Friday’s Virtual Recognition Book Assembly Winners!

Petra MacLaughlandPrimary 1aThis week Petra proved herself to be a kind and selfless friend, sacrificing her own play time and fun to help a friend who had hurt themselves. Petra always thinks about her friends before herself and should be very proud of her act of kindness this week.
Scarlett Anderson Primary 1bScarlett is an incredibly kind and considerate classmate who has enjoyed making new friends in the class. Scarlett always tries to include everyone in her games and sets an excellent example to her peers. Well done! 
Sunny Primary 2aSunny has been a excellent role model and responsible Primary 2 this week. He has supported others and taken on different classroom jobs enthusiastically. He also always follows the school rules. Well done 🙂 
Juliet SweeneyPrimary 2bJuliet always offers to help others when they are stuck, whether that is offering to tie a shoe lace or show someone how to spell a word! Well done for your wonderful kindness! 
Andrew ThomsonPrimary 3afor acting as a role model to the rest of the class. He shows enthusiasm and excellent listening in every activity and is quick to help others during groups tasks. 
DinoPrimary 3bDino has shown extra special kindness towards another pupil this week. He has been a supportive and understanding friend by trying to include others in his outside play. Keep being kind Dino!
MariannaPrimary 4aMarianna always tries her best. She is an excellent example to everyone as she is kind, respectful and responsible at all times. 
Vivienne TrawinskaPrimary 4bNot only does Vivienne always try her best at her independent tasks, this week she has demonstrated her ability to understand and follow more complex instructions. She is a responsible and valued member of P4b. Thank you Vivienne!
AhmedPrimary 6aAhmed has a positive, hard working attitude towards his learning and is always one of the first to volunteer to take on class jobs. He takes our heavy playground box up and down the stairs every day without complaint! A great role model. 
Daisy Hacking Primary 6bDaisy H is a pleasure to have in class.  She is a fantastic listener and is always ready to learn.  She helps other pupils when they need support and always has a smile on her face.
Calan LauderPrimary 7aCalan has a great style of writing and he has a flair for producing some great pieces which reflect his unique style.  He always works hard to produce work independently and is improving his editing. Well done Calan!
AmyPrimary 7bAmy has worked really well as part of our class team this week! She has supported her peers and shown initiative within group tasks.
Katy MorganPrimary 7bDuring our work on bullying, Katy showed a creative flair for drama, contributing important ideas. She praised others in their work and listened to their ideas too.