A great big well done to all our Recognition Book winners for this week!

Jakub KautskyPrimary 1aJakub has been working really hard in maths this week, particularly when practising bigger numbers! He is also a friend to everyone and we’re very proud to have him as part of P1a.
Leo StojicevicPrimary 1bLeo has taken part enthusiastically in our number sessions this week and has enjoyed challenging himself with new learning. He is developing speed and accuracy when recalling number sequences within 20 and beyond! Keep up the great work! 
EllisPrimary 2aExcellent focus and concentration in maths this week.  He has a really great understanding of concepts and worked hard to calculate different sums.  Well done. 
Harry MacDonaldPrimary 2bHarry took the initiative to cheer up one of his classmates this week when they were upset. He demonstrated outstanding kindness! 
Daniel BlairPrimary 3aDaniel has pulled out all the stops and shown great focus, putting a huge effort into his activities this week!  Well done Daniel, I’m really proud of you!  Ms Harris
PatrykPrimary 3bPatryk is trying to be a kind, respectful and understanding classmate. He has overcome some challenging situations this week while remaining calm. Keep persevering Patryk! 
Antoni Primary 4aAntoni is always very enthusiastic about numeracy lessons, he completes all his work and challenges himself to learn as much as possible. This week we have been working on subtraction and different methods to set it out. He has done very well. Keep it up 🙂 
Arthur O’Donnell ClairPrimary 4bArthur for showing perseverance in Numeracy work, developing his counting on in 10s and 100s and applying these skills to addition and subtraction problems. Great job, Arthur!
Daniel DouglasPrimary 5Daniel for his outstanding work in all curricular areas.  I have specifically nominated him for his work in reading and writing this week.
BettyPrimary 6aBetty is a super mathematican. She is focused, she perseveres, she works hard and is always eager to be challenged. What is also lovely about Betty is that she is always ready to support her classmates with their numeracy too. What a star!
Sarah Primary 6bSarah consistently demonstrates the school values: kindness, perseverance and responsibility. She has been supportive of other children with their learning, particularly in Maths. This week she has been helping explain factors and multiples to children who needed some more help. 
ArijPrimary 7aWorked really hard in maths this week. Arij persevered with learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10 and the nearest 100. She was able to explain her answers and worked hard at demonstrating this understanding in her independent tasks! Well done! 
Logan RodgerPrimary 7aLogan worked really hard in maths group this week both rounding and ordering large numbers. Well done Logan, keep it up! Mrs Ciechanowicz
JoannePrimary 7bJojo has worked really well in maths this week on the grid method, supported others in their learning and completed lots of peer assessment!