Our Friday Virtual Recognition Book Assembly Winners! Well done everyone.

Taylor Quinn-FullerPrimary 1aTaylor is the always first person to offer help or to share with her friends. She always thinks of others before herself and would do anything to make someone else’s day a bit brighter. We are all so proud to have you as part of P1a, Taylor!
Ossian Noble Primary 1bFor always setting an excellent example to his class mates. Ossian comes to school ready to learn and tries his best to get along with everybody in the class. It has been a pleasure to teach Ossian and we wish him all the very best in his new school. 
Felix KeanPrimary 2aFelix has been a hard working and enthusiastic learner this week. He has persevered with all tasks set for him and also shown great patience and kindness to others, communicating effectively when playing in groups or with a partner to reach a common goal.  Excellent effort Felix. Well done. 
Sophie AlexaPrimary 2bSophie is always an extremely kind member of our class. She checks that others are feeling okay, offers to help everyone, and is a great friend to everyone in P2B. 
Coryn McNairPrimary 3aCoryn has demonstrated fantastic listening which was our class target for the week. During all lessons, she showed she was ready to learn and participated in whole class discussions enthusiastically. Well done, Coryn!
Sam NoblePrimary 3bSam always tries his best with his learning. He is focused, dedicated and perseveres with challenging tasks. He is a super role model for his peers! 
Dina ElnourPrimary 4aDina is respectful to all pupils and staff at Leith. She works hard at all tasks and makes sure to challenge herself to achieve the best she can. Well done Dina. 
Chloe MessaoudPrimary 4bChloe has been an excellent, hard-working learner and responsible member of our class. I have been impressed by her literacy and numeracy work and noticed how well she works with a partner. Great job Chloe!
Daniel DouglasPrimary 5Ellia contributes well in all of our indoor and outdoor team work activities.  This week she was particularly supportive of a classmate during a tricky maths game.
DavidPrimary 6aThis week another child in the class was very keen to learn origami so David agreed to teach them how to make an origami boat. He has been a very patient teacher and has also demonstrated kindness by giving the paper boats he made to children in the class as little gifts.
Autumn LambertPrimary 6bAutumn has shown kindness this week by helping her classmates with their green pencil award poems.  On top of this Autumn consistently works hard and is a positive role model for the class.  
MalikaPrimary 7aShe included lots of extra details and had great illustrations to show the story clearly! Well done! 
NicolePrimary 7bNicole has worked really well in Maths this week, showing perseverance, focus and a willingness to challenge herself.
LucySfLLucy always tries her very best in her group and is encouraging and kind to other group members. Well done Lucy!