Well Done to Everyone Recognised at Assembly Today!

Waris MahmoodPrimary 1aWaris has been a very kind friend both in the classroom and in the playground. He has been very helpful to friends who have hurt themselves outside and letting friends join in with his games. Well done Waris, we’re very proud of you! 
Martha Sheen Primary 1bMartha takes the time to play and learn with all of her classmates. She will often invite people to join in with her games and goes out of her way to cheer people up if they are feeling sad. Thank you for spreading your kindness in P1B!  
Troy DarlingPrimary 2bTroy worked really hard on Thursday to be a respectful and safe member of the class. He controlled his anger and had a lovely day playing with his friends and doing great writing! Well done! 
AlexaPrimary 3aAlexa showed excellent listening whilst doing her job as our class Milk Monitor.  Well done Alexa!!
NinaPrimary 3bNina has made excellent progress in her writing. She has shown perseverance over the last couple of weeks, and wrote a super set of instructions completely independently this week. We are so proud of her. Well done Nina!
Stanley GradyPrimary 4aStanley is focused, hardworking and kind. He always tries his best and completes all his work to a high standard. Stanley has good team work skills and can support others in the class. Well done 🙂 
Madddison ColemanPrimary 4bMaddison is an excellent role model for in P4b. She is works well at all her tasks and is particularly keen to develop her writing skills.
Lucy HillPrimary 5Lucy shows perseverance in every learning opportunity she is given.  She has worked hard with Mr Mackenzie, Mr Dominguez, Ms Ciechanowicz and Mrs Turley this week.  To top this all off, she made an incredible cardboard robot (which Mr Mackenzie sadly didn’t photograph)!
Summer McBeanPrimary 6aThis week Summer wrote a fantastic mini saga and met all her steps to success. She then typed this up as her first ‘assignment’ on Teams. Mrs Hind is proud of you Summer!
KeirenPrimary 6bKeiren works well with others and often supports his peers with their work and helping to get our classroom ready.  He is consistently a fantastic role model! Well done Keiren!
Breanna FlemingPrimary 6bBreanna always works hard and tries her best in her group with Mrs Ciechanowicz. She thought of an excellent sentence using her spelling words this week. She is also kind and supportive to her classmates. 
Samuel & EvaPrimary 7aSamuel and Eva worked very well for Ms Aslam in class this week.
MagnusPrimary 7bMagnus worked really well with his learning partner this week, providing encouragement and support whilst they researched and produced an informative poster. Well done!