Congratulations to our Kindness Role Models!

Rayyan ZeeshanPrimary 1aRayyan has been working really hard this week to make friends with new people. He was spotted on several occasions this week letting new people join in with his games and always uses kind words.
Omer Ahmad Primary 1bOmer shows kindness and respect to his classmates everyday. He is always one of the first people in the class to offer to do jobs and if a door needs to be held, Omer seems to magically appear from nowhere and is ready to hold it with a big smile on his face. We really value your kindness in our class Omer. Thank you! 
FreyaPrimary 2aFreya has been a polite, helpful and considerate pupil this week. Playing kindly with others, supporting them and taking on roles within the classroom responsibly. Well done 🙂 
Kieran GilgunPrimary 2bKieran has been extremely helpful by tidying up our room and has been patient and waiting his turn. He has been sharing our resources too!
Maya KaurPrimary 3aMaya is always kind and considerate towards her classmates and staff.  Well done Maya, you are a good example to others!
TaisiaPrimary 3bTaisia is kind to all of her classmates and not just her friends. She often helps others with their learning and when she sees someone in need she goes over to help. 
Amber Primary 4aAmber was nominated by her peers for letting others join in and play with her, helping others when they needed help or were hurt and helping them in the classroom with their learning. 
Oran Primary 4aOran is kind during motor skills group and always compliments others when they do well 🙂 
Miss Ciechanowicz
Callum RobertsonPrimary 4bOne of Callum’s classmates nominated Callum for supporting them when they were hurt. Thank you Callum for being so kind!
Zara CowiePrimary 5Zara recognised (unprompted) that it was Ms Ogbekene’s first full day of teaching and congratulated her at the end of the day.
Lewis GrangerPrimary 6aLewis noticed that someone was on their own in the playground and asked if they were ok. He often demonstrates little acts of kindness like this which is lovely. 
HeidiPrimary 6bHeidi has been supporting and helping her classmates consistently since the beginning of this year.  She gets her table organised and supports others in being ready, as well as often looking out for others when they are feeling down.  Well done Heidi!
Dawn Taylor-DalePrimary 7aFor showing many acts of kindness, both large and small, over the course of the week. Dawn has shown herself to be a steadfast, loyal and caring friend.  Well done! 
Harry FraserPrimary 7bHarry noticed that another pupil was upset and immediately went over to see if he could help. He listened to him and then passed on information (with his agreement) to the teacher so that he could be helped. Very kind, supportive and sensible.