Our Kindness Tree

Well Done to Our First Pupils Recognised for Their Kindness This Week

Poppy MackiePrimary 1aPoppy shows kindness to everyone within the class, and this week has been trying to include other children in her games, making sure no one feels left out.
Alex Beech Primary 1bAlex tries to spread a little bit of kindness in our school everyday. He always smiles and says hello to people he meets around the school. It may seem like a small act of kindness but this can make a huge difference to somebody’s day. Thank you, Alex!  
Henry Primary 2aA situation arose in class with Henry and another pupil in which Henry made a really caring, considerate and kind gesture.  When handing out free books to take home, Henry had chosen a book which he was really interested in. Another boy was really upset as he wanted that book.  Henry saw the boy and said ‘He can have my book and I shall choose another, I just want to see him happy.’  He then handed the boy his book and happily chose another. It was a very lovely gesture and super nice to see.  Well done Henry. 
Annabelle KennedyPrimary 2bAnnabelle can always suggest ways to help children in the class share and solve disagreements peacefully. She recognises kindness in others and nominates them for awards. She helps her friends when they are upset. She always knows how to put a smile on Ms Stewart’s face with her kind words and actions! 
Megan AndrewPrimary 3aMegan shows kindness towards her classmates and to staff everyday.  She always has a smile on her face and kind words to say.  Well done Megan, you’re a Bucket-filler and a great example to everyone!
AdritaPrimary 3bAdrita often shows kindness towards her classmates. This week she has helped another pupil with his reading and writing and she told a classmate she would be his friend when he was feeling sad. Adrita absolutely deserves this kindness award!
IslaPrimary 4aIsla was nominated by her classmates for caring for others when they are hurt and for standing up for others and being a good friend. 
Rikki-LeighPrimary 4bRikki-Leigh is always kind to others in her group and is also kind and helpful to her teacher.
Maddison CampbellPrimary 4bMaddison regularly volunteers to help Mr Cochrane tidy up after lunch so our classroom is ready for our afternoon activities. Thank you Maddison for being so helpful, thoughtful and KIND!
Kayla GattiPrimary 5Kayla was extremely kind to Emilia when she was upset.  It was Kayla’s first day back, so happy to see her back and being her usual kind self.
Jessica AlcockPrimary 6aThis week Jessica has helped support others in her group with their learning. She demonstrated lots of patience and understanding.
CharlottePrimary 6bCharlotte has been very kind and supportive of another member in our class who has had a hard week.  She also shows kindness on a daily basis to her peers in the class.  Well done Charlotte.
Forbes SmithPrimary 7aMaking sure that everyone in the class was happy in the playground. Asking children on their own if they were ok and wanted to join in with his game.  It showed real maturity and thoughtfulness.  Well done – what a great example to set Forbes – you should be very proud of yourself! 
PiersonPrimary 7bPierson has been looking after a friend who has been feeling a bit sad this week