Moving to a New School or Leaving School

Transfer from nursery to primary

Before leaving nursery, a transfer of information record for each child will be prepared by nursery staff to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of education for the child transferring to primary.

Primary School Admissions

Starting school is a very important milestone both for children and their parents. The vast majority of our parents choose their local, catchment school and we plan our education provision to ensure we can provide places for new pupils at their catchment school.

In the run-up to November’s registration week for the new Primary 1 intake each school will offer an opportunity for you to visit them. You can speak to staff to find out more about the school first-hand. You can see how the school runs; discuss the curriculum and their priorities as well as seeing recent examples of pupils’ work on display. In many cases you may also have the chance to meet other parents who already have children there. All of this will help you understand the school’s unique character and give you an insight into the learning environment that your child could enjoy there.

All our schools do offer a high quality educational experience.

Primary to Secondary Transfer

Visits to our local secondary school are organised before the summer holidays and children from other catchment schools who will be attending the same secondary school will have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other and their teachers. While the children are participating in classroom activities and meeting their class teacher, parents will have an opportunity to view the school and are given a brief explanation of school life.

If you wish your child to attend a secondary school other than the catchment denominational or non-denominational secondary school for your home address, you will be required to make a Placing Request as detailed in the Placing Request section below.

You do not need to submit a Placing Request if you want your child to transfer from a non-denominational secondary school or vice-versa at the primary to secondary transfer stage, as long as the intended secondary school is still the catchment school for your home address. Parents of children who are planning to change from denominational to non-denominational or vice-versa between primary and secondary school should ensure that both the primary school and the intended secondary school know what is to happen.

Placing Requests

As a parent, you have the right to make a Placing Request for your child(ren) to be educated in a school other than the local school.

If you would prefer that your child start P1 or S1 at another school instead of one of the catchment schools, you have to make a placing request. You can get an application form at any nursery or primary school in the city from mid November.   Forms must be returned to: Grants, Awards and Placements, The City of Edinburgh Council, Level 1.1 Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8BG by 24 December. If you apply for a place after this date, your request will be considered but if you apply after 15 March places in your chosen school may no longer be available.

All parents have the right to make a request for a place for their child in another school. The Council must grant these requests where possible.    When there are more places available in a school than there are placing requests for that school, then all the requests are usually granted. If the school you specify has more requests than available places, then each case is examined individually.  Whatever you write on your application form is taken into account, so it is important that you include relevant details on the form.

You should also note that a successful Placing Request for one child does not guarantee a successful one for another child. It may be, therefore, that a parent could end up with children at different schools.
All children must also be enrolled at the catchment area school on the appropriate Enrolment Form whilst awaiting the outcome of their Placing Request Application.

Transport for Placing Requests

If a Placing Request is successful, parents will be responsible for the safety and transportation costs of their child to and from their chosen school.


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