary 3bIsabelle has really persevered with her learning this week. She has been solving tricky word problems in numeracy and has been reading with confidence. Super job Isabelle!
JackPrimary 3bJack has been interacting with his peers this week. He has been making paper planes and he enjoyed taking part in our classroom obstacle course. He was a really good guide for his blindfolded partner! 
ZaynbP3aFor her wonderful poster
TitanPrimary 4bTitan has been persevering to develop his multiplication and division skills and doing his best to apply these skills independently.  Well done Titan!
ImanPrimary 5For her well presented wolf factfile
Murray Primary 6aFor showing enthusiasm in his learning this week in particular in mental maths and our class film!
JoePrimary 6bJoe always brings fun and light-heartedness to the classroom.  
LucyPrimary 7bExcellent creative writing this week, well done!