Whilst we cannot enjoy our usual hot chocolate in the lunch hall, our Recognition Book winners all received a little take-home hot chocolate kit. Enjoy!

Alexander RobertsonPrimary 3bAlexander is always a kind classmate. He helps others with their learning, plays nicely with his friends in the classroom and outside, and looks after others when they are feeling down. He sets a wonderful example to his peers!
Liam GunnPrimary 5Liam helped Miss Val carry heavy lunch box crates up the stairs, he then offered to go down to help with the final one.  It was very hard to nominate someone from p5 this week as there has been so much kind behaviour.
Lily WelshPrimary 6aLily shows kindness towards her classmates by helping them with their learning. She also shows kindness by including others in games and conversations in the playground and by always being friendly, polite and respectful.
Lukas MelicharPrimary 6bLukas looks out for his classmates in the playground and is supportive in class.  He often helps others tidy their work space encouraging others to be ready in a respectful and non-judgemental way.  Lukas is a great role model for other children with his patient and calm manner.  Well done!
Rikki-Leigh MuirPrimary 4bRikki-Leigh demonstrates kindness by sharing with her class mates and offering to help do little jobs when she sees a need. Thank you Rikki-Leigh!
Alexander AlcockPrimary 4aAlexander has been helping other and the class tidy up and log in to ipads. He has been spotted being kind to lots of people. Well done 
Leland TurnbullPrimary 3aLeland demonstrated kindness in the class this week by helping others with their class jobs and showing politeness towards pupils and staff. Well done, Leland! 
Kayleigh BennetPrimary 7aKayleigh offered to hold the door for the class on multiple occasions, helped Mrs Brack in the playground and offered her help in the classroom.  Through her actions she has demonstrated how kind a person she is. Well done Kayleigh!
Meenu RawatPrimary 7bMeenu has demonstrated quiet, consistent kindness and positivity this week as she always does.